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  1. When did you purchase yours ? If recently then you should be able to upgrade to 84V But then again, you'll need to purchase the 84V main board, BMS & charger too. i donno what is with the recent hype for 20700/ 21700 battery, until today not even one did a real life comparison. Theorectically if you have a 18650 with 4250mah & a 20700/ 21700 with 4250mah, the range will be more or less the same. mine was advertise 67.2V(170WH) with 1500watt motor. i did check with the seller & he did confirmed that it is able to fit 80pcs of 18650. Ordered the battery but still haven't arrive yet. Hmm, i donno how these Taobao shop calculates the WH, few offer 1300WH for mcm5. May be they are able to cram in 5P or 6P in there 3.4AH x 3.7V x 20 cell x 4p = 1006.4WH 3.4AH x 3.7V x 20 cell x 5p = 1258WH 2.8AH x 3.7V x 20 cell x 6p = 1243.2WH
  2. Haha, km measurement i always got confused with either speed or range Yeah, most Chinese EUC factory boost about that. Mine was the 30km range so as it claim, the actual max range i got is about 20km +/- including some speeding & hilly ride however there was one time i went to a carfree day event in the city center, totally flat surface, no speeding as the road is fill up with people, i was able to ride it for about 28km before battery low tilts back. As you mentioned it, slow riding style, weight, terrain & etc all play a part but the Chinese EUC factory always choose to exagerate that figure.
  3. Whoops, i didn't dig deep into it & presume it was from KingSong A quick search & found this here You just lost a million dollar my friend It does go up to about 24Km/h when it starts beeping & tilt-back. In fact alot of cheap 14 inch with 132WH can go above 20Km/h. i just ordered this on Taobao 11.11 Online Shopping Festival that can go up to 35Km/h according to spec
  4. Found out about a month ago that Gotway also has made such a product & its a 26 inch ! And so does King Song but both product doesn't make it to the market. i weight about half of that In comparison, it performs about the same as my cheap 14 inch on hill climbing ability.
  5. This ad is here is to provide info for those who are interested in getting a unit but donno how. Many doesn't know that Taobao (me included), currently provide delivery services to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The process is actually quite simple, first register a Taobao account & login then go to Gevot store, select either the 18Km or 30Km range, checkout, pay with credit card. You can also directly chat with the store owner with Aliwangwang. Use google chrome to translate page to English. As you can see, it is dirt cheap in comparison. It is not a performance wheel, i call it a crusing wheel but it does able to go up steep hill. My Review. Though Its abit hassle but you'll get the cheapest price factory direct . Else you can also try Taobao Agent. Last, i'm not affiliated with Gevot or Taobao, i don't get any referral fees or kick-back if you wanna call that, as mentioned, this is here so that fellow member can get the best deal, Happy Shopping !
  6. car horn or $1 air horn, you choose
  7. Soldering a 12 awg to XT60 is actually a breeze when you know how to do it. You can actually even solder a 10 awg ! The trick i found out is that you must have a very hot soldering iron, strip about 5mm, twist the copper wire first, tinned it, cut the excessive, tinned the XT60 connector, have a holder holding the connector with both ends plug-in, it will act as a heat sink transferring excessive heat. With a very hot soldering iron, it will be done in a snap ! Most of it i learn from youtube videos i was a little shock when i found out that silicone wires use on EUCs is 14 awg & less. On the outside, the cable looks thick but the copper conductor inside is actually less than 2 mm in diameter ! Here is the maximum current load test for XT60 & XT90. As said for 84/ 100 volt EUCs, i believe will benefit with 8/ 10 awg upgrade
  8. i've upgraded most of the internal power cabling to 12 awg & the differences is very obvious, better feel on acceleration, braking & also the battery less voltage sag. Nowadays EUCs mostly are almost double the voltage & power, i believe if you upgrade to 10 awg or better 8 awg silicone cable & XT90 connectors, the differences will be huge.
  9. i can see your right hand holding the camera pole is trembling/ shaking like mad but the whole video footage is rock solid/ hardly moves. Wanted to buy one but this camera costs more than my EUC & i'm kinda stingy Thanks so much for sharing, all your EUCs videos, reviews, not to mention the time, effort & $$$ (spend on equipment & video recording) You're da man
  10. yuweng

    126-Volt Nikola

    Sounds a lot like the previous multi-national company i work for which is understandable but Gotway's workforce is only a handful ( pic from their fb ) A quick google search, i think EUCs still got a long way to go but so powerful would anyone able/ dare to control/ ride, not to mention the recent Ben's & Chris's incident, its like you're riding on a time bomb, by that time i guess everyone would have to carry a fire extinguisher with them when go riding Updates Sort of related, lithium fire here & here
  11. yuweng

    126-Volt Nikola

    i think its just a matter of time, on ebikes there are such controllers.
  12. Aww, that's too bad, they were many celebrities on hover boards when it came out but none on EUCs, thought that you got her to ride Though i found Meghan Trainor & she's good Anyways, found another superb performance by Jackie at a Chinese show in China
  13. Now we can see you i totally forgotten until a quick google search & i found the young Jackie Evancho here & now she is a beautiful young lady. So have you manage to get Jackie to try your InMotion V10 or into Electric Unicycling
  14. i think that burnt mosfet is for charging, could it be that your fast charger is too powerful ? Theoretically, replacing it with a higher ampere mosfet should solve the problem but be careful, i think everyone of us, hands one guys here sure have experience it before, that accidental short circuit spark is really terrifying & dangerous
  15. Its not that, i just couldn't believe that such technology was invented for more than 10 years ago but doesn't even make it to the market, the same with Ryno Updates Ben seems to be a very nice young man, in the video he explain everything. My thought is exactly but i wouldn't wanna ride an EUC with two wheels on it, it would loose its appeals But i would totally ride an EUC like Uno, when it reaches a certain high speed, may be a wheel or two will pop-out to the front or at the back to maintain balance, preventing face-planting or nosediving Again, i wouldn't ride something as big as Uno, preferably something small like our EUCs would be great. If only they can incorporate this or this then face-planting or nosediving on EUCs will be a thing of the past
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