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  1. Hello everyone, fairly new to this EUC life.. Own the MSP C30 and love it... BUT PLEASE someone tell me why is my MSP beeping at 25-26 KMH and beeps like once every second.. I am about 210 lbs at the moment with maybe 5 lbs so let’s say 215-218 lbs... riding pretty slow 90% batter tonight and last night.. and beeps sometimes 1 time a second at 25-26 kmh then sometimes when I push slightly continuously beeps.. is this Normal.. I’m not even going as fast as I would like to at some point in the 30 mph range.. 25-26 kmh is just 16 mph... IS THERE SOMETHING IM DOING WRONG OR WHEEL DEFECTIVE ? Or ??
  2. Ok man.. once again Shane.. u prove To be a really cool and helpful human being ! Lol I appreciate you .. will do.. have it sitting at home now , can’t charge it but app says it’s 94 % I tried to calibrate to level.. and hoping for best tomorrow morning.. or will have to Uber .. lol.. I hope it’s nothing.. although it’s a Gotway.. purchase from e wheels.. shit ain’t cheap.. and I hope they do right by the customer for any repairs or things that need to b done ..
  3. Ohh ok yeah that makes sense.. what about storing the wheel in those temps.. 15 deg. Through my work day.. Is that an issue... secondly, on the GW app.. I ride in Hard mode. Dnt understand each mode either.. if u can explain? And it only allows me to set tilt back at 25/kph max... but neveR got to that speed ... can’t believe this thing is bad.. hoping not.. in the am was fine.. but I try it again in the am.. just wanted to know if I can or did something in the app maybe.. by mistake or what I can do to test
  4. Ohh I pretty much turned it on for about 15 - 20 min and went off.. is that enough warm up ? U think.. it is freezing in NJ today 15 deg. Lol
  5. Hello everyone... need some help lol.. Created a new topic... regarding TILT BACK... what’s wrong with my wheel lol.. I can read my topic I would appreciate the help.. alittle worried .. pretty new wheel
  6. So Would say I’m new to this... but a rider already.. take my wheel in early morning from home to work.. and back.. Live in NJ and morning was 18 degrees no issue... but today after work.. it’s 15 degrees.. pulled it out of a warm truck and started to ride back home .. almost immediately MSP HS started to Tilt back something serious.. jumped off.. reset power tried again.. and again did it.. was left walking it in freezing temps all the way home.. it stated on app it was 94 % battery charge.. Can someone please give me some insight on this... what causes this and what can I do ?? Hopefu
  7. Thanks Shane! Yeah i did manage to get the hang of riding after 3 hrs of serious practice... a lot to learn but man, i road almost the entire city, traffic, lights, stop signs, and people everywhere... i did notice inwas able to calm most wobbles with ease and confidence until the damn BULL SHOWED ITSELF going down hill... wow that was nuts.. i just fought to stay on the wheel.. and road it out.. may be foot placement, as im still a novice, and mount differently often .. we will see
  8. Thanks sounds like a plan.. right now riding at about 36. Will try that.. super excited... popped my euc cherry lmao.. toured almost entire city in and out of traffic. Stop signs, red lights, the whole deal. Feeling really comfy. Did notice tho. Quite difficult to increase speed after i hit 25 mph. Like i almost cant press on pedals hard enough to speed up.... ( fyi no power pads on, just wheel with rollnz body guard cover ). I became comfortable with using my right foot slightly forward, and bend that leg to press pedal with ball of my foot to accelerate as opposed to leaning entire body....
  9. Thank you very much for your feed back.. i did notice today, by the way toured almost the entire city, traffic and all lol so def. found my euc legs. After 3 hrs straight practicing and carving.. EXTREME wobble appeared while i was going down hill with some speed. SCARY AS HELL LOL . Lady watched the whole thing lmaooo. I just didnt fight it AND tried to stay on... it diminished as i slowed and changed posture... ( felt like riding a fukin enraged bull )lmfao but at that moment of extreme wobble dont think u can really do anything. Its like u freeze and try not to fly off. AND I MEAN BUCKING W
  10. Hello eveyone, super excited to be part of this euc fam.. just purchased and rec. my MSP high speed. And had about combined 10 hours multiple days of trying to learn.. major learning curve i must say lol. I have been trying to learn on trass in a field which has many diff. Slopes and divets. For about 45 min was finally able to turn both ways and go straight and break on grass. When i took wheel to pavement wow was so much easier to use.. was excited.. amd tried to ride home.. lol tooo earlyyy lmao. As i was riding home in street.. all was well until i had just slight bit of speed and went tol
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