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Gotway MSP

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20 minutes ago, Radek Koziol said:

If any body can help me. Today I’ve gotten Gotway msp. Every time I get  close to 20 miles/ h my Gotway start beeping , and won’t stop till I’ll go below 20 m/h.  How I can remove that beeping ? 

Sounds like one of the speed alarms.

?First and second? speed alarm imo can be disabled with the GW app. Or EUC World (android) or Darknessbot (ios).

With them you also can check if tiltback is enabled and at which speed.

If you decide to leave tiltback enabled it's recommendable to set it to some safe low speed and get used to it. Hit it slowly and once that works out approach it faster. The stronger one accelerates into the tiltback he harder it kicks in! So best learn this with nice safety gear!

This training helps to prevent getting surprised/out of balance by tiltback at dangerously high speeds!

If you decide to go on with tiltback disabled i'd recommend you to read until you understand 

Ps.: Can help, too if you leave tiltback enabled ;)

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