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KS 16 B pedal arm problem


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Hello all

I am an early user of electric unicycle bought  in 2016. I actually didn’t do many kilometers ,I use it only for amusement or just go to buy something / short commuting and not for longer trips and not a very sporty usage. I’m about 80 kgs . Recently I began hearing some strange noise, I would say some grinding noise coming from the wheel while going. Yesterday I opened the case and found that one of the pedal arm was hitting the wheel while some weight was applied (while I was on) . The screws seemed well tightened. I’d say the axel is good and the pedal arm is not bent. Thus my concern is that some tolerance is present on the whole which hosts the axel, even if there is a worrying surface crack on (both) pedal arms (only on one side) which might be also a problem .

I’ve tried a search function on the forum but found no relevant info about this issue. Did any of you guys have the same problem or wanna share some hint ? 

I add some pics ...

thanks all ! 








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On 1/10/2021 at 11:46 PM, FinRider said:

My guess would be a bent axle if the hangers are straight..

Hi FinRider thanks for your point of view . Wouldn’t it be easier to deform the housing hole in the aluminum pedal arm rather than bending the axel which is maden of harder metal ?

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