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  1. If I'm right kingsong makes no beeps when voice announcements are enabled and 'please decelerate' sounds only on third alarm (first and second are ignored). Try disabling voice messages.
  2. If You plan Your ride to leave less than 10% battery in the end the You need bigger battery wheel. You can't predict exact battery consumption and always need some everhead. Also don't trust in app distance prediction algorithms, they show distance based on ideal conditions which never occur.
  3. In my opinion, You just need second wheel. Something lighter that can be easily carried by hand. My bet would be lightest ks ( 14d ?), inmotion v5 or king of portability, which can be even carried in backpack : mten3. Wheels takes minimal space compared to other e-vehicles and with trolley handle they are the easiest to carry anyway. Edit: I almost forgot about ips i5. That would be the perfect euc, but I'm not sure its still available.
  4. Why cant you use your EUC with lighter gear (helmet and wrist guards) ? Euc is much safer than e-board... Dont rush above 20kph and you will be fine.
  5. You can adjust pedals tilt on 18(X)L on 2.00 firmware, only thing you need is new app.
  6. johnyz89

    MSS vs MSP

    Its neither MSX nor MSP motor, its something 'in between' around 2300W ( eucservice owner said it on polish forum). I think it may be some prototype motor which was never finally used in MSP. It has higher top speed than MSP and lower nominal power but MSS is lighter than MSP so it has better acceleration. 450 wh addon is a battery pack sold independently and can be added to any Gotway wheel with 100V (Nikola, Monster, MSP) and it only increases range. Another special feature of MSS is laser 'beep' synchronized with wheel warning beeps so you can see when you reach wheel limit. Wrongway said that is hardly visible even when its dark so i wouldnt count on it so much.
  7. Maybe it is lift sensor which is disengaging your motor (typical 2 beeps) ? Try disabling lift sensor switch in app completely and see if it helps.
  8. Creating software is a long and hard process, especially software which must be military grade and don't risk users health. Developers focus on safe upgrading, nobody usually thinks about downgrade. Its much simpler when you know users are tech savy guys but when it comes to regular customers its always much harder to create seamless experience. Developers are doing their best creating firmware but EVERY software has bugs. Is much better to do release tiering in order to prevent big f#+* ups. When you see it as picking you as guinea pig i rather see it as beeing choosen to see something faster than othes. I really think postponing another release tier is only matter of safety unrelated bugs. Ks18xl example shows that 2.0 software is really solid, but it has few minor bugs (like strange headlamp modes) and community is blaming KS for sucha a buggy firmware not seeing how much good features have been introduced. People always focus on bad parts instead of good ones. If you don't like how it works just dont upgrade, dont buy a newer wheel and dont yell at everyone before trying new firmware yourself.
  9. Thats exactly what I mean. KS18XL is just a litte bit too slow for me. I usually ride it at 40-43 kph. Riding at titlback is not fun and I dont ride that fast just because wheel is not capable of it. Not to mention that in app speed is overinflated and it can't really reach even 47kmh. Monster v3 100v with dual head lamp is a completly different story. I have tried it once and cant sleep now.
  10. If i were You i wouldnt risk my health riding on it and wasting money on reviving already dead unicycle. Its dangerous, risky and money wasting. Batteries are the most expensive parts of our devices so why not buying something new ?
  11. Only month after buying my first wheel (KS18XL) i have realized i should get Monster. Now I'm saving money for second wheel and it will be monster for sure. The stability it has at 50kph is second to none and thats target speed i would like to ride.
  12. KS18XL and 16x are almost the same weight. If you plan to make longer distances you should take wheel with biggest battery you can afford. As long distance cruiser I recommend 18XL because its more comfortable. In answer to your question, I dont think weigh of wheel will be an issues for you. Only thing to consider is how much do you plan to carry it by handle. 24 kg of XL will be hard to carry over long distances and/or staircases. If you think you will outgrow 16S Im damn sure You will regret buing it very fast. Have you considered MSX or MSP ?
  13. Why not MSP or MSX 100v ? They are faster and safer than Tesla and 16X - and they handle higher speeds better. Wheel diameter is crucial when it comes to speed and safety. 18XL is also an option, you can cruise at about 40-45 kmh (real speed, not app speed) but 100V MSX is really outperforming it - 50kmh constatnt speed is not a big deal. So if you really need a speed boos after 16s go for 18 inch wheel.
  14. Get MSX - You won't regret that. If You don't care about trolley handle or speakers there is nothing else to care about. Pedals are comfortable on both wheels - you will get used to whatever you choose. 3 inch tire is what makes big difference. And about the power - You dont have to go more than 40kmh to feel and use MSX power - its always safer to have more powerful wheel especially when it comes to braking.
  15. Im not sure if 84v is so different, especially now with 2.00 FW in Kingsong but 100v is noticable faster. 3'' tire also makes big difference in stability when cruising at high speed. For me, the main problem is when i go 40-45kmh and want do go faster its very easy to be titled back at 50. But real speed is only 45. On 100v MSX there is no problem driving 50kmh constantly. I'm just a speed junkie, but I didnt know that when I was choosing between these two wheels. Trolley handle on KS18XL was main reason i chose it.
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