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a proven wheel vs a new wheel ?


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I have two wheels, a KS-14D and an Inmotion V10f. Both are proven to me as reliable used wheels. I have 2 shin scars from the King Song. It does this spin out thing that comes back and splits the skin on my shin. I only really fall while riding the inmotion if I have a lot of gear on, yet I take my fall out on the EUC, to say I jump to safety. My wheels aren't perfect, but I wonder about the resale value, though, I would probably never sell an EUC because of the liability involved. These are dangerous vehicles. So I guess, what I am asking is, would you rather buy a new wheel with a warranty, or a proven and ridden wheel whithout a warranty?

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Depends on the price. :D Warranty for me is not that much about “it won’t break” but “if it breaks, I get a replacement or my money back.”

If I think that the probability of a warranty covered-issue multiplied by the cost to fix it myself is less bucks than the discount, I’m fine with second hand.

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For me it would depend on multiple things; the wheel, the price, the tradeoffs, reason for the sale.

There's a risk involved not just because of the nature of the wheel, but how did the owner take care of it?  Why is he/she selling it?  How is the battery & the Mobo?

If the price is near what it is new, why would I want to buy a used wheel plus shipping when I can buy a new one with warranty, shipping from the reputable reseller, & 'some' confidence in the deal.

If the guy/gal selling the used wheel is just down the street, then I'd need to ride it & test it's battery longevity.  Still, it would have to be an intriguing sale & would have to beat the cost of benefits of purchasing a new wheel obviously.

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