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  1. I second that. I just wish all EUC companies were like LockSong, then we could just simply petition them to GeoLock all wheels in NYC?
  2. Interesting pov to call standing up against (disrespectful, asocial and) willfully endangering others sitting on the high horse... Yes. Most likely. But one does not need to praise their bs behaviour published on youtube. Or sponsor their events. Or has to pity them, as they have to behave like this cause they live in such a bad city. You missed my point with your reply, which is evident as you did not include my main point in your quoted reply. "It is fear that behavior like this (when made public) will get EUCs banned for
  3. Wow, this may be the most polarizing topic on this forum since the "V11 vs S18 - which one is better" discussion. I think it is time for everyone who condemns this "race event" to get of their high horses. Most are probably not concerned about the public safety of the pedestrians in NY. My suspicion is that this is not abnormal behavior for them... they ride like this every single day. It is fear that behavior like this (when made public) will get EUCs banned for you in your local area. You can be disgusted and judgmental, but my $0.02 are that it will have no effect whatsoever, not
  4. yepp. I will know tomorrow as I tend to give it a go.. don't feel like walking the sucker home so it will probably be a nice endless loop around my local community once I get it down to single digits on the %
  5. 100%. Also while it might seem ok if you're telling this to a driver in a nice car, you can't be sure who else may have heard you. Some of the EUC/E-Skate shops in my city are in mixed-income neighborhoods with sketchy people hanging out in front, and it's common to get asked how much when visiting. I always just say "It's a gift, so I'm not sure. Probably not much it's got only one wheel." I sincerely don't get this. Most people who ask me the this question are either someone who a) wants one, b) a kid (who has no clue what money is.. to them 1000 or 3000 is the same aka a
  6. Uhh I did not even realize there was an update out.... I am still on 2.06 Any additional info on this?
  7. We were on a group ride a couple of weeks ago that was a bit longer than what I am used to... probably in the 50-60km range. I got some serious range anxiety when we were 20 km from the car and I had 20% battery left.... however, I found out that I had a setting in my EUC for "battery optimization" or something to that extent turned on --> when switching it off (and checking with darknessbot) I had some 45% battery left... I need to do a range test of my own as I have yet to ride the wheel low enough to experience the tiltback on it. But to the point, what range have you guys experienc
  8. The whole premise of the original question in this post is setting this thread up for a fan-boy banter discussion between S18 and V11 owners. Both wheels had some growing pains when they were released last year, like any new wheel has. If suspension is what you are looking for, then you can't go wrong with either one of these wheels.
  9. the only purpose of the beeper is to be as anooying as possible when your EUC / bluetooth connects and it beeps like a gazillion times...
  10. I am happy to hear that they are taking of you. I am still on 2.06 with my S18 and it is working fine... didn't even know they had a 2.07 out... need to look into it and see what enhancements they have implemented. I do NOT like the behavior of the lift handle with 2.06 firmware though, I preferred the 2.05.. but I have learned to live with the 2.06.
  11. For what its worth, my buddy drove my old KS16B/C and it would quite easily overheat... beeping, screaming and yelling at him to get off the poor little wheel. He is a good 110+kg geared up, so about the same as you (250 lbs). He now has an S18 and on the same "hills" he tops out at 30C temp. I know, not the same wheel.. but having a higher power and a "newer" wheel seems to do wonders for high temps.
  12. Millainen laturi se S2 käyttää? Minulla on mun vanha "Airwheelin" laturi vielä ylimääräisenä... se on "battery charger of 60V" - mutta output on laitettu 130W - 67.2V @ 2A. Luulisin että se olisi sopiva? Saattaa olla eri "pää", mutta kai se voidaan varasta vanhasta jos vanha ei toimii?
  13. Ja kun kerran olen siivoamassa EUC tavarat paikallen, niin minula löytyy myös mini-blade sulakkeita. Oli pirun vaikeata löytää niitä kun mun kingsongista sulakkeet meni joten tilasin netistä rasiallinen, löytyy 30A, 35A ja 40A (en muista mikä näistä piti käyttää...)
  14. Kenda 16x2.125 sisäkumi. Jos joku tarttee niin minulla on yksi ylimääräinen, käyttämätön. Minulla ei ole enää 16" pyörä...
  15. The "rated" top speed of this wheel will be a non-issue. It is abundantly clear that the "enthusiasts" who want to push the wheel to the limit speedwise will not buy this wheel... there are better mousetraps out there for them. They know it and they do not need more information than what is available already. This wheel will be targeted to the "larger masses", for whom 25 mph / 40 km/h is more than sufficient. The extra "omph" that this wheel is capable of should be used as a safety factor - more head room for the average user. There are other factors that are way more important to I
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