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  1. I just wanted to confirm we have the same thing. With my handle in carry position the wheel locks and it will not self balance. Isn't this what kingsong was trying to avoid in the first place so it will not throw people off the wheel, if the wheel thinks it is in carry position while you are riding?
  2. I have an android phone, looks like the soft tuner isn't available in the app store
  3. Thanks @eve hope you get your wheel running again soon. This is a "safety" feature I don't want to mess around with. That cutout has me spooked, I'm just glad it never happened while I was riding.
  4. Can someone please send me a screenshot in the KS app where the cutoff angle can be adjusted? I was at a stop sign and a car came by fast when I was about to go, so I did a quick 360 on one foot and the thing cut off. Luckily I caught it before it hit the pavement. Never would have happened on my Z10.
  5. @Purplecycle I can hear it, and I know mine doesn't make that noise. Have you been riding in the rain, or lots of puddles? Also, try spraying some silicone lube in the wheel where the bearing is, probably not a permanent fix but it might make it go away for a little bit.
  6. Bought from johannes before and the deal went smoothly. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Thank you for your suggestions! I am using a 3d printed cover for the cable, I recommend looking into it if you do not have one. Rockytop should have a link. See my picture with the cover on:
  8. Glad to be a member! I also have those 3d printed springs for the pedals, just in case I need them. I bought this wheel knowing I would have to tinker with it. Winter will be a good time to take it apart and really make sure everything is the way it should be.
  9. Here's the screw in question. Did a number on this one. Realized this after the fact but there's a hole all the way through the head of the screw from all my attempts to get it out.
  10. Thanks @Rehab1 what a relief! Finally got this thing on. Glad I opted for the 3d printed wire cover instead of bashing the cable into my wheel like Jack had suggested. @RockyTop thanks for the link to buy that!
  11. @Rehab1 I ended up tapping a flathead screwdriver into the soft metal that is a kingsong screw, and then managed to twist it out! First thing I tried was to score it with a dremel...and I bit into the foam kuji pad. Another question! Is there a good way for me to seal up this exposed part of the foam pad to protect it from the elements? I attached a picture where you can see the tiny bite out of the kuji pad, where I rubbed against it with the dremel.
  12. @Bridgeboy Seriously, what a joke! How much extra would it be to get screws that are made of a durable metal. Esp on a 2k wheel.
  13. Anyone have a suggestion what to do here? In trying to remove the stripped screw the bolt head came off. The remaining part of the screw wiggles, it wants to come out but I can't twist it out with my pliers, not enough room. You can see it right next to the motor cable in the picture here.
  14. Beware the screws by the motor wire if you are installing the 3d printed cover. Just stripped one of mine...
  15. Hey does anybody know if Batch 2 has the split washers? I haven't taken my apart but I've been looking at them, they dont look split to me.
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