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Fixing stuck trolley pins (trolley doesn't lock in place)


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This is based on the KS18XL but should apply to most trolley sliders which use locking pins. This is a short guide going to the essential, you will find how to remove the slider and lift sensor yourself. This should also apply to luggage trolleys.

Quick method (lucky shot): The pin is pushed out by a fairly long vertical slider. Dirt can get into here and keep the slider from popping up, with result that the pin doesn't come out to lock the rails. Turn the EUC upside down and put some nylon compatible cleaner / lubricant in where the pin is. It should flow down where the stuck slider is. Wiggle / lubricate and it might be enough to free it. Main point here: the pin mechanism is on top so it doesn't get lubricated if you don't flip the EUC upside down.

Disassembly: Pull out the aluminium slider from the EUC. Each locking pin is inside a nylon part which is at the bottom of each stage. This is locked in place by pins. They are not so difficult to remove with a pointy tool (mini screwdriver?) and a bit of pressure. Once removed you have access to pin / sprint / slider assembly and can clean whatever got stuck.

Doesn't take much longer than replacing the entire trolley assembly and cost less time (waiting for replacement) and money.




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