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My V8F seems to forget SCV correction settings.


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I am not sure I am describing the problem correctly in the title. I will try to explain.

Each time I ride now I have to reset the SCV Correction as my pedals are not level and they can be wildly inaccurate when I power my EUC on, they can point 45 degrees forward or backward or any degree really. (SCV correction fixes this)

When I am riding the pedals dip forward when I am turning which used to only happened once the Gyro was a little out of whack and a SCV correction always fixed it.

I haven't had a highspeed crash but have had multiple very slow speed <5 km/h tumbles while trying to learn to spin on the spot.

I haven't pulled the wheel apart yet as I was hoping there was a software solution and hoping I haven't fucked my wheel after only 3 months.

Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it please ?

P.S. I really hope it can be fixed :(

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Hello @Smoop!
Could you share or show how you are completing the calibration of your V8F?

I've seen seen erratic pedal angle behavior - although much more mild than what you describe on a V10F where the the calibration could not be done exactly as intended due to mods on the shell over the mudguard.

Hopefully it's just that.

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Ah yes the process you show looks proper, I was looking for maybe an uneven surface or something getting in the way of getting the desired wheel angle.

So the behaviours you describe are clearly not supposed to happen. Have you already contacted your retailer or Inmotion?
That would probably be the next step

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So I contacted inmotion on the 19th through their support page and they did not even bother to reply to me. Is this normal for Inmotion customer support ?

If this is the case I will not be buying another inmotion wheel when I upgrade in the next couple of months.

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