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KS16x wheel flex


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Hi all,

After riding in some mud, I have cleaned the wheel as much as possible without a full disassembly, but have noticed that I am still getting some scraping when riding on my right foot only. My theory is that the body of the KS16x is flexing to the left, with some residual mud on the right side of the inside arch scraping against the moving wheel, only when riding on my right foot with the inside right calf pressed against the body of the EUC. The overall ride quality still feels the same as it always has. Nothing feels broken or loose.

Then I noticed that the wheel does indeed seem to move quite a bit with regards to the body of the EUC. See my video below. Admittedly, I'm squeezing the wheel at the front & rigidity in this particular direction may not be the most important.

Can anyone else with a KS16x (& strong hands?) check if what I have found in my wheel is normal or not? Should I be concerned enough to stop riding?



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