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TSG pass vs Icon Airflite

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Having both helmets, I think that a bigger rider would prefer the Icon Airflite. I am 5'8 165lb and I'd still prefer the TSG pass, but they both have their caveats. Here is what I found:

TSG pass                                                                    Icon Airflite

-Extremely light                                                          -You don't need a screwdriver to swap the visor, much quicker. I use a clear faceshield at night, mirrored during the day.

-Slightly better visibility, not by much                     -Quieter than the TSG, no whistles or howls

-Airflow is better, you won't get as hot                    -DOT certified

-Visors are a pain to swap                                        -There is an internal sunglasses visor you can put down if the mirrored faceshield isn't enough

-Howls in the wind like a banshee                           -Because helmet is bulkier, you get a little less range of motion than TSG when you need to turn your head. Not by much.

                                                                                       -Bulkier than TSG & heavier too. Not too bad, I just prefer something lighter unless I'm cruising on busy roads or it's cold out.


With a bigger rider, the weight of the helmet might not matter. In that case the Airflite could be the better option for you.

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