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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea. Cars tend to pass too close for comfort when I’m riding in a bike lane. I ride on the outer part to try and avoid being doored by parked cars. I think these projected lines would stake out a larger chunk of the road, encouraging cars to give a wider berth.
  2. Gonna put my wannabe mod hat on... @Finn Bjerke How did you manage to find and resurrect such an ancient thread on such a generic topic? @Unventor started a dedicated knee guard thread over in the Riding Safety and Protective Gear section. Guys, please post your opinions on kneeguards there.
  3. We all know that we can't keep our phone in our pockets... I put some stitches with stainless steel thread through the index finder tip of my riding gloves so that I can still use my phone. It's a must as Siri/Google Assistant are far from perfect and once the gloves/wrist guard combo is on, they aren't coming off in a hurry.
  4. I have the TSG Pass. It’s great. Though... I find myself traveling home in the evenings during my westward commute with one hand raised to shade my eyes. I’m actually thinking of putting electrical tape on the inside of the visor so that I can give my hand a break. My other main use for my wheel is shopping. The trouble with a full face helmet is that I can’t ride home while snacking on that chocky bar I bought in the impulse aisle. I’m married to a dietitian, so that means lurking outside the door after I get home, finishing my sinful treat before making my appearance I’ve loo
  5. Teaser images of V11 offroading pedals from Inmotion. 6061 T6 alloy. These were posted on Facebook by e-riderz, my local Inmotion reseller, so I imagine they’ll be sold through the regular channels. ETA ~2 months, price $220 AUD (~$150 USD) Now you know as much as I do!
  6. Teaser images of V11 seat and power pads from Inmotion These were posted on Facebook by e-riderz, my local Inmotion reseller, so I imagine they’ll be sold through the regular channels. Now you know as much as I do!
  7. Official pads have been teased by inmotion. seat too!
  8. Your body and riding style will adapt to the wheel you habitually ride. Jump back on the 14D after riding the V10F for a couple of weeks and I guarantee you’ll find it wobbly and squirrelly as you will have gotten used to the stability of the V10F. The main arguments for a training wheel is cost (you might not like EUCing) and not scraping up your forever wheel during the learning process. On a smaller wheel the required micro movements to maintain balance at low speeds are easier while the rider builds the confidence to go faster.
  9. I usually abhor fanaticism of any kind and the cycling community certainly has more than their share. But that fanaticism does lend itself to bike lane advocacy, of which I’m very happy to be a beneficiary.
  10. I like my North Face fuse box. Comes in a range of visible colors and as it opens by a zip around the top I can fit a lot of shopping in it easily. Sturdy and relatively water resistant. It’s big though. When carrying smaller or lighter loads I use a Harley Davidson messenger bag that my Mum found me in a thrift shop (I used a black marker to ink out the Harley symbol). It has a clasp on the shoulder strap and is much easier to get on and off over protective gear.
  11. I can’t recommend any armored jackets as I wear a textile motorcycle jacket instead. My motorcycle jacket has padding on the elbows and shoulders and the tough cordura material slides well. I’ve had a couple of high speed falls where I’ve landed on my knees and elbows, then my chest followed by a shoulder roll. Both times wearing the jacket I’ve jumped back on my wheel and have only noticed minor friction burns in the shower the next morning! In motorcycle jackets, a woman is spoilt for choice. Some of them look pretty sharp too! PS: Sorry I’m not a girl. But I thought the subje
  12. There has to be a better way of communicating imminent cut out than beeps. At the speeds where you’re at risk of you simply won’t hear beeps. Haptic feedback through the pedals maybe? i hope your leg comes good @agronick I’ve just had to take a 6 month break from riding because of a torn ACL after a fall. I only just managed to stop my wife from putting my wheel on the street!
  13. I did a lot of “running it off” when I was learning. Wobble-bail-run, wobble-bail-run for a good week of lunchtimes before I got the knack. I can’t imagine learning without going through that stage, so if one is too stiff to hit the ground running, that might present a barrier to learning.
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