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Issues with Kingsong 16S Alarms


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I am very new to riding EUC. I have a Kingsong 16S which I have been riding for a total of 2 weeks. I have used the KS software which works but clearly needs further development. I have primarily been using WheelLog which seems pretty adequate, although it creates a log it is pretty hard to read. The issue I have is that none of the audible alarms work. I have set them both on the KS app and Wheellog but don't get any beeps at all regarding speed. I was thinking a possible software contention but nothing seems to activate them. All I get is the verbal warning "Please Decelerate" at 20kph and tiltback while selected at 22kph seems to kick in at 20.5kph. As a learner I figure these alarms might be useful. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Thanks JohnnyZ they are working, and totally annoying, disabled both first and second. Thought they would sound only once as a warning but they keep going off when you hit the setting. Would be better if they went off only once for first and second. Seems with EUC software it is a voyage of discovery.

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