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  1. Hi FinRider thanks for your point of view . Wouldn’t it be easier to deform the housing hole in the aluminum pedal arm rather than bending the axel which is maden of harder metal ?
  2. Hello all I am an early user of electric unicycle bought in 2016. I actually didn’t do many kilometers ,I use it only for amusement or just go to buy something / short commuting and not for longer trips and not a very sporty usage. I’m about 80 kgs . Recently I began hearing some strange noise, I would say some grinding noise coming from the wheel while going. Yesterday I opened the case and found that one of the pedal arm was hitting the wheel while some weight was applied (while I was on) . The screws seemed well tightened. I’d say the axel is good and the pedal arm is not bent. Thus m
  3. per ora mai incidenti ... anzi .. fatemi toccare !
  4. bella la sfida del gradino ...anche se temo di smusarmi penso di partecipare ... devo assolutamente comprare le protezioni per il KS16 .. qualcuno le ha comprate NON in Cina ???
  5. Hey peeps did I authorize you to use my personal photos ? Thank you all.. the backpack may be useful for short trip as reaching the beach (you don't want sand to go inside) or to climb stairs..having the weight on both shoulder/back would be easier then carrying it with one arm through the handle. I 'm convinced I'd prefer a short trip with it on my back that lifting it through the handle..
  6. Hi all , does anyone know a good strong backpack able to carry a 16'' EUC ?I googled around but see no KS16 inside a bagpack.. I know the toy is pretty weight but sometimes I 'd prefere to have it on my shoulders rather than in my hands ... thanks in advance !
  7. Ciao ragazzi.. Curiosità : qualcuno conosce uno zaino per portare il ks16 ? A volte ho necessità di trasportarlo spento e il trolley senza aiuto del motore non è velocissimo e facilissimo.... Grazie !
  8. thank you @HEC , I've been kindly contacted by @Jason McNeil, let's see what he can offer !
  9. Hello @Jason McNeil, , you cannot receive messages so here I post it .. I need an inner Tube for my KS16'' -- I've not yet punctured mine but I'm afraid I will.. so please send me an offer for one or two Inner tube (do I gain something by buying two ? ) including shipping costs (Italy) .. Thank you a lot !
  10. There is one old man , owner of a bar I use to pass-by on sidewalk at a very slow speed when I get to work. The first time he came towards me saying something, I passed through as I didn't think he was referring to me .. The second time he saw me and shouted in italian smt like ''what a work'' meaning ''what the f**k'' , I did not stop my self but shouted him back ''Yes, have you seen what a work'' and continued my way . I'm preparing for my next time for I plan to stop and ask him something , I am going to remain calm but I'll use some firm word .. :o) If he has problems better to tell
  11. @LEO_LEO dalla foto mi torna che tu non riesca a salire col generico EUC. Ti ci vuole ruota piu' grossa e/o motore piu' potente. A saper fare basterebbe leggero saltello sulle pedivelle (pure con il tuo EUC) proprio nel momento in cui si affronta lo scalino , ma ad ogni modo devresti sempre stare troppo attento alle imperfezioni del terreno .
  12. la scheda del mio credo sia del tutto simile alla tua ..
  13. @LEO_LEO da quanto racconti, ti ci vuole il KS16. Unica pecca , non è leggero (15Kg) ma ha il comodo trolley. Io non ho una grossa esperienza , ma ti dico che il KS è lontano anni luce da ogni generico aggeggio entry level .
  14. @HEC yes whish my trip was so easy and flat During my travel I have to cross roads , climb stares and , worst case , a piece of my street is out-of-the-road (on big stones , the one you can find at the side of railroad , so in that case I have to take the trolley in my arms and sweat not to face plant )
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