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  1. I've been looking at UCs for longer than I've been looking at EUCs. Bought my first EUC 2 years ago & my first UC 3 months ago. I've found a flat netball court surface perfect for learning, with the wire fence to hang onto. A bit embarrassing among all the kids out riding their mini-bikes & foot scooters. And when I arrive with the UC, people expect me to put down a hat & start juggling for cash donations! I'm now able to traverse a straight line for about 40m, but not able to make sharp enough turns to ride around the court.
  2. I get that, & the other comments from others to similar points. I make content too which I don't charge for as it's not my core business, but I certainly don't give away my IP rights without attribution & I control that strictly, especially if it's to be used for a for-profit purpose rather than an educational purpose. At least TFU is doing the right thing by asking rather than just taking.
  3. I saw a cover on a new KS16X the other day. Looked like it fit well & an improvement over mine from last year that fit horrendously. (There’s another forum topic for that.) I must say you guys are all very generous, turning over the rights to your videos for commercial use to a company for profit without attribution or royalties.
  4. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. He can ride the KS16X just fine; he just doesn’t like it as he wants something more nimble. I ended up taking the shortlist of V8F & KS16S to the guy I get these from & he recommended the cheaper V8F based on his own son’s experience (about the same age & weight as my kid). My son was happy with that decision & we bought the V8F. Can’t really fault it! He loves it, it goes plenty fast enough for him (& me!) & he can do solid paths/roads & light off-road trails with it, which is all he really wants to do. We spent t
  5. I love how you are properly testing the new model instead of rushing something to market!
  6. Long thread, which I’ve followed since about 15 pages ago yet never managed to find this video the OP speaks of…
  7. I'm happy with my 16X, hence my thinking for a 16S. Thanks for that opinion. Not in the foreseeable future. These things are still technically illegal. And the proposed laws for "who-knows-when" state the minimum age at 16 years old. He needs someone to be able to sweet talk his way out of potential trouble. So there'll be no riding among cars & he's reliable enough to tell me about getting wet. 10-inch wheel. Stability associated with that over bumps makes me very nervous. He's on a 14-inch tyre now. Interesting idea, that a smaller tyre feels faster. I wonder whet
  8. Just asking for advice. Got a fairly small 12 yr old boy who has hit the limits of a Ninebot One S2. It was my starting wheel before moving to a 16X. He can ride the 16X, but prefers the agility of the 14 inch wheel. It's just that the 21km/h practical limit is too slow on long straight wide paths. I don't want a wheel that will go 50km/h, but just a bit faster wouldn't hurt, maybe 25-30km/hr, but limited with software. I personally think a lighter 16-inch wheel would be better than another 14-inch wheel. We can't go too heavy as he already struggles to lift the One S2. So, I'm think
  9. Was the wheel absolutely stationary when you picked it up? If the wheel was moving, then picking it up won't deactivate it. That's by design. You can imagine what would happen if you were riding along & pulled on the handle – you don't want the wheel deactivating if you're moving.
  10. Probably the same as the UK. Just old laws that banned them from the time that they were petrol-powered & noisy. Laws haven't kept up with the changes in technology & they are being considered now. Fines of up to AUD$3000 if they decide to book you in NSW.
  11. But they won't. In Australia, stand-up eScooters, EUC, Segways, Onewheels, eSkateboards & similar devices are lumped together under the "personal mobility devices" category, and are illegal in most states. Ebikes are another class & are legal up to a certain power & speed boost. Sit-down scooters fall into the motorcycle category & are subject to the same safety standards as motorcycles.
  12. Maybe unreliable for facts, but a popular newspaper nonetheless. Unfortunately, the people who read the Daily Mail aren't going to be the sort of people who fact check the newspaper or read the Business Insider articles.
  13. This is probably not the sort of press we want generated: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9693435/Electric-scooters-e-bikes-run-red-lights-NYC-Gone-Girl-actress-dies.html
  14. bcarp

    KS16x wheel flex

    Ah thanks. Good to know there’s nothing to worry about here.
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