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I learned to ride on a King Song 14D and being just over the weight limit I really found myself having to make a lot of compensations and balance maneuvers, now upgrading to V10f, oh my goodness! It's not sluggish like was said. It's not top heavy. It's so smooth, powerful, fast, really, like a flying carpet. I know that sounds cliche.

If I didn't learn to ride on the KS-14D I don't know if I really would have learned all those balance compensations that make the V10f such a joy to ride. I mean if I were always depending on the Inmotion algorithms to smooth things out for me. I don't know. The V10F is so much a better wheel for me than the 14D. And to have learned on something else and then experience the difference in build quality while already knowing how to ride, it's like wow!

It appears that there is some kind of debate over whether to get a learning vehicle or to just buy the vehicle that you want in the first place. In a way I kind of feel like, "Why spend so much time riding the wrong vehicle for me?" But then I wonder if I had gotten a V10F to start with, I may have never learned to ride it so effortlesley.

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Your body and riding style will adapt to the wheel you habitually ride. Jump back on the 14D after riding the V10F for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you’ll find it wobbly and squirrelly as you will have gotten used to the stability of the V10F.

The main arguments for a training wheel is cost (you might not like EUCing) and not scraping up your forever wheel during the learning process. On a smaller wheel the required micro movements to maintain balance at low speeds are easier while the rider builds the confidence to go faster.

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