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3D printed Jump Pads from UK


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So I've been trying things that assist in jumping, from home made Kuji pads, Karambit's and other pads that are made to fully lock you in, love them all and all have different benefits and do help greatly in jumping. I wanted to create a jump pad that would fully assist in helping me jump without needing to clinch my ankles together, and also be able to freely move around without the "locked in" feeling, as when I carve my heel tends to raise and couldn't get used to not being able to carve being stuck to the wheel. So I decided to create my own and adapt it to what needs I have. Here is the end result. Its more a minimalistic design where I can jump on demand, carve, sit and still have room to move around made from 95A flexible TPU

If anyone is interested I am selling the few I've made, for £60 GBP including delivery within UK other places will incur delivery charges, you can find me here, Facebook as Sai Ngo or Whatsapp on +447742848082. 

PS I apologies if this is not the correct place to add this ad? if not please locate it to the appropriate topic.


Jump pads.jpg


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