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  1. I was doing this until the foam eventually softened enough that the EUC was no longer supported properly. So I bought some electrical conduit & joints, cut them to size & glued them with Araldite. I more or less took @Gaz Bon’s idea but didn’t have a crate available. (I have no idea why one of these photos is uploading sideways when it’s the right way up in my phone.)
  2. No. Off-road means very off-road. I wonder whether there is a cultural difference as well. We Australians have traditionally found that Americans like their cars squishy (suspension & tyre settings) while Australians like like our cars much more firm. Does this carry through to how we expect the EUC to feel too? (And yes, I can see you’re in Germany.)
  3. Thanks for the writeup. I have also moved from an S2 to the 16X a couple of months ago & have found the same as you with the nimbleness of the S2 now a distant memory. The 16X just can't accelerate, decelerate or turn as fast as the S2. I would feel comfortable riding the S2 in crowds (but have never done it & would never do it), but would never contemplate any such thing with the 16X; it's just too unwieldy. I ride my tyre pressure at 40psi. I weight about 80kg & I found that lowering the pressure meant I was hitting the rim during off-roading, which is where I do most of my riding. I think you have a faulty trolley handle. I have found no such problems with mine. Just when lifting it up, make sure you get a beep from the machine to say that the wheel has deactivated before lifting the machine off the ground. I agree that the cut-off is not as quick & reliable as the S2, though.
  4. Can someone tell me how to get this Auto setting back? I got my 16x about a month ago, using Darknessbot on iOS to change relevant settings. I've been playing with the various light settings, but I can't seem to get the Auto light setting back. This was the one that made the most sense to me & was present when I first received the 16x. By Auto light setting, I mean the one where the light sensor tells the light to turn off when ambient light is bright enough. And when it gets dark, then there's a low beam light at standstill, which then turns into a brighter high beam light when the machine starts moving fast enough. What I get now when I turn my 16x on is the low beam light, no matter what the ambient light. And this low beam light doesn't become high beam when I pick up speed. I considered that perhaps the light sensor had failed, causing the light to turn on during the daytime, but that doesn't explain why it doesn't go to high beam when I move fast enough.
  5. I have no problems fitting it. I have problems getting it to stay where it should be. Neoprene may be difficult to work with (I don't know), but I wasn't aware of it before having problems with this product. I have no other neoprene items. If it's difficult, or there's a chance there's a problem, then the advertising should disclose this. "Product may have difficulty staying in place in certain riding conditions" or "lights may be obscured" or something like that. Then the buyer is aware prior to purchase, & has no recourse if this is indeed the case. I tried floating that with him too, but no response. What I was also asking for was permission to modify mine (and of course share the idea & result with him) without voiding the warranty, but no reply.
  6. Interestingly, Australian consumer law is different. The customer can choose anyone along the supply chain as the point of contact. In practice, this usually means the retailer. I don't know who the importer is for this product, whether the distributor or the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is the importer, then they are operating within Australian territory & subject to Australian law. If the distributor is the importer, the manufacturer is also subject to the Australian law but as they are practising outside of Australia, it is impractical to chase them up on this. I'm pretty much like @DjPanJan. The product is usable, but not ideal. At $200, in my opinion, it's not value for money, but as has been said, there's no equivalent on the market. Glad you got it to work. I'm adjusting it every kilometre or two.
  7. No, I'm pretty much done with that company. It's not that @The Fat Unicyclist doesn't know about my problem. The Australian distributor had already spoken with him directly about it. And he had replied to my email, and responded to this thread. The Australian distributor offered a refund, which I didn't want to accept because he is a one-man show and would be left with an unsellable product (no longer brand new) which he had paid for & I didn't want to put that on him. (Little did I know my own business would take an 80% drop in revenue just a month later thanks to COVID-19, leading to other cash flow issues…) I told the distributor I would deal with the manufacturer directly as the manufacturer had finally responded to me, but didn't expect the trail to go completely cold; I won't go back on my word to the distributor, but have accepted the product with its flaws. I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of those flaws. Now, anyone who runs a business knows that 1 negative review offsets about 20 positive reviews, but there are clearly lots of happy customers out there if the company is still super busy.
  8. Clearly you are on the VIP contact list. You are getting responses at least. A month later, still no reply from the manufacturer. The last reply I received prior to my previous post was "I'm glad that things have worked out satisfactorily." Clearly a misinterpretation of my description of the EUC Bodyguard. Your photos seem to show a nice fit on the KS16X. I'd be interested to see how it fits after putting several kilometres over bumpy ground & whether the EUC Bodyguard rides up like mine does. It grabs on to the pedals, but not the undersurface of the machine, so the lights & light sensor become obscured.
