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  1. Has anyone found any release notes on the 2.07 firmware? I am curious to a) what it includes and b) why is it not available through EUC World @Seba?
  2. Forgot to add for anyone that is interested in doing this mod, search aliexpress for "pedal studs" and you can find several hits for a kit of 50 pcs for 3-4 bucks + shipping. I believe I paid total €6 for mine delivered. Just order it and use the cold, dark winter nights to baby your wheel!
  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have downloaded the files from thingverse and will be printing it later this week.
  4. I had a similar issue with the stock pedals but got used to it. I also can not justify shelling out 250 quid for new pedals, so I bought a set of MTB pedal spikes from Aliexpress and drilled / tapped them into the stock pedals. Works like a charm. Only took about 1 hour with prep and installation. All you need is a cordless drill and a tap kit.
  5. Nice find. Those 50G cells are rated at 10A continuos discharge right? I have the 1st batch wheel from the pre-order. Wonder what batteries I have in mine? Can you mix and match if the originals are 18650's? I would love to add another 20 cells to my wheel as well. There is plenty of room to add them and the extra weight would be only 1.5kg or so as they only weight 70g/ea. My challenge would be how to deal with the BMS & connection to the motherboard... You should really write a nice how-to! I bet there are PLENTY of guys who would love to do this... heck, even come up with
  6. Lots of good advice here and I can pitch in with my 2 cents. I started 2 years ago at the tender age of 45.... for me it required true dedication as it took me a month or so to be able to ride "solo" without holding on to a fence. And this was by practicing for 30-60 minutes a day.... true dedication was required, but well worth it. Heck, for the 1st couple of months I could not reliably jump on to the wheel and had to have support doing so. Big thanks to @mrelwood for lending a should to hang on to during the group rides when I needed to get going again and could not find a tree or lamp post
  7. The chargers that we use, either the factory supplied ones or the aftermarket ones that are available, would never pass the EMC testing. Most aftermarket chargers are not IEC certified to begin with. This means that the manufacturers would never ever even entertain the idea of building a charger into the wheel. We as consumers need to DIY this if we want this feature. With this "modification" you need to be aware that it voids any CE certification that the wheel may have from the factory. And needless to say, it would void all warranty as well.
  8. FinRider

    S18 dead

    Yeah, i had the same issue when i disassembled my wheel for my suspension overhaul and tire change. The hall sensor cable is very short (tight) and the stupid silicone needs to be cleaned properly in order for the cable to reach properly. I had the 4-beeps after assembly and had to redo the connection. I put silicone back after re-assembly to make sure the connector does not come undone. i also had the firmware ”glitch” where it said I was on version 1.0 after reassembly. Updating the firmware took care of the issue.
  9. Ymmärrän. Tämän foorumin "classified" antaa hyvää viittaus. Minun vanha Ks-16B/C on myös ollut pieni "kierto palkinto" täällä Suomessa niille kuskeille jotka ovat halunneet ostaa käytetty pyörä millä voi oppia harrastuksen. Sen hinta on ollut €300-350. Siihen liittyy 5A pikalaturi, 2.5" rengas, 680 WH akku - n. 30km rangea.
  10. Auttaisi jos laittaisit hintapyynnön myös.
  11. Ohhh can we start to pick on the Britts in this thread also? in the bible there is a story where it rained for 40 days. It was described as a disaster. In Enland they call it ”summer”…
  12. Sure it does... you are just not on the right kind of meds to see it
  13. John Wayne and his 5 rules of life for Shane: Money cannot buy happiness but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes that on a bicycle (he should have had an EUC) Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name (This one was for Shane) Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they are in trouble again (Again, for Shane.. bet he doesnt help anyone that doesnt live on Shanes Planet) Many people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them (uhhh ring a bell Shane?) Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does
  14. Just got home from a nice trip in the woods. Thought I would share the range we received from our S18 wheels, to give potential buyers some background information on what to expect from real life scenarios. The ride was on a trail in the woods with lots of elevation change. I have a batch 1 wheel and my buddy has a batch 3 wheel. I weigh 80 kg (176 lb) geared up and my buddy weighs 107 kg (236 lb) I rode 56 km (35 mi) and had 27% battery left when I got home. My buddy rode 47 km (29 mi) and had 8% battery left. His tiltback was so bad that it was barely rideable.
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