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  1. Yet again some good pricing news: ecodrift now offers preorder for the price 128k₽ (=1420€=1720$) sans warranty or for 138k₽(=1540€=1860$) with warranty. Mind you this is a semi-closed sale, it has only been announced in their telegram channel. You also have to fully prepay cash (or wire transfer, possibly), no credit cards etc, so this looks like the lowest it should ever get. Also the preorder price will go up as soon as orders come in (they warn about this). The general public price (with financing options, warranty etc) is 157k₽(=1750€=2110$). The first batch is expected by the end of June
  2. re: pricing: ecodrift has updated their V12 pre-order price to 163k₽ (down from the previous placeholder value of 200k₽, i.e. 20% off of that), which is [by direct currency conversion] =1804€=2182$. As usual, keep in mind that russian PEV prices are typically lower than EU/US etc. The new price might still be inflated in anticipation of high demand. For comparison, the new price is the same as the RS; 5% more than the V11, 20% more than Nik+ (100V, 1800wh) [I used non-sale ecodrift prices for this comparison]; They also updated the wheel info page, but there is nothing new compared t
  3. The wobbles you see for a tire bouncing in the air are a much simpler phenomenon than the wobbles appearing when riding EUCs or other contraptions. The free tire movement is mostly rotation with precession plus a bit of oscillations from elastic deformation (where it deforms periodically). Forget about deformations for a moment and consider a solid rotationally symmetric object (wheel, coin etc). Spin it fast and throw it in the air. Typically, the coin will not stay parallel to a constant plane, instead the orientation of its axis of symmetry will rotate itself (called precession). I suspect
  4. The tech to create a lighter yet fast EUC is apparently available but too expensive. I think it's feasible to produce a ~20-25kg EUC with 3kwh+ battery and 4kW+ motor, 80kmh "safe" top speed priced around 5000$. I guesstimate these specs by looking at super high end e-scooters made by RION. The Rion 2 RE weighs 27kg, with 3kwh battery (100V, 21700 cells), 20kw (yes, that is 20.000 watt although different sites list different specs), and a top speed of 130kph (software limited). Remarkably, the controller is rated 500amps. This is much higher than the typical EUC controllers can survive. The s
  5. news on V12 pricing: ecodrift listed V12 for preorder at 200k₽ (incl. tax), which is 2626$ or 2240€. That is on par with Sherman (205k₽) and EX (200k₽) (both are 10-15% discounted right now). I hope there is serious innovation and/or impeccable build quality in the V12 to justify top pricing or that this is preliminary and will drop later. US and EU prices could be even higher I am afraid. The only specs disclosed on the preorder page are 1750wh, 100V and 70kmh top speed.
  6. Does the Sherman have a trolley sensor/mode? (Not a lift sensor but a trolley sensor engaging a weak and slow mode that is enough for trolleying but too limp to ride). If so, perhaps you could install a weight load sensor (to sense whether there is a rider on the wheel) and add it to the trolley sensor circuit. The wheel would always be in the limp trolley mode when without rider. However, I am afraid there is no trolley mode on the Sherman.
  7. Like many here, I have purchased my wheel without ever having touched one before and I am very happy with that decision. Trying an EUC is like trying a bicycle. If you don't know how to ride the thing beforehand, do not expect an adequate riding experience after some 15 minutes. Instead, you need a few hours of a learning curve (which is steepest at its start) before proper riding and fun begins. And by that time you will have dropped the wheel many times. Sadly, unlike bicycles, there are few places offering lessons and EUCs for rent. That is why most of us have to buy a wheel to even tr
  8. They say they are using a sealant with increased thermal conductivity so that cooling is improved. However, they do not specify whether it is improved as compared to using an inferior (thermally) sealant or compared to an unmodded wheel. (I speak Russian but I am not connected to ecodrift in any way)
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