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  1. Magnets! Those neodymium magnets are pretty strong. If you could mount a set of magnets up against the inside of the helmet shell you might get enough force that a light with another set of magnets would attach securely to the outside. This would probably only be possible over the ears or the chin bar though. The skull of a helmet generally has impact foam moulded against it and you wouldn’t want to compromise that.
  2. I’m looking at a side mounted headlight for my TSG Pass. I opted for a GoPro Session mount it’s adhered to the helmet, but at least the mounting system allows you to strip it down to just the mounting plate if you don’t want the light. I’m planning on mounting a cheap headlight from AliExpress using a GoPro tripod adapter, also from Ali Hopefully it all works. I was going for a light with an external batttery to try and save on the weight hanging off the side of my helmet. It’ll either go in my pocket or my backpack.
  3. Cool. Though I can’t find it. I’ve pretty much bailed on FB. You coming on the 8th @ZenGlide?
  4. Winter is coming and I'll be finding myself commuting in the dark in a few months, So I was trawling through AliExpress looking for a headlight to mount to my helmet and a tail light to mount on my backpack. Then I came across these... Laser projectors. They mount under the wing mirrors of a car. I'm thinking maybe I can mount these on the undersides of my pedals and have warning lines projected onto the road on either side of me...
  5. Awesome! I'll bring another couple of sausages! No whatsapp or anything like that yet. This will be the first time the Melbourne EUC riders have gotten together.
  6. What about the gloves American football linemen wear? Those guys must be dealing with finger over extension all the time. Can an American comment?
  7. A lot less. Ever seen a car stacker? Imagine an EUC stacker!
  8. Phaserfpv are just over an hours drive away from you in Gosford. They have a few demo models for sale. https://www.phaserfpv.com.au/collections/electric-unicycles-australia Sounds like if you turn up, they’ll let you try before you buy!
  9. The v5f will make a great starter wheel. You’ll either buy it, try it and decide that EUC’s are not for you or you’ll be looking to upgrade to an Inmotion V10F within 6 months. Once you get a taste for EUC’s you’ll be hooked, and unless you have a specific need for a smaller wheel (on and off public transport) you’ll be wanting more speed, more range, more stability. Age does not appear to have any bearing on this. £350 is only 20% off the price of a new wheel. Given that you’re not the one driving it out of the showroom, it would have to be in factory condition to justify the asking price. You’ll most likely be trying to sell it on yourself in the future.
  10. It rained heavily after lunch today. I needed to do something about the torn mudguard for the trip home. So I took a leaf out of the JDM racers book and did some cable tie cross stitching. I'm quite happy with the result!
  11. Thanks @Daley1. My wheel is still ridable, so March 8 is definitely still on! The trolley handle can only be extended halfway and the mudguard is hanging from a thread of rubber, but I'm still riding to work every day.
  12. I have to say that I have significantly reassessed the risk/reward of high-fiving and I will not be attempting it again in the future.This is unfortunate, I agree as it is a good stoke spreading opportunity. However, if we are being wheel ambassadors, the last thing we want people to see is us going down in a spectacular heap from something as innocuous as a friendly high-five. Practice and technique could minimise the risk, at the very least I would recommend slowing right down. The combined speeds that I was high-fiving at would have been 50kph+ You wouldn't high five a standing pedestrian through your car window as you drove past at 50kph!
  13. The high-five twisted me. I was expecting a light finger tip style high-five, but he gave me the full solid wrist...
  14. Had my first proper crash yesterday! I was cruising along a bike path when a cyclist coming in the opposite direction gave me a thumbs up and held out his hand for a high five. Stupidly I took him up on it... CRASH!! I twisted, went down on one side, hit my head and then rolled. My wheel went end over end. I would have been doing around 30-40kph Miraculously I pretty much came away unharmed! I have a friction graze on one elbow and a minor bruise on my hip. My wheel is another matter, the bodyguard saved the shell, but the trolley handle came unlatched and half extended and now won’t extend properly. The mudguard is half torn off I’m going to have to see if I can source some replacement parts for my 16X Going over my gear I was able to assess that my helmet first and foremost saved my life. There is a big scratch on the left side of the forehead. The visor is ruined, so the fact that it was a full face TSG Pass probably saved my face. The top side of my left flex meter wrist guard is badly scratched up, so it definitely saved my hand. The left hand dual-axis knee guard also has some minor scratching. The star of the show was my cordura motorcycle jacket! It protected my elbow as I landed and my shoulder as I rolled. I can see from the wear of the material that it stuck the pavement really hard yet yet the padding on the shoulders and elbow really did their job. I only have a bit of stiffness in my shoulder and a minor friction burn on my elbow. All in all I was extremely fortunate, and I am glad that I invested in a decent amount of gear. I’m feeling very sheepish about the cause of the accident. An impromptu 50kph high-five on a unicycle with a stranger is a shockingly bad idea, and had I thought about it for a second I would have declined. But good manners is so ingrained that I reflexively took him up on it!
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