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  1. Hmm yeah, after having just watch Ecodrift's youtube i was wondering the same, they could've just raise the so called absorber then it will be completely inside the shell. OP photo for ref Raise absorber
  2. One of my friend got into an accident, a pedestrian just run out to the street without looking left or right. Somehow before crashing into him at around 25-30Km/h, my friend manage to push him(pedestrian) to the side & he manage to out run unhurt. His mcm5 took the tumble & crack almost 5 of the shell bracket. And some how he strain his knee ligament. ( He still cannot ride after 1 months time ! ) Wanting him to get back to this sport asap at that time, i bought him & myself these many names so called Knee Booster, PowerLeg, Knee Stabilizer, Bionic Knee & etc, i bought the
  3. i wonder why no one design 'crash bars' for EUCs, it seems that we don't have any metal fabricator among us riders here i guess
  4. General rule of thumb, anything that is out of the oridinary usually means some thing is not right & should be checked thoroughly since your gf did crashed it. If you don't have any electronics background then i suggest that you send it back to your disributor/ dealer for checking. If you know what you're doing then first check both pack's voltage with a multimeter, both should read about 84V when fully charge. If less usually means one or two of the 18650 is faulty. Also pay attention when charging, if the pack gets very hot during charging means one of the 18650 is shorted. Disconne
  5. Yeah i wonder too, having said that, i do witness one of my friend's earliest generic wheel that you can continue speeding but won't cut off but it will just tilt back until you won't be able to ride it but then again its a low speed wheel Below video is Adam's friend's Nikola+, it behave exactly the same except this is cause by low battery & not over speed/ over power
  6. i can only find 6mm & its listed for use between 1K to 1.5K watt only, the RS doesn't even looks like a 3mm wire
  7. i don't think there is any built for technical trails but most just took it off-roading be it cheap or expensive bcos its extremely challenging & fun One thing a must is knobby tyre, it perform extremely well but require some getting use to. Upgraded mine to dirt bike tyre & i'm loving it
  8. If you use the correct keyword you'll find plenty of them though not cheap, if you can wait & ship via sea then again, plenty of them here. Just installed mine & took it out for a spin. Pros : All the benefits of a knooby tyre on trails Cons : It behaves like Z10, will sway left or right on its own, will need some getting use to
  9. While googling, this semi related news pop-up. i guess world wide will eventually needs to regulates all kinds of PEVs.
  10. Try buying directly most reseller mark up like crazy.
  11. KS & IM is the easiest to repair, GW & VS will burnt much more components & also the pcb tracks as well bcos they don't use any fuse. i've repaired an IM for a rider friend recently, U13 probably is not the cause of short but the mosfets are. i just replace the fuse & a single mosfet & its up & running, Good Luck.
  12. First things first, for such a high current machine, they shouldn't be using this at all imo
  13. My friend bought it direct from an EUC shop in China for approx USD21 a piece while many says Gotway spare parts are expensive, now i know they are not ! i believe many of these online so called reseller, dealer or even distributor are actually at the 3rd or even 4th stage of the distribution hierarchy, after so many stages of mark up, add freight, of course they are expensive ! While another story was another rider friend got direct contact to KS, bought from them before, ask for prices for spare parts, guess what KS price is more expensice than this EUC shop ! Logical explanation is thi
  14. My friend just got the V2 L-column, looks like mcm5 V1 can indeed raise the pedal up to another 20mm. Or you can also upgrade V1 to V2, you'll need V2 front & back cover AKA the lamp shade, inner shell & L-column. V1 & V2 uses the same outer shell.
  15. Switch on your GPS/ location access as well with BT & all EUC app will work, Google claim its not a bug, more info here
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