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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I'm almost ready to publish new version of EUC World application (previously known as euc.world WheelLog). This new version will bring many new and exciting features, it will also be full of improvements over legacy or euc.world WheelLog app. I have put really great effort into making next release a huge step forward in terms of features, quality and overall user experience. However, there is one area I wasn't able to improve: translation to other languages. Currently EUC World is available in English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Not all translations are up-to-date however; Bulgarian, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian needs to be updated. Also it would be great to add another language versions to EUC World application. If you would like to help me improve or add missing translations, please download ZIP archive containing Excel spreadsheet containing language definitions for EUC World application. Helpful instructions are included in ZIP file (readme.txt). To be able to include translation in upcoming release I need to get translation back until Monday evening, 18/11/2019.
  2. I am very new to riding EUC. I have a Kingsong 16S which I have been riding for a total of 2 weeks. I have used the KS software which works but clearly needs further development. I have primarily been using WheelLog which seems pretty adequate, although it creates a log it is pretty hard to read. The issue I have is that none of the audible alarms work. I have set them both on the KS app and Wheellog but don't get any beeps at all regarding speed. I was thinking a possible software contention but nothing seems to activate them. All I get is the verbal warning "Please Decelerate" at 20kph and tiltback while selected at 22kph seems to kick in at 20.5kph. As a learner I figure these alarms might be useful. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello to all! I've taken the liberty to write this post cause me and @Marty Backe decided to help European riders get their hands on a Pebble Watch, which is "THE BEST" companion smartwatch for an EUC rider out-there, specialy when using the new and revamped EUC.world application for Android This is a "project" that came to life after the need for European riders that can't get their hands on a Pebble cause there are NONE in Europe (ebay and others). More here https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/13403-euc-world-application-online-service/ EUC.world is an app that does everything an EUC rider needs, plus in latest version has full suport of Kingsong wheels, and more. You can always check out information and changelog on the euc.world website here https://euc.world But first things first, transparency. It all started here https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/13403-euc-world-application-online-service/page/36/?tab=comments#comment-288829 After you have a grasp of how what and why i'm asking the big question : Do you want me to send you a Pebble watch after a group buy is in place? If YES just reply on bellow this post and i will personally contact you over PM's with PayPal information, and when the orders have been completed from your side to my side, i'll wire the money to @Marty Backe and from his side in the US he will buy the Pebbles, send them to me and when i get them i'll start sending small parcel packages to each and every one that has chipped in on the group order. I'll contact my local post office tomorrow to get the latest prices for small packets with tracking (ELTA Hellenic Post in Greece) that will cost about 5~7€ per package and report back here with more information. Disclaimer : I'm not trying to take advantage of any user of the forums, that is why i've teamed up with @Marty Backe on this, we don't want you to trust us blidly, just that we want to help our fellow forum members, to give them a change on getting a Pebble watch from Europe without the extra ±30$ of shipping (~25€ and more) for one! And last, i'm not going to be able to send any Pebble to a user that hasn't sent the total of the order thru PayPal as a completed order, not pending ones, only completed and fullfiled transactions. Thank you for taking the time to read this And the list of interested users : @Χρήστος Γεωργαμπλοπουλος @archieuc @Tasos Athanasakis @travsformation @mkosterlund @Will R @Lode @Werner Last to join our cause is @Seba !! And @archieucwants two so, he have 10+2 one for @RAFAL M and one for @Afeez Kay =12 in total Users that have paid the shipping :
  4. TL;DR: a new one's gonna be out soon? Can anyone roughly estimate how soon? Hi there.. Brand new to the world of EUC - been absolutely soaking up information regarding a first wheel and am really looking forward to learning with much anticipation. According to one tutor, a background in skateboarding is a plus point for a beginner but I imagine this is only marginal. The Inmotion V8 seems like a good wheel to start with, especially that it's possible to fit a cover on it and potentially save some of its aesthetics (aka resale value). I definitely see the ~30kmh/18mph top end becoming too little sooner rather than later, though it seems apps like darknessbot/wheellog can welcomingly nudge it up some.. Pedal height and that biscuity 16 are more apt for my commute. Was really attracted to the torque of the mcm 5, though it's been mentioned that it isn't a good wheel for beginners. The idea of the "nothing touching the body" stance does seem a few too many steps forward for an absolute noob. Also the build quality has come up a few times, esp regarding the trolley and the single sided carry handle (beginners are initially advised to attach some kind of harness to catch the wheel). That power though. Anyway it seems Inmotion has recently teased at a new V8 being released soon. So I'm worried that I'll purchase mine (looking to visit the distributor as early as next week) and then the price will come down dramatically shortly afterwards. Does anyone have an idea as to the pace of Inmotion's euc releases? What's a realistic time frame to expect the updated version to come out?
