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I need Pedal Spacers


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By chance does anyone know the size of washer (or bolt) that most EUCs use to keep the pedals spaced evenly?

Also, where can I get them from? I need to order some for my MSP - but I'm not sure what to order.
Above is a pic of my V10 pedals to illustrate what I mean by 'spacers'.

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oddly enough, I JUST printed some of those for my mten as an idea. Could you not measure the diameter and just cut some thin walled pipe to fit your needs?  Outer diameter of mine is around 10mm. Youll need pull the pedal 'pin', measure its outside diameter and add a .5mm or so. This would be the inner diameter of the pipe/washers you need. Vernier caliper ftw! Even teflon tubing or copper would work well. Mine are an attempt to keep the mten pedal arms from gouging my hardwood flooring. Still in prototype phase....




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