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Nikola pedal hanger question


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I received a new Nikola a few months ago and upon opening the box, I noticed one of my pedals didn't fully close, it will stay in the up position but it takes very little to get it to fall down, I emailed photos to eWheels but never really got anywhere with them, in the end it sounds like according to them, a "bracket fitting issue" but the conversation pretty much ended there.  I measured the pedal hangers and one is only 2mm shorter (measuring from the axle outward) but I guess that's all it takes for the pedal to not fully close.  I'm now to the point to where I'm willing to tear the wheel apart to repair it if it can be done, just wanted some insight as to whether or not I'm wasting my time or not.  Thanks in advance! 

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On 2/4/2021 at 2:37 PM, EMA said:

where is the obstruction ? in the hanger ?

did you try to swap pedals ? you'll find if the problem is on the pedals or the hanger

No obstruction in the hanger, it just doesn't stick out as far as the other side does by 2-3mm, I did try swapping the pedals, same result on the same side.  

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12 hours ago, jmfc187 said:

Mine has the same problem, July 2020 batch. Compare to my old Gotway Nikola 2100 late 2019, this BEGODE Nikola has much worse built quality. 

Got it, thanks for the reply, mine came in November but probably is from the same batch as yours.  It appears that to correct it, it would take a full disassembly of the wheel, something that I'm not willing to do unless I have to do a tire change or similar, not the end of the world by any means but I don't keep anything for long and is something that would have to be disclosed if I were to sell the wheel affecting the value of it.  

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