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What size are the wheel bearings on a V10F?


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So the wheel bearings ony my four month old V10F have started making terrible grinding noises after I drove it on wet roads a couple of times. Last time I rode it was so bad I considered getting off and walking home for fear of the bearings seizing onme and dumping me off the wheel.


I have already initiated the amazon procedure to have my wheel replaced and to have a new one sent to me but I have a hunch it will take longer. It has been four days and they still havent shipped the new wheel, and the amazon return system at first informed me that no replacements are available right now. therefore I suspect the seller is out of stock and iswaiting for a shipment from China or something. I guess I am looking at four weeks or more until I have my new wheel.


I dont want to spend that time without a wheel so I want to replace the bearings myself and spend that time riding, then replace the new bearings with the old ones again before i send the old wheel back so the seller wont think I was trying to con him.


Does anybody know what size the motor bearings on the V10F are? And how difficult replacing them is? I have a torch I can heat the covers with in order to remove the bearings, if it works like those V11 bearings I have seen replaced in a youtube video.

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So I have just taken my V10F apart and removed the wheel and motor unit, along with the L-shaped aluminium pedal attachment things still on the axle  ... the motor ball bearings seem to be in perfect working order. No idea what caused that scratching  ...


I'm going to clean the inside of the shell and then put it back together. This sucks.

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So I have just taken my V10F apart and then reassembled it and the scratching, grinding noises seem to be totally gone ... for no easily discernible reason at all.

I have yet to do a test ride but the noises were bad even when just pushing it with the trolley handle. That is totally gone. The only problematic thing I could find when taking it apart was that two of the four stainless steel screws that connect one pedal hanger to the shell were barely tightened on one side of the wheel. No idea if that was the cause for all the issues.

So essentially I will be returning a totally functional wheel to the seller ... he is going to think I am trying to con him out of a new wheel, especially as I returned it two days before the end of the four month long "no questions asked" return policy.

On the other hand the wheel WAS faulty and had some pretty bad scratch mark on one motor cover. No new owner should be required to go that deep with maintenance and pretty much disassemble the wheel on his own. At least I will now get to ride the wheel for a couple more weeks until the new one arrives.

PS the cooling fins of the control board, on the inside of the wheel well, were almost totally clogged up with mud. That was an unpleasant discovery.

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I’m glad you resolved it. My bet for the source of the noise is a small-ish stone scratching the sides of the motor.

The full disassembly is an unfortunate fact of most EUCs even for stuff like a tire change. And besides, it’s a good practice to check the insides once in a year or so. Free screws, cracks, dirt on the electronics... So either you gotta find someone to do it for you, or learn to live with it, because you are going to do it again sooner or later. At least it’s simpler and far less messy than all the fluids in cars and motorcycles. :D 

Btw, if the problem really was a dirt (you will see whether it happens again), then I would cancel the return. <Insert something about ethic and not being a jerk.>

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