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Inmotion V11 shock pump does not hold air.


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Been noticing that the air in the shock chamber is either mostly gone or is half of what I put in. I don't know if it is possible for the air to leak?  I also noticed that this happens on only one side, and the red  bottom cap, even when screwed in not so tight is tighter than what left it. I bottom out today, when I got home I checked and the air was almost if not completely gone.  Do I have leaky shock pump? How can I check this?

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I don’t think you are alone. One of the YouTubers that I watch said that one side kept leaking down overnight. I don’t remember who it was. They ended up changing the shock. It might just be the valve. I believe that it uses a simple valve like in a bicycle tire. You can remove and reseat.  I have had good luck swapping the tire valves with car AC valves. They seem to do better with high pressure. 

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