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  1. So far I've always been able to see and remove any blockage, but I get what you're saying a tighter fitting would certainly help.
  2. I have a Z10 and just noticed this recently. When I make a turn, doesn't matter if its on grass or pavement, I can hear the rubber of the tire brushing up against something. It's not a constant noise but it is frequent, you can hear it probably once per rotation of the tire. As far as I can tell nothing is stuck inside the wheel. My tire is nice and firm like the day I got it. When I set the wheel on its side and rotate it, I do notice the wheel goes back and forth a little bit. Anyone have this issue before?
  3. Z10 PRO !?!?!?! Can't wait to hear more on this. People were saying ninebot was done for good with EUCs.
  4. @RoberAce Thanks for posting updates on this, it's good to hear more about the performance of this wheel. Wish they were all the same, I was watching a video of @Hsiang and I believe after 1,000 miles his wheel blew a fuse that landed him in the emergency room. I've got just over 2,000 miles on my z10 now and it seems to be performing just as well as when I got it.
  5. I was wheeling down cape cod this weekend with my friend on our Z10s, going from wellfleet out past truro. We got pretty close to P-town and I saw a black circle on the pavement. Little did I know it was from my buddy's helmet! He's had a tsg pass for only a couple months now, really sucks that one of the attachments for the visor would come out like that so easily, from flipping it up and down. We went to the local hardware store and got a screw and a washer and it was such a perfect fit I had to share.
  6. Looks like they took the page down. I wonder if its going to make it into production.
  7. Hmm. Glad I saw this. Thank you for keeping us in the loop Jason. I work as a buyer so fortunately on my end I won't be impacted by refunds, but I do buy thousands of dollars of unwanted inventory using paypal on a regular basis. Will be interesting to see what effect it might have on my vendors, if they send me a bunch of junk and I need a refund, might not go down well if they are unaware of the new policy.
  8. Looks like a beautiful day for wheeling @Marty Backe been raining over here the last week!
  9. Has anyone looked into airless tires for EUC's? Would be great not having to worry about flat tires. I have seen airless tires on bicycles before, so if they have them in the right size, they could fit on an EUC. I have heard the ride is a bit bumpier though.
  10. @esaj thanks for the input! I'm assuming since it has 400 miles on it since the noise started, that this interference is not going to worsen or cause a board failure. I'm keeping a close eye on it and will send it in to ewheels at some point, it is still under warranty.
  11. @esaj I made a separate post about it a while back, but it's been reliable as it always has been ever since the noise started:
  12. The Z10 is perfect for me. At 830 miles it started making this weird computer noise but performs great still. I absolutely love it and I've got 1,200 miles on it now. I've thought about what my next wheel would be if I had to get one, and honestly with whats on the market now I'd prefer another Z10, the ks16x wheel is intriguing but I'm not sure it would be as forgiving with a smaller width tire. Hopefully ninebot steps up their game and we can see them back on ewheels, doubt it though.
  13. The ride is not affected at all, I compared yesterday to my friend's Z10. I've been riding it through the New england winter here and will often commute 12 miles to work on it. I don't bring it out when it's raining, but its been out quite a few times when the ground is wet.
  14. @Marty Backe I went for a 15-20 mile run earlier and traded wheels with my friend for a bit. Both perform exactly the same. I'm thinking this might be an issue not related to essential functions. @houseofjob you've taken these apart, curious to know if you have any ideas on what would cause this? @EUCMania I think that would void my warranty.
  15. @Marty Backe the speakers don't seem to be effected at all. When I turned down my music the sound is still there.
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