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Which one complements the Nikola Plus better, RS Torque or Speed?

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If you weigh <200lb, RS C30 ("Speed").
Especially because your 100V Nik goes very fast and you'll quickly find the beeps of the C38.

But, why buy another 1800wh wheel when you already own one?

I think the best combination for a second wheel is to have something that's much better at something your first wheel is weak at. For instance, these combinations make the most sense, starting with my best recommendation:

  • Nik for 35mph carvy pavement
    2500wh+ Monster/Sherman for long distance riding (especially: seated)
  • Nik for 35mph carvy pavement
    MSuper (Pro, RS, etc) with AT tire for MTB trails
  • Nik for 35mph carvy pavement
    Used Inmo V8 for lowspeed stunt riding (crashing!)
  • Nik for 35mph carvy pavement
    MTen3 for learning reverse and making friends ;)

I bet you have more access to places to use "big batteries," than access to MTB trails...
And everyone who buys a bigger battery seems to fall in love with using it :)

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