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  1. That's awesome bro. haha it's nice to see that photo. Hope you enjoy it. The speaker is directed outwards 360 degrees but still sounds great no matter how you mount it. No need to direct it towards you. The way you've got it there looks perfect. Only advice I'd have for you is to get a 2nd strap. For ages I tried to avoid it because I didn't want to muffle the sound with the extra strap. But it makes no real difference in sound. And with just 1 strap.......let's just say it'll keep you busy By the way it's Arc Rides here. I've spoken to you a fair bit over on youtube. Peace be w
  2. Hey thanks for asking. I much prefer the Wonderboom 2 because it's much more powerful. Like 2x. The Tribit is great still because it's so tiny so I often chuck it in my bag just to have it with me. But it's just too quiet for the Sherman. When you get above 30mph you hear nothing but wind noise and the speaker sounds mute.
  3. Thanks and keep at it. What EUC do you have? Thanks and keep at it. What EUC do you have?
  4. Hey guys it's great to be back. When you power slide or drift on an EUC it is very different to doing it on a multi wheeled vehicle like a bike or a car and the results are explosive. The main reason is that ALL of the vehicle and rider weight is on 1 wheel. The 1 wheel that's sliding........and tearing into the ground with ferocity. Let's take a bicycle for example. When someone drifts on that most of the weight is on the front wheel and just a tiny bit of weight on the rear wheel. This is partly due to the weight shift that occurs during braking. You know how vehicles tilt forward
  5. Sherman is now up to 5400km but it failed at that point. It actually arrived with lots of issues and it's been on it's last legs since brand new. My 16x now has around 1500km and it's also not working. Currently I'm EUCless
  6. Thanks for chiming in. What EUC are you riding with those boots?
  7. Yeah could be a fun project. What kind of sensor did you have in mind? A photosensor? Or were you talking about a way to control the brightness with like a dial or button? Anyway what I have at the moment is a button on my helmet for turning the lights on/off. I just turn them off for anyone that I pass at night. The contrast in the moment that the light turns off is insane. Almost like it's suddenly pitch black all around and then I glide past the person like a ninja in the dark. They always have a funny reaction but I think they really appreciate me turning it off.
  8. LOL I know it's cringy as hell. I actually have a button on my helmet that controls the light. It lets me turn it on/off super easily. So I turn it off for EVERYBODY. Okay not everybody. Sometimes I forget and I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The Sherman light is brighter than the V11 lights. It's pretty much like high beams on a car. It blinds people from like 50 metres away. They start covering their eyes and I'll turn it off for them. Then turn it back on after I pass them. It should have a dimming feature.
  10. Yeah the impact of the head against a hard rigid object at 20 mph with no attempt to absorb the shock is enough to kill any human being on the planet. Even 12 MPH would be devastating. Although it's very unlikely that you would crash in such a way. The human instinct to survive will do anything it can to absorb the impending shock during a crash.
  11. That's nice to know. I had heard from somewhere (can't remember where but it was probably an unreliable source) that the Sherman was extremely annoying to open up. So I was dreading ever having to open it. But of course at some stage we always have to open our wheels so that's really good news.
  12. Okay yeah if you think it would be better to move it there.
  13. I'm not sure that the driver circuit is entirely intact. But it does still put out 5V across 2 of the terminals as it normally does. I know this because I'm using this 5V supply to power a bluetooth speaker that I attached to the wheel. But the thing I haven't checked is if the on/off function still works on that driver circuit. Not everyone knows this but if you quick press the power button on the Sherman, the rear light will toggle on/off. So I'm not sure if that part still works. It's possible that it was damaged during the short circuit but I won't test that until I get a new rear lig
  14. Have you considered using a switch inline with one of the power wires (Gnd or +ve) going to the light? This would be the easiest way to be able to switch it on/off. I could take a look at the control board when I get the chance but I have yet to open my wheel so I don't know what it looks like yet.
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