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Gotway Monster V3 comparing 84V vs 100V

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I am looking for information between these 2 configurations and if the Veteran Sherman or other wheels should be considered instead.

 My background is 1400 km of riding a V8 (sold) and currently on a V10F. I am 200lbs. My interest is for extending my range and for a different feeling wheel as a secondary. The 84v has a better value proposition when it comes to the amount of battery you get. Both models are priced about the same with the 100V maybe $100 more but 550 less wh. 

Monster V3 84 volt has a 2400wh pack.

Monster V3 100 volt has a 1845wh pack. 

Ok to my rumoured knowledge is they both have the same motor even though specs are listed differently. An 84v wheel could be used on the 100v model? 

Its official the 100V board is upgraded from V2 and more durable. I hear the 84v board is also upgraded but can this be confirmed for me? 

How is the acceleration and torque of 100v vs 84v? How do they compare my 84v V10F and or the Veteran Sherman? 

I am happy with the performance of the V10F and if the 84V Monster has the upgraded board and is more powerful then I am sold. I could share chargers and maybe have modular power one day by sharing the batteries. But I am not sure how it rides or accelerates and brakes. There is no article that compares the 84v and 100v Monster! 

I am also interested in the Veteran Sherman and possibly future Gotway EXN.  EWheels doesn’t sell the Monster anymore and refers people to look at the Sherman. Do they ride the same ? Any comment which is more enjoyable to ride? I am mostly riding bike lanes and smooth trails. I like climbing some hills but am in no rush to get up and would appreciate control and safety. 

Thanks in advance for any info. 



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