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  1. Even with V2 L-coloum, you would have to do what Delmeekc did to fit the V1 housing. There is one that would fit V1 housing but his price is almost double of Gotway Its not so much on the pedal but the back housing scrapping, try riding it on trails & you'll know what i mean, even with a 2.5" tyre. What good of a 'Mountain Climber Wheel' if its scrapping while going up or down on trails. May be a raise coloum with raise housing will solve this problem of trails riding. Overall, i just can't believe that Gotway spend the money on a brand new V2 housing mould & L-coloum just to raise the pedal height to 20mm They could have just design the L-coloum like the guy above then V1 users would benefit too & rest of the money for R&D or new mould for the 100V MCM6. As for pedal/ coloum height stability, i don't think it really matters as i've seen really high pedal/ L-coloum, i donno
  2. Thought of getting the V2 L-column, did some photo comparison, looks like its not interchangable
  3. Interesting concept Though you should have included a future proof design of upgradable to 5440WH battery pack of 18650/ 21700 or may be a 3/ 3.5 inch wide tyre
  4. fried my friend's mobo last month, still waiting for the ic chips from China, shipping via sea is like taking forever since all flight suspended Mistake i made was just like you, discharge using the on/ off switch then start working on the mobo, i think i accidentally shorted one of the chip, there are still high voltage on those capacitors ! Remember i saw it either here or youtube video, after disconnected the battery, off/on a few times to discharge, they still shorted both the huge capacitor to fully discharge it & one comment says its a bad practice so i didn't do it & fully regreted it. Troubleshoot & found the culprit, its was the regulator AMS1117 shorted but that one is the 3.3v supply rail connected to all including the STM32, MPU6050 & etc chips. So i went on checking all chips & found one of the ACS709 was the actual culprit, it has a few more pins shorted to ground. For you case, first measure the AMS1117 with a multimeter, if its shorted, it won't switch on. On your board, i think AMS1117 is at the RED circle area.
  5. i sort of got similar idea (custom EUC ala SBU ala mountain aka muni) when i got an extra 67.2v board when i upgraded my mcm5 to 84v but donno where to mount the batteries & board so plan abandon
  6. Although abit deviate from this subject, one company has go to the extend to put up device locks meaning even if you have the genuine parts replaced, without their software to activate/ pair it, it won't work properly, only them or their authorised service provider is able to do that ! This has already gone to the medical sector for years, thats why our medical bills are so damn expensive world wide ! They must be stop or all other companies will follow suit ! Later, you won't be able to repair your own EUCs even if you own it & paid for it with your own money ! Learn more about it here & here & spread the awareness !
  7. Went hunting spare part for my 20 years old Carrier Air-Cond blower fan 2 years ago & all told me to replace the whole unit just bcos its blower fan has obsolete Couldn't find the replacement i then tried epoxy with great results however having said that, make sure you properly sand paper the area around it or it may come out but then again, your case is not a moving part. Best let i cure for a least 12 hours, here are some great guides.
  8. It is very depending on what are your priority of either you want more range or peak power. The formula for calculation is Watt=Volt x Amp so for your case max discharge power for MJ1 is 48volt x 10amp=480watt while for HG2 is 48volt x 20amp=960watt. If your ride is mostly flat then the MJ1 is suitable & it has more range. If your ride is mostly hilly & you like speeding then HG2 but less range. Best is that you ask this question at esk8 forum, since then my esk8 has been retired & collecting dust now Having said that, they do have better experience on this as many DIYers has done this already, here not many can advice you, they just use the cells that comes with the EUC & it lasts minimum 2-3 years before they are replaced & many opt for the exact same factory pack battery replacement.
  9. Hmm, both of you do make a point & as Planemo has pointed out, could it be that your brother is riding his MSX like a race car that leads to such failure i guess we'll have to wait for some one here that has more experience on motor axle & rotor to enlighten us but then again the MSX is the Porsche on our EUC world
  10. Hopefully yours is a one case wheel problem, if its a batch problem then will Gotway send out axle set to the whole wide world MSX owners, just like they did for the 1st batch Nikola motherboard, we'll have to wait & see
  11. From your photos, i can tell that the hub motor factory uses sub-standard key that leads to your problem. If you opt for repair then as mrelwood has suggested, bring it to a good welder & your problem will be fixed though you won't be able to change the axle in case of future axle threads wear & tear.
  12. Nowadays anything i ask youtube first then only google
  13. Done that awhile ago & it face-planted me Even though those cells are branded either from Samsung, LG, Sony & etc, its max discharge capacity is only 2C while minimum requirement for most PEVs is 5C. Having said that, if you're planning to use it as secondary or as 3P, 4P then it should be ok i guess but don't push it too hard. As you said it, it must be matched be it series or parallel cell.
  14. Thanks for your answer@ the other post, hope i don't mess this one up with my limited experience on this different topic again You actually do make a good point ! i have experience/ experiment this on my ebike, esk8 & EUCs, esk8 controller works on both brush/ brushless wheel, old ebike doesn't but when the ebike wheel is manualy spin up, at certain timing, it does spun with no problem. esk8 controller even advertised this as a feature that if its hall input is faulty, it will auto switch to brush mode but if i remember it correctly, it will only work when 2 or 3 hall failure but not one. On EUCs, it will fail on either one hall or two hall or three hall faulty. All of these tests is on stagnant state to spinning. For science, i guess you'll have to hands on experiment this to know if our EUCs will still balance or face-plant us during-use failure, hopefully the controller won't burnt out, i did this once when i switch off during a lift up spin out
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