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DB Homekit outlet


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First, thanks for all the good work DarknessBot team, and for the integration of various functions like Homekit.

A couple of questions regarding Homekit (I have a eve energy for this):

-- When setting the outlet to turn off at a certain battery %, this only works when the app is displayed with the screen on. The app does communicate with the EUC while in the background (I can see the charging curve updated frequently) but it doesn't seem to be able to launch the Homekit command. Only when I grab the phone and display the app does the outlet turn off (over the set %).

AFAIK I have background app refresh, and do not keep DB from doing anything.
Is there any typical thing I can try / check?

-- Options for charging go up to 100%: It would be nice with an option with 100% +30min or +1h in order to let cell balancing get done. Especially with the readings being a bit off.

Thanks for the attention and cheers!

edit: DB now turns of the outlet every time it’s front with a EUC over charge level, even if the « action » is turned off, I guess I’ll have to do a bug report.

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