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  1. Mullakin akku täynnä ja voisin tulla mukaan.
  2. According to KS the block prevents the slider bars to bend from overtightening. You should leave it in place when fastening the pedal hangers and then nock it out. some wheels will get a bend in the slider tubes when the block is in place, causing a very stiff sliding movement (=stiff suspension movement) so it is recommended to knock it out.
  3. This to me is not good! You have the new style pedal hangers, that do not appear to have the block between the pipes. --> no block to remove to compensate for any mis-alignments of the pipes, which are a major problem with suspension stiffness! On the plus side, you do have a nice and straight fender. Wish I had one
  4. I now have about 700 km on the S18. I had some wobbles in the beginning, especially under hard accelerating and braking. What helped for me was two things. 1. wider stance. I started riding with my feet hugging the wheel, using the built in "kuji pads" as much as possible. I since moved to a wider stance so that my feet are not touching the wheel at all. This makes the Kuji pasds worthless to me, but ride stability has increased. Need to fabricate something here if I end up starting to need the grip down low. 2. Because of no 1 - wider stance - I had to install 1cm of extra top padding on each side. I like to have my shins connected to the wheel (just barely) to get more control, so I can hug the wheel with my legs when I start to feel a wobble. I will replace these with some "power pads". There are several available already but I may just fabricate something myself.
  5. Itse ostin torilta 2 kpl pebble time steel ja 1 kpl normi pebble, joten jos joku tarttee normi pebblen niin voin myydä sen. ostin myös alista bluetooth nappi-kuuloke (1kpl - €2,50) ja pidän se korvassa kun ajaan.. elikä musa + puhelut toimii hyvin ja samalla kuulen myös mitä ympärillä tapahtuu. Olen aina ollut iphone käyttäjä, joten piti hankkia androidi. Työkaveri möi mulle joku redmi luuri €20, näyttö rikki mutta se ei haittaa kun se on pelkästään EUC + spotify käytössä. Hyvä aloittelijan EUC kumppaani
  6. Do we know what they have done to achieve this?
  7. I have a similar issue with mine and I will be shimming it when I tear down the wheel to put in thrust bearings / nylon shims for the suspension. I am looking forward to your video about this @Jack King Song --> If it can not be fixed easily, then I may return my wheel as defective. I really feel that KS needs to step up the game and: a) admit and identify the deficiencies with the early batch wheels b) issue a "parts kit" to all early batch owners (or their dealers) and have them sent out free of charge in order to fix these deficiencies
  8. This video brings up the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of having a suspension wheel, be it the V11 or the S18. Suspension DRAMATICALLY increases safety. However, as has been stated before, it does induce a less "safe" riding style bc you adopt to the suspension and this brings with it less need for knee-suspension. A small thing to keep in mind if you hop from a suspended wheel to a non-suspended wheel.
  9. EUC World + Pebble. Kokeilin ekaksi Iphonen Darknessbot + apple watch kun minulla on vanha gen1 apple watch joka en enää käytä... Pebble on paljon parempi. Akku kestää viikon verran ja aurinko + polarisoidut lasit ei haittaa käyttöä...
  10. Yes, it should be only temporary. For example, in my plugin hybrid outlander car, i get 50 km on a full charge in the summer and 20km in the winter..
  11. Did you use the official kingsong app?
  12. Lauantaina kun oli sateinen keli päätin vaihtaa vanhaan KS16C:hen se isompi rengas joka tilasin Alista. Foorumilta löytyi hyvät ohjeet, joten eiku dremeli käteen ja modamaan. Kesti pari tuntia ja 2.5 rengas oli alla. Kävin sitten eilen kokeilemaan miltä se tuntuu nyt kun leveämpi rengas on alla ja pedaalien korkeus on nostetu noin 1.5-2cm. Yritin koko ajan verrata miltä se tuntuu, oliko parannus ym mutta ainut asia joka jäi mieleen oli miten valtava se ero on kun on "kiinteä" wheelie alla verrattuna jousitetuun.... jotkut on spekuloinut että ei kannattaa aloittaa ajaa wheelillä jolla on jousitus koska on riski että kehität "huonot ajotavat" ja voin sanoa että olen jo kehittänyt niitä.... pienet töyssyt ym josta ei tartte välittää s18 kanssa on taas huomioitava Onhan se leveämpi rengas vakaampi ym, mutta prkle mitä ero se jousitus tekee
  13. Anone who bought a 1st batch wheel should have know what they were getting into. A sub par made product that requires mods. That said, if you are not willing or capable of working on the wheel on your own, then dont bother buying it. This probably goes for batch 1 to 10. I enjoy working on wheels, thats why I had no reservations getting a 1st batch wheel. The mods I have done make my wheel a truly enjoyable machine. Could not be happier. It works as adverised and intended.
  14. I use the same method. For me I have settled on a 12mm sag at mounting, which equals about 15mm of sag after bouncing on it a few times. The toal travel appears to be about 50mm so my sag is 20-30% --> the method to measure this is not exact science, so everyone should test and figure out on their own what is comfortable for them. This is a great list and I have reverted to doing the same. 1. I do not have the elbows yet, I ordered them last week and should have them next week sometime. You can still use the no-block method though even without the elbows. Just sit on the wheel, connect the pump, use the pump, sit on it again to remove the pump. 2. Yeah, I am now using teflon lube, which works well. 3. yeah, these needs to removed. I use spacers that touch the inner race of the bearings. 4. Lube is good 5. I use it at 5 clicks. Seems to be the sweet spot. 6. needs to be experimented with, I am at 180/100 atm and the sag-rebound etc is good for me (85kg) 7. I second that!
  15. On aika paljon spekulointia S18 ympärillä ja LockSongista kun ne lukitsee pyörät etänä jos se on ”laittomasti” (heidän mielestä) hankittu. mulla on 1st batch S18 ja onhan siinä ollut vähän korjaamista mutta tuntuu siltä että olen saanut suurimmat bugit fixattu ja pyörä on ilo ajella. Joten kannattaa kokeilla ennen kun uskoo kaikki mitä siitä kirjoitetaan.
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