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  1. I have a friend who’s a personal trainer / gymnastics instructor and she’s always banging on about ‘incidental excercise’ being the key to staying fit, not going to gyms and other formal forms of exercise. ‘We are made to move!’ Is her mantra
  2. You guys got a lot more speed going on the way back! It really was a perfect day for riding. The Wheeled gods were smiling!
  3. Awesome ride today! In future, we’ll use the EUC Riders Melbourne FB page to coordinate events. If you’re a Melbourne EUC rider, dust off that facebook account and join up! The WhatsApp details will be posted there too.
  4. There's a beautiful mystery to a well played violin which is compelling and hard to ignore. If anyone hasn't seen "The Red Violin" I can recommend it. This movie reignited my appreciation for an instrument which I had thought killed though having to endure listening to my brother attempt (and fail) to learn as a child...
  5. I've vowed that I won't run my KS16X into the bottom half of its battery again. At least on firmware 1.07. It's a sad thing to go from comfortably cruising to constant tilt back/beeping/"Please decelerate"ing. So yes, it may have a range of 80-100km (if you don't mind limping home with your wheel whinging like a tired toddler) but maximum performance range is more like 30km. It's a pity, as I had plans on always charging to 80% to preserve battery life. Now it is a full 100% charge every night. As my poor grandmother who passed at 98 last week knew only too well. The first 50 years is a blast. It's the last 50 years that is a drag...
  6. Hi all, When I first started learnng to ride I was quite sore around my lower torso. I put it down to all the swiveling micromovements that balancing on a single wheel required and the fact that I had a weak core (Never been anywhere near a Pilates class). Now that I'm more experienced and better at riding that soreness has gone.I like to think because I have a stronger core, but it may just be that I'm not as twitchy and wobbly and don't require all the swiveling movements that I once did to stay balanced. Was this other people's experience too?
  7. Once you’re confident going faster the larger diameter wheel will show it’s worth. Stick with it!
  8. Thanks @mike_bike_kite! Reviews of the “tried it, didn’t really like it” variety are just as welcome, if not more so, than the “This is so awesome! My choice is totally validated!” kind of review. I’m looking for an on-wheel audio solution at the moment and I might have been tempted by these shoulder mounted jobbies.
  9. Agreed. Budget for, and put as much research into, protective gear as you do your wheel. I did and I credit that as the reason I’m still riding every day despite having my first (and I’m sure not my last) big crash a couple of weeks ago. My priority list: Head&Face > Wrists&Hands > Knees > Elbows> Shoulders
  10. That’s a shame. Next time!
  11. 'EUC rider' is the term I use amongst other EUC riders. To the ignorant masses... I dunno. 'That crazy guy zipping around on a wheel' seems to be a label that I have acquired.
  12. As long as they can keep up and go the distance, I don’t see why not.
  13. Ouch. Nasty. My KS16X is in need of bits too after a crash. At least it still works though. Stephen at E-Riderz operates out of Brissy and can get the bits in from King Song. He’ll want photos of the damage to advise on the bits. Otherwise @The Fat Unicyclistover the Tasman at Roll.nz is a top bloke and would be happy to help. Another option is PhaserFPV down in Gosford. They’re the official King Song supplier in AU Hope this helps
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