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  1. Hi there, what is the free wheel spin for that firmware please?
  2. Sai

    Gotway RS

    Bearing issues were only on HT version not HS apparently
  3. I've been searching high and low. Anyone have one?
  4. Any updates on riding experience?
  5. Sai

    Gotway RS

    Popping? Tell us more
  6. Sai

    Gotway RS

    Pedals dip too on batch 1. Unless firmware fixed in next batches lower padels may be an option then.
  7. Sai


    100% normal
  8. Sai

    Gotway RS

    I agree if I liked off road so much I should go for a HT version. But I prefer to ride on the road. However why would I want to restrict my wheel to road only? And when I see a video like the one attached( the guy scrapes pedals when on the road (3 mins 30 sec in video) ) it puts me right off.
  9. Sai

    Gotway RS

    Definitely prefer the higher pedals. The new RS has some pedal dipping. Ground clearance is a issue for turning especially offroad.
  10. Nikola beeps around 38mph(60kmh), depending on your battery level. Don't think you will hear beeps too well at that speed.
  11. Amazing. Following your progress!
  12. Ah nice! Where about a do you go riding? We should meet one day.
  13. Them sounds are completely normal. My Nikola sounds exact the same. It's the roaring engine ready to fly 😂
  14. Lol should have elaborated properly. I mean a 16x3.0 will be a 12 inch motorcycle tyre? I see alot of 12 1/2 and was wondering if they would fit.
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