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  1. ecodrift documented a much more detail on this new 6012 hollow motor its certainly better than the old design but i think its still not water/ dust proof yet
  2. Did abit of research, it seems easy but from what i hear it doesn't feel safe on an EUC, just like the variable field motor i posted above, may be its best suited for e-scooters or ebikes instead
  3. Generally step down buck converters are quite robust & easy to repair if damaged, try with your local electronic shops, i'm sure they are able to repair it. But first, disconnect all 12v & 5v from board, measure with multimeter, it could just be shutting down from over current or short circuit from one of the device, BT, headlight etc. Try your local dealer first, whole world is in shortage because of disruption cause by covid, it could be months before your board can reach your hand
  4. i've just checked, it seems that the firmware for your model isn't available yet ?
  5. Ever since i raise my EUC for off-road tyre fitting, i've been wondering why my back pack is always wet when riding over puddles, my cheap solution is MTB fender & velcro, i think it can be fitted to any EUCs.
  6. Just brick my mcm5 yesterday doing firmware upgrade, luckily with the help of a fellow rider dealer friend i manage to unbrick it Atm its the same firmware GW1401001 as my board so no point updating, you have been warned As mentioned on WheelersPro u-tube, you gotta download the latest Android version v1.0.2 from begode site. Somehow i have to use my PC then only it downloads. He did mentioned this.
  7. A fellow rider fall off from a 30km/h fully gear in the same manner, needs about USD4K+ for the damages & 3-6 months recovery Upon knowing this i started working out & taking calcium supplement
  8. Though i've help/ seen fellow riders tear down their wheels but never got to opened up their battery pack since both packs are ok (no point in tearing up the heat shrink) so never got to see exactly how it was wired. mcm5 uses two different BMS, 2 piece BMS for the top(40cell) & single piece at the side(20cell). You can't fit 40 cell to the side together with this BMS or you won't be able to close the shell ! If you're interested in using back the existing top BMS...
  9. Afaik, all gotway wheels year 2020 & later doesn't use this 4 wire balance anymore even though the pcb does have it. Whoops, my bad
  10. It was listed @taobao beginning of this year but now its not there anymore. i've talked to this seller via aliwangwang two years ago, he told me it is just too competitive as the whole taobao is filled with all sort of different types/ design of electric unicycles & there is not alot of profit. i told him his product is unique & even offer to help him to contact world wide EUC dealers/ distributors, he said he will do. It is indeed a nice wheel, on group rides to recreation parks, many fellow KS, IM, GW riders wish they have seats like this where i'm seating chill riding & the
  11. My riding buddy who is also a dealer got me a new board quite fast but still haven't got the time to install it back. First thing i notice is that they are using the old TO-220 instead of TO-247 is it bcos TO-247 shorted out will destroy the board ? He also got me a fuse, he said there are only type 120a & 150a. Damn bcos of U.S sanctions all China product prices went up Gonna open up the motor to inspect as well in these few days. That is what exactly has happened to my wheel, it continues popping non-stop As mentioned, been riding for 1 1/2 years with 2.5K km mil
  12. Only today i see this thread All above statements are very true If you donno DIY or anyone close doing li-ion battery pack then it will be best to just sell off existing & get a new one as the labor costs & 18650/ 21700 are damn expensive nowadays !
  13. After looking at kuji's, vee's & this thread inspire me to build my own but damn, these pvc fittings is not cheap nowadays ! You can continue to extend & make it into a multi wheel stand with different spacing in-between & also different height. Tips : The pedal pillar is the actual weight that sits on the stand not the whole pedal.
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