  9. Thanks for your description. I had seen this video but couldn't work out how to get to the screws. Your description makes sense.
  10. Thanks for the detailed write-ups. I have just taken mine off road and I’m concerned that it will turn out like yours as I can see some gaps at the front and back which will let dust in. However, how do you open it up? As far as I can tell, I need to remove the three rubber paddings on each side to access the screws, but they seem to be glued on and I’m not sure that they will snap back into place when I re-assemble this. Is that how it is?
  11. Well, time for an update. Unfortunately, we have not come to an acceptable agreement, so I am of the opinion that the EUC Bodyguard for the Kingsong KS16X is not ready for market and would not recommend this product. Despite what others have written, I have found that manufacturer support for the product is not ideal, but may reflect the current COVID-19 period or some other reason. I have met with the Australian distributor/importer again who brought another Bodyguard along, with the same problem. I have been in touch with @The Fat Unicyclist but communication has been slow & now silent again. I understand things may be difficult but it doesn't take much to write something to say "I received your message. I'll get back in touch with you in xxx days." I have accepted the unit as is despite the fault and it still hangs on only by the pedals, with the lower contour not fitting the EUC. This results in the Bodyguard riding up and crinkling, with the Bodyguard covering the rear safety lights. I've also discovered that it moves such that it covers the front light sensor so that the EUC's headlight is on constantly because it thinks it's night time. The problem is that the lower flap just doesn't hang on to the EUC. It is not curved enough. I have offered to modify my own on the proviso that my warranty is not void by my own modification. Or to have a revised unit shipped to me to replace the one I have. I have not received a response. I feel for the one-man-show Australian distributor, who has been very responsive & helpful. He has a shipment of these EUC Bodyguards, all of which have this problem. I have chosen to keep the one that I bought from him because it has been used (at that time for a 3km ride) & wouldn't be able to be resold as a new product. As he was very helpful, I felt I should also do the best I could for him, despite the product issue. I would have grounds for a refund as the product is "not fit for purpose" under the Australian Consumer Law, but chose not to exercise this right. TLDR: Product shows promise, but not ready for market. Would not recommend.
  12. Just to let the followers of this thread know, @The Fat Unicyclist has indeed been in touch & we are working on a solution. I’ll update when the time is right. Thanks for the advice @travsformation, @Unventor, @ShanesPlanet
  13. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I tried those steps & had another look at the instructions that came with it. Still no luck. That extra flap in my version just seems so thin & weak that it's not doing anything. It's pretty much a layer to protect scratches & dirt from hitting the lowest LED lights, but has no structural strength & doesn't help the Bodyguard stay in position in any way. If the flap were not there, it would make no difference. Your flap seems stronger & the @The Fat Unicyclist's video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7eQNcGr33s) shows him trying to move the Bodyguard around & the bottom flap staying still – mine just doesn't do that. It's weird. I've looked at every photo & every video that I can find that shows the lower flap in detail & I can't find any that seems to show my version. The importer has verified that he had just ordered these "not long ago", so it's not old original stock, and he has also verified that he has spoken with Kevin about this & is awaiting a response. Perhaps Kevin has a few versions floating around?? Nothing much I can do except wait or request a refund ("not fit for purpose"), which I don't really want to do since this product has so much potential & is otherwise well made.
  14. I suspect this may be the case. Can you show me a picture of a close-up of your flap? Here's mine, which looks quite different to yours:
  15. Thanks travsformation, that would be great. I only bought this a few days ago. The importer has offered to change it for another one in stock, but what I'd like to know if whether the replacement is going to have the same issues or not. My issue is that the EUC Bodyguard doesn't fit the body of the KS16X. Well, it does, but it doesn't stay there. There's a flap that should go under the body of the EUC, but that flap is not contoured correctly & doesn't hold anything, allowing the neoprene to contract & ride up. While the EUC Bodyguard won't fall off because it's hooked around the pedals, this bunching obscures the rear safety lights, which is a bigger issue. I see forum posts suggesting a redesign of the under-flap extension (which I think is what it needs), or velcro additions to the EUC Bodyguard (which to me seems like a temporary fix until the velcro fails to hold). Mine came with neither. I've put some pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/AiDlqxX I made a short video as well, but won't post it here. I'll let Kevin see it first & see if he explain or come up with a solution. I'm open to any suggestions to solve this that don't damage this item as I still want the option of returning it. My question to myself is whether I ride with it on (the EUC Bodyguard may get dirty or damaged) or off (may get my brand new KS16X damaged).
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