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  1. I emailed them direct with my order number, date and address. begode11@kebye.com They got back to me within an hour. PS I bought from gotway direct.
  2. Splendid story, guess ur fed up with KS now? Can I purchase ur wheel?
  3. Damn. Wished you posted this 2 weeks earlier. I've ordered the same model from China and still waiting.. In Hertfordshire! 😥
  4. Any idea where to get this? Not sure how to upload the pic directly. https://ibb.co/mD5fqKz
  5. I am guessing you own a Nikola? 😅 Dispite all the above I did order a Nikola + 1800wh version.
  6. Hi Kristof, can the Nikola still stand on its own when switched off with this mudguard?
  7. What material did you print it at? there are a few options
  8. I guess they are aiming more for the mass market in terms of safety and comfortability? Ie the newest cars are not always the fastest.
  9. Hi Siggy please DM me if it's still for sale. Im new so can't message. Thanks
  10. How would you rate each wheel out of 10 and why?
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