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Change my Gotway MSP HT into a MSP HS?


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Hi knowledgeable CoRiders🙏❤️

I am the happy and proud owner of a Gotway MSP HT version.

But the need for a bit higher top speed, made me wonder.

The difference between the two model is a I can see, a smaller motor in the Gotway MSP HS version compared to the High Torque version, but isn't it the same motor but with a different software.


Would it be possible to change my Gotway MSP HT version into a Gotway MSP High speed version by swapping the control boards ??

Imagine if I could get more fun out of my wheel 😉❤️







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These are different motors. The torque one has stronger (wider) magnets, and maybe there's also a difference in the number of magnets/windings (idk).

Torque: 38mm wide magnets, hence designated C38

Speed: 30mm wide magnets, C30 (it's just the MSX motor)

So you would definitely need a new motor. And to flash the firmware or get a new board.


It's probably easier and cheaper to sell the MSP HT and buy a new HS.

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