  5. I'd thought I would summarize some of the tips/questions/answers of the long threads about WheelLog by Seba. There are some questions that repeats Please don't post any new questions, problems in this thread. Use Sebas thread "WheelLog Android App". I'll try and update this post with new questions/answers. There are few versions of WheelLog. One on Google Play Store and a fork that Seba has made. He made this fork to upload his trips to a website for logging long trips and share it with others: https://euc.world I can't find WheelLog in Apple Store. Why? WheelLog is only available for Android. How to get WheelLog by Seba? Go to https://euc.world/getwheellog to get latest version. Does WheelLog by Seba support my wheel? Go to https://euc.world/getwheellog to see which wheels are supported. If your wheel is not supported you can still use WheelLog by Seba to track your trips, but it will just use GPS for speed/distance, so you won't get stats about your wheel WheelLog by Seba stopps to log X minutes after the ride starts. How do I fix this? This is usually because of battery optimization by phone manufacturers. This is done to squeeze out the most battery time on a charge. To fix this WheelLog by Seba needs to be exempted from battery optimization. Follow these instructions: https://dontkillmyapp.com/?app=WheelLog WheelLog by Seba stopps logging when I lose WiFi connection. Why? Because WheelLog by Seba needs a internet connection. It logs directly to the euc.world server. If you don't have a mobile internet connection then it won't work. Seba has offline logging on his to-do list. How do I change the settings for WheelLog by Seba? Swipe in from upper left corner. How do I start logging to euc.world? Go to https://euc.world/signup to sign up. When logged in. Click on your username and select "Settings". There you will find your API key - unique identifier. Go WheelLog by Seba. Swipe in from the upper left corner. Go to "Live map settings" and "API key". When you have entered and saved your API key in the app. Swipe from the right of the screen until you get to the laste page. It should say "You are offline". Click the "Start" button to start logging. How do I use WheelLog by Seba with Pebble? Pebble is officially no longer supported by it's creators/owners. So to get your Pebble to work you need to go to https://rebble.io and follow the instructions. When everything is working. Go the Pebble app and install WheelLog to watch. How can I make the horn on my wheel work with Pebble? Go to WheelLog by Seba settings. Go to watch settings and horn. Select if you want to use on-board horn or Bluetooth audio. On-board horn only works with Kingsong. If you use voice directions and a headset, you can't it use Bluetooth audio. You'll get horn in the headset. So no one will hear it except for you. So for Bluetooth audio you need to add your wheel speaker to your phone and connect to it before you start your trip. As mentioned above if you connect your wheel speaker to the phone then voice notifications will be spoken from the wheel speaker. WheelLog by Seba only shows in km and kmph. How can I change it to miles and mph? Go to settings by swiping in from upper left corner. Go to"General settings". Almost at the top you'll find "Speed and distance in miles". Select this option to change to miles and mph. Why is there a difference between GPS and wheel speed/distance on euc.world? Almost every modern smartphone use GPS receiver that employ SBAS correction technique (EGNOS or WAAS). Moreover, they are mostly multi-constellation receivers, so they can fuse results obtained simultaneously using GPS and GLONASS (at least). Many newer receivers can also use Galileo and Baidou systems. Of course there are situations that GPS receiver will be inaccurate (especially in dense urban areas with tall buildings etc.), but in general this method of distance/speed metering is precise enough to use as a reference for our needs. For Kingsong wheels there is a known inflation to speed/distance by around 20%. You can go into settings of WheelLog by Seba an correct this. Why is WheelLog by Seba showing different battery percentage than the manufacturers app? Every application uses its own algorithm to