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Solution for V11 bluetooth problems (enable Gabeldorsche in Android 11)


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I had a oneplus 5t phone with Android 9.

The wheel couldn't stay connected for more than 20 minutes with euc world.

I tried every possible option for preventing the OS messing with the app, but nothing worked. (disabling global & app battery optimizations, disable deep sleep, pinning the app to the recent tasks etc)

The phone got an update to Android 10 and the connection issues were resolved.


Fast forward 1 week and I got a new phone with Android 11, the oneplus 8t.

The connection problems came back with a vengeance and every time I had a disconnect the V11 BT module would lock up and no app could reconnect (Btw my V11 bluetooth version is 1.2.0). I had to poweroff the wheel, by pressing the power button for 30 secs. The problem & solution has been acknowledged by Inmotion in the following thread: 


What I've done to solve it (apart from the usual disabling of battery optimizations etc), is enable the new Gabeldorsche bluetooth software stack.

The option is called "Enable Gabeldorsche" is inside the developer options and is only available in Android 11. Restart your bluetooth after enabling it for good measure. It seems that it needs to be re-enabled each time after a phone restart.

To show the developer options you have to go to the about screen of your phone and press multiple times on the "Build number" label.


So far I haven't had a disconnect / bt module lockup with either euc world or Inmotion app and I had the wheel connected for more than 1 hour in each app.


More information about the Gabeldorsche bluetooth stack:


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