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Inmotion V5F died after riding the curb

Tomasz Czyż

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I have a damaged v5f. After driving onto the curb it suddenly turned off. The Cap5 capacitor and the U13 audio amplifier were damaged. The capacitor was replaced, U13 desoldered because it had a short circuit on the power supply. V5F is still dead. Resistance on the Cap5 pins 30Ω. Please help or schematic board.


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KS & IM is the easiest to repair, GW & VS will burnt much more components & also the pcb tracks as well bcos they don't use any fuse. i've repaired an IM for a rider friend recently, U13 probably is not the cause of short but the mosfets are. i just replace the fuse & a single mosfet & its up & running, Good Luck.



Check all the mosfets for short circuit, it could just be a single mosfet or a pair.




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