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Helmet speedometer?


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I’m curious as to why some sort of small clip on gps helmet speedometer is not a thing that exists. This would help solve some issues in terms of not hearing beeps and whatnot.

I see there are a lot of failed motorcycle helmet HUD attempts that have never seen the light of day. That eyeride HUD project seems promising if it actually takes off.

There are gps speedometers available but they seem big, either for a motorcycle or a bike. I’m talking a tiny one that clips on to your helmet that you can glance at without moving your head. 

Anyways, I’d be curious if anyone has seen something like that in the wild.


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wireless hdmi dongle + Vufine  ( not attached to the goggles, but attached to the helmet ) .  Vufine is like just a display and it shows everything that is like a phone screen.  I've been thinking about trying it for a while or not  :)


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