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Non delivery of wheel - what to do?


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I ordered my new Nikola+ via Aliexpress on 13th Nov 2020. Their original delivery estimate was 15th Nov to 28th Nov 2020 - ambitious I know! Actually looking at the tracking info it still shows these dates! If I contact them then they assure me the wheel is now in Europe but there's a delay delivering to the UK - this is all quite possible but if I contact UPS they show nothing on their records. 

I know I wouldn't have an issue if I ordered locally but I couldn't afford the local prices and was happy to wait the expected 2 months. There's been a lot going on in the world recently (Covid, Brexit, port closures) so there's some excuse for it being a bit late but no excuse for me not knowing exactly where it is. I'm also a bit worried that I'll now get charged extra taxes, fees etc due to Brexit even though Aliexpress assures me I won't.

So what do I do? Do I carry on waiting? Do I go through Aliexpress to get my money back? Do I go through paypal and get my money back that way? Do I ask for a further discount on the wheel? The price is still slightly better than any price I can get locally but obviously not if I don't get the wheel.

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at the very least, contact Paypal and AliExpress, see if you can put on record that there is an issue. This way if it takes longer than they cover you, maybe itll extend the timeframe. I'd have to look back at the agreement, but i do know the clock is always ticking. I don't know if asking for a further discount would mean much, as aren't you already a little suspect of their responses? Best of luck, sorry to hear this for sure!

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