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  1. Indeed, ecodrift offers to add a connector in the hollow motor for this purpose as part of their standard tuning service. And I understand why inmotion doesn't want to do this from factory: it's a complication and point of failure, an extra check for QC and needs waterproofing (or sourcing expensive waterproof connectors). It's not that much of a gain. At the same time the idea is good and should be a standard solution for newer wheels: it should be possible to disconnect and retrieve the motor-wheel with minimum disassembly of the body. Plug and play EUC with easy wheel and battery swaps woul
  2. At least there are 4 such packs vs 2 packs in the Nik and RS and 3 packs in the Ex.N and Nik 2700Wh (mostly known as Nik AR in the US). This should reduce the risk of abuse due to excessive current draw, but increase the risk of other problems that prompted the recall So roughly speaking the Commander is an "EX.N AR": an EX.N with extra battery pack and diguised by a different shell and logo. Of course, the controller also has different firmware but otherwise it's mostly cosmetic changes and rebranding. At the same time the EX.N is already an impressive beast performance-wise, so the Co
  3. Here's a fresh teardown of the Commander HS by ecodrift Long story short: it's a Begode wheel through and through: standard C30 begode motor, the current begode controller and Begode 900Wh LG M50LT packs. Questionable design solutions and poor QC. The controller died during a photoshoot, well before teardown. There is a dangerous leftover soldering debris almost shorting two FETs. Waterproofing of the batteries is flawed (hole in one of the wraps and a general design flaw: wires enter from above and have fiberglass sleeving. Water can enter through the sleeving.) Some other questio
  4. Here's a link, but it's decathlon. If am remember correctly, decathlon is not present in the US. It should be good value, and definitely better than some noname from aliexpress but you can get much better glasses at higher price. The mouth cover on the mask you got might help against wind and dust, but will not save you from a face plant, keep that in mind.
  5. Great table, I also consult it regularly. I have a correction regarding V8S weight. Apparently, the V8S is 16.8 kg. Source -- ecodrift. Denis Hagov's shop lists the same weight and says it's 900g heavier than V8F. As a quick exercise, I found the cell weights of MJ1 (49g) and M50T (69g), so the weight difference should be 40 x (69-49)g=800g from cells alone. Note also that V8F apparently used to be 14.5kg at launch (or it was just the promise), but nowadays it is heavier due to cheaper and heavier sideshells of the motor (also discussed in the ecodrift link). The latest V8F weigh 15.9kg,
  6. Obvious choices for eye protection include: bicycle glasses -- should be good enough for speeds up to 40kph at least. They usually provide enough protection from debris/obstacles, have thought-through aerodynamics to provide comfortable air-flow. The field of view is also typically excellent, especially for glasses with no or minimal frame. They are also cheap, light and can double as sunglasses when not riding bicycle goggles (mask) -- better protection, but more expensive. Sometimes have limited field of view and you have to test whether they are compatible with your helmet in te
  7. It usually suffices to jump the wheel a bit rotating the wheel from time to time. A fun way to clean the tire is to free-spin the motor in the air [by lifting without engaging lift sensor/button], spraying everything around you.
  8. Ok, I suggest a compromise for @Hellkitten: bring the V11 indoors but drape it with the garbage bag for an unassuming look
  9. The enthusiast community is still small enough and relatively tight-knit, it's not that easy to sell a serious EUC for a good price: even if you buy a charger, the provenance will be questioned by any informed buyer. Such sales can be further hindered by serial number tracking (like VINs on cars). Nevertheless, I wouldn't risk a 1000$+ EUC - even if the thieves don't make much of a profit, your loss would be too large.
  10. Indeed it was Mi A3 with (stock) Anroid 11, app is "clinometer". To be fair, it has a "calibrate" option which I never bothered to use. It was easier to get perfect results by comparing phone readings when aligned parallel and anti-parallel to the surface I want to level. Once the measurements do not depend on the orientation of the phone, the surface is level.
  11. One more thing -- I guess you have already read/figured out how to ride in winter. An obvious no-no is to leave your EUC outdoors in the cold for long periods of time. You don't want the batteries to cool down too much (while riding the EUC emits heat keeping itself warmer than the environment. My KS16S reports roughly 15 Celsius higher than the environment. However, that is probably the controller temp. Most wheels don't know or report battery temperature but batteries are the parts most susceptible to cold).
  12. To me the main reason to leave the EUC outside would be the amazing amount of slush that can be hidden within the body and on the wheel. Even my small city wheel collected somewhere around 0.5-1 litres of water yesterday. Still, I have never locked my EUC outdoors, I usually trolley it around or leave it at reception, if it's that kind of venue (posh restaurant, doctor). If the place is very small, I might leave it indoors near the exit. Not supersafe but OK. There's a stereotype that "no one knows what an EUC is, they are not a theft target" but that might change soon. With the exce
  13. Actually, be careful with phone level apps, the level in my phone was calibrated much worse than my EUC ! I still used that phone level app to calibrate the EUC but I had to use some data symmetrization tricks to cancel the offset of the phone's bad calibration.
  14. Here are two chairs of a similar construction. . I had two such chairs facing each other (with seats removed) on a hard surface. Thus I had two planks facing each other, upon which the wheel hangers were placed. The chairs were good enough quality so the top surface and bottom surface of each plank were parallel. While the top surface is occupied by the hangers, you can align your level to the bottom surface, that's accurate enough. Individual paper sheets actually do not make a difference in the sense that the accuracy of the calibration result is still less than the tilt prov
  15. It won't work anyways. Both approaches are bad since they silently assume that the wheel has a symmetric weight distribution and that the center mass of the EUC is exactly above the axle (in the first approach) or exactly below the handle (second approach) when the wheel is level. Afaik, most wheels satisfy neither condition. Moreover, some wheels are unbalanced sideways in terms of mass.
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