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Kinsong 18xl Winter tire solution


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Looking for a winter tire solution for a Kingsong 18xl.
Would love a knobby tire that could also accept studs because I would like to ride off road on hard pack snow.

Can't find anything so any suggestions would be great!

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This seems a bit of a challenge: the 18XL is 18" x 2.5" (in bicycle notation: full diameter x tire width) or 2.5"-14" (in mc notation: tire width - rim size). It's a much rarer size than the 18"x3" that most large EUCs have. Basically you have to look for 2.5-14 dirt bike tires or 60/100-14 bicycle tires (in this notation 60 is width in mm, 100 is aspect ratio, 14 is rim). There are tricks to fit larger tires in EUCs: lifting the body and/or cutting the shell in some places but that's a more difficult level of modding.

See below for further tire info:

And here's general information on sizing

edit:added reference to a related thread

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My dad studded his CST C-1488 tire for winter.. He used drill to make holes in tire (Not through, doh)  I will doo the same for next winter. Can make any tire studded like this.
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