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Bluetooth security request.


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I have a security request if anyone is reading from kingsong :)

I like how simple the protocol is, I like that a pass feature is implemented, although everything  is unencrypted, but I don't like how you handle the pass token. 

The way it is now, the wheel waits for a pass to give access to write commands. Once a pass is given, the wheel starts accepting write commands, and that is it.

One can not lock the wheel and leave it unattended, because the action of the locking the wheel also provided a pass, and the wheel now does not require a pass for as long as it is not rebooted. That means than anybody can connect with eucWorld and unlock it.

Please make it so that pass token is cleared on connection state change, so that if one locks and disconnects, the wheel will need a pass again before allowing to unlock.

Also please, make the two beeps loop on locked state longer or selectable, it is a bit annoying i think. 

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