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V8 motor disassembly questions


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I've disassembled my V8's motor for the first time because after a crash I'm having the "knocking noise" again. (the first time I just got it replaced by the reseller)


After taking it apart, I have a few questions, maybe one of you, who has already done this can answer:

- I only have one of the thicker washers (see picture). It is 99,9999% impossible that I've lost the second one in my workshop. Could it be that there's only one but it still worked? (meanwhile I had a machine shop making the second one. So, no issue, just wondering)

- I have 3 of these thin washers. 2 were so stuck together that I didn't realize that in first place. Did Inmotion accidently mount 2 instead of 1, or could there be a meaning? They don't seem to keep something (the bearing) in a particular place. If you also have 3 - does anybody know for sure on which side the single one goes? 

- I thought I'm having the issue in this video below, but when I fix my hub in the vise on one end of the axle it only moves a little bit. And it doesn't snap between two positions like in the video - it's more like "bending". Should I still ask a welder to fix the axle against the hub?

- Interestingly the other/loose part of the axle is also turning - which seems weird, because I doubt I can apply so much torque with my hands that the axle twists on this short length. Could it be that the axle is really 2 parts?!? 

- after putting the motor together again it was heavily grinding inside. I mean the rotor against the stator. Is there any trick toput it together centered? I thought the tolerances are so small that it only fits one way, but that doesn't seem to be the case. (I took it apart again anyway because I want to to seal the windings with plastic paint. Have ssen this on youtube andsounds like fun)



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