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Big slides on the Veteran Sherman


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Turns out I prefer my Sherman over my 16x for doing slides. The only bad thing is the low pedals but on the sand it's not a bid deal because they can dig into the sand. I did lots of fast controlled slides in the video, some over 20 feet long.

The Sherman is so well balanced that I find it much easier to lean hard without falling off it. With the 16x I fall over FAR more frequently when trying to slide. Like every 2nd attempt. With the Sherman I can do like 20 slides in a row without falling. It's mad. In the past I never imagined that this would be a good wheel for this type of stuff but it's literally SUPREME. So good that I'm thinking I wanna have 2 Shermans and just sell my 16x. They are such different wheels and I'd rather just tune my riding to the Sherman. Having 2 would be awesome so I can always have a backup if something goes wrong with one of them. And with the number of miles I do I'm gonna need another wheel. Can't imagine I would want to get any other wheel than the Sherman.

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