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MSP C30 BEEPING 25 kph ? Whyyy so slow


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Hello everyone, fairly new to this EUC life.. Own the MSP C30 and love it... BUT PLEASE someone tell me why is my MSP beeping at 25-26 KMH and beeps like once every second.. I am about 210 lbs at the moment with maybe 5 lbs so let’s say 215-218 lbs... riding pretty slow 90% batter tonight and last night.. and beeps sometimes 1 time a second at 25-26 kmh then sometimes when I push slightly continuously beeps.. is this Normal.. I’m not even going as fast as I would like to at some point in the 30 mph range.. 25-26 kmh is just 16 mph... IS THERE SOMETHING IM DOING WRONG OR WHEEL DEFECTIVE ? Or ????

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