calculate battery level percentage. Most OEM apps just linearly convert battery voltage to battery percentage. As Li-Ion discharge characteristic is not linear, obtained percentage will be unreliable especially below 20 % of charge. Many users think about battery level like it would be a fuel gauge and complains that even if they still have 15 % of battery, EUC slows down, starts to tiltback and soon become unrideable. So WheelLog by Seba use a more reliable scale to mimic car's fuel gauge. Now you can safely go down to zero and you should still have few miles of margin to ride before wheel become unrideable. WheelLog by Seba is disconnecting and connecting every X seconds/minutes? Make sure your wheels firmware is updated. Borrow and try another phone. Sometimes two devices will not stay connected. It might be some way they have implemented the Bluetooth standard. Also make sure that there is a clear as possible sight between the wheel and phone. Bluetooth signals do not like too much obstruction. Especially water and humans contain 60-70% water. WheelLog by Seba will not connect to my wheel. Why? Ifbother are apps connected with the wheel and active it will cause WheelLog by Seba to not connect to your wheel. Don't use more apps at the same time, as only one Bluetooth connection can be active. Does WheelLog by Seba work on X watch? If your watch supports full version of Android you can install WheelLog by Seba on it. Make sure your watch support Bluetooth LE and multiple connections if you want/need voice notifications. At the moment WheelLog by Seba does not support any other watches officially. If you can let Seba borrow a watch he can look into supporting it. I can't get "Auto upload logs" to work. I get the pop-up with Google to accept access to Google Drive, but then nothing happens. Why? Google has changed it's API. Because this fork is meant to log to the euc.world server Seba hasn't fixed it. Seba has added the backup of logs/offline logging to his to-do list. Can you please add X function? Development of WheelLog by Seba is only done by Seba himself on a hobby basis. If he has time and sees it as useful for most users he'll look into adding your request. Post your request in the "WheelLog Android App" thread. Why don't Seba update the WheelLog app on Google Play Store? Seba does not have access to the account that has uploaded the WheelLog app that is on Google Play Store. It seems like the developer has abandoned it. Seba is planning to rename his version of WheelLog and upload it to Google Play Store. That way you'll be able to use both apps. My problem/questions isn't answered here? Go to the thread "WheelLog Android App" and ask there. I really like WheelLog by Seba and want to contribute. How can I help? If you have programming skills. Ask Seba if there is anything that you can help with. Otherwise you can support Seba here: https://euc.world/supportme
  6. Dear Programmers / Developers. Ninebot Z10 finally reached the market! I have production unit since few days and I am looking for programmer/developer willing to help to add communication with Ninebot Z10 to WheelLog program. which currently support only Kingsong, Gotway and Inomotion. AFAIK IOS app Darknessbot recognize Z10, but does not want to connect, so communication protocol had been changed since ONE E+ version.... Would it be possible to for You to develop and add to Wheellog communication with Z10 ? - sources of WheelLog are available on GitHub, initial request is only for pairing proces, basic data to read SPEED, BATTERY LEVEL, TEMPERATURE from the wheel, and optionally to send to Ninebot horn signal. I can sniff what is communicated on BT between Android ninebot application and Z10 if instructed how to do it. (I have more than basic IT skills, but I am not the programmer myself) I have also asked Ninebot to release basic communication details for Z10... but we do not know the outcome yet... I can of course test alfa / beta version and provide feedback to You. I have separate ready to use rooted android 6 phone (Galaxy Note 4) available for experiments. Functionality of WheelLog (also with Pebble which is connected to WheelLog is shown here:
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