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Found 12 results

  1. I am very new to riding EUC. I have a Kingsong 16S which I have been riding for a total of 2 weeks. I have used the KS software which works but clearly needs further development. I have primarily been using WheelLog which seems pretty adequate, although it creates a log it is pretty hard to read. The issue I have is that none of the audible alarms work. I have set them both on the KS app and Wheellog but don't get any beeps at all regarding speed. I was thinking a possible software contention but nothing seems to activate them. All I get is the verbal warning "Please Decelerate" at 20kph and t
  2. Hello to all! I've taken the liberty to write this post cause me and @Marty Backe decided to help European riders get their hands on a Pebble Watch, which is "THE BEST" companion smartwatch for an EUC rider out-there, specialy when using the new and revamped EUC.world application for Android This is a "project" that came to life after the need for European riders that can't get their hands on a Pebble cause there are NONE in Europe (ebay and others). More here https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/13403-euc-world-application-online-service/ EUC.world is an app t
  3. Hi! I'm almost ready to publish new version of EUC World application (previously known as euc.world WheelLog). This new version will bring many new and exciting features, it will also be full of improvements over legacy or euc.world WheelLog app. I have put really great effort into making next release a huge step forward in terms of features, quality and overall user experience. However, there is one area I wasn't able to improve: translation to other languages. Currently EUC World is available in English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Br
  4. TL;DR: a new one's gonna be out soon? Can anyone roughly estimate how soon? Hi there.. Brand new to the world of EUC - been absolutely soaking up information regarding a first wheel and am really looking forward to learning with much anticipation. According to one tutor, a background in skateboarding is a plus point for a beginner but I imagine this is only marginal. The Inmotion V8 seems like a good wheel to start with, especially that it's possible to fit a cover on it and potentially save some of its aesthetics (aka resale value). I definitely see the ~30kmh/18mph top end be
  5. I'd thought I would summarize some of the tips/questions/answers of the long threads about WheelLog by Seba. There are some questions that repeats Please don't post any new questions, problems in this thread. Use Sebas thread "WheelLog Android App". I'll try and update this post with new questions/answers. There are few versions of WheelLog. One on Google Play Store and a fork that Seba has made. He made this fork to upload his trips to a website for logging long trips and share it with others: https://euc.world I can't find WheelLog in Apple Store. Why?
  6. Dear Programmers / Developers. Ninebot Z10 finally reached the market! I have production unit since few days and I am looking for programmer/developer willing to help to add communication with Ninebot Z10 to WheelLog program. which currently support only Kingsong, Gotway and Inomotion. AFAIK IOS app Darknessbot recognize Z10, but does not want to connect, so communication protocol had been changed since ONE E+ version.... Would it be possible to for You to develop and add to Wheellog communication with Z10 ? - sources of WheelLog are available on GitHub, initial req
  7. I hope this little tid-bit of information will save a few hours of grief for anyone who owns or plans to own a OnePlus Android phone and wants to use Wheellog, the official InMotion app, or probably any other high power drain app on it. OnePlus added a background monitoring process to their OxygenOS (enhanced Android build) they install on their phones. This process monitors for apps that are consuming a large amount of power in the background (background defined as the app is started but is not the current in use app or your phone's screen is off) and unceremoniously kills them without w
  8. I made a WheelLog recording of a 10 km ride and imported the comma separated value (CSV) file into a spreadsheet. Copying only the speed, battery %, voltage and distance columns to a new spreadsheet and inserting a line chart of the values produces a line graph with a lot of variation, especially for the battery trace: If you create a new column for each parameter trace which is a plot of the average of each 100 incremented cells rather than a plot of all cells then the resulting chart is easier to read. In the chart shown above the average 100 cell trace is plotted over the single c
  9. I was wondering if anyone has tried to side load the Android Wheel Log app to an Android Wear watch? I got a new LG G watch for $30 and want to try it but I thought I would ask before reinventing the Wheel.
  10. WheelLog 1.8.0 total mileage changed to negative around 8500 km and is counting down.
  11. So i got my ACM yesterday (Yay!) and then connecting with wheellog worked fine (yay!) but after trying to ride it some i realised i still need to calibrate the wheel etc... But now both wheellog and official app (the version from Marty in the download section) can find the wheel, but don't get any data... Any ideas what could be the cause ? Is there a way to do a reset?
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