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  1. @Eric plam Did you watch Duf's swamp test w. The S18? It won't get rid of the bumps entirely but he said it made a noticeable difference, much more comfortable on bumpy roads. Something must still be off with your wheel.
  2. Having both helmets, I think that a bigger rider would prefer the Icon Airflite. I am 5'8 165lb and I'd still prefer the TSG pass, but they both have their caveats. Here is what I found: TSG pass Icon Airflite -Extremely light -You don't need a screwdriver to swap the visor, much quicker. I use a clear faceshield at night, mirrored during the day. -Slightly better visibility, not by much -Quieter than the TSG, no whistles or howls -Airflow is better, you won't get as hot -DOT certified -Visors are a pain to swap -There is an internal sunglasses visor you can put down if the mirrored faceshield isn't enough -Howls in the wind like a banshee -Because helmet is bulkier, you get a little less range of motion than TSG when you need to turn your head. Not by much. -Bulkier than TSG & heavier too. Not too bad, I just prefer something lighter unless I'm cruising on busy roads or it's cold out. With a bigger rider, the weight of the helmet might not matter. In that case the Airflite could be the better option for you.
  3. @UniMe Thanks man! Just went for a long walk. I have some tightness in my neck and my tailbone/hip area is still sore but I'm feelin good! I'm hopeful it can resolve on its own without the PT.
  4. @UniMe No, I wouldnt say so. I do need to come up with a routine though. If it gets worse I'll try the physical therapy but I would like to do some online digging and see if I can come up with some stretches, excercises.
  5. @shellac their reasoning about the brain CT was that since I had the headache at least 3 weeks and no neurological symptoms--weakness in arms legs, poor range of motion, incontinence, seizures, fainting etc. They said its highly unlikely blood is pooling in the brain, and CT could be unnecessary exposure to radiation. Through my googling I found something called occipital neuralgia. Im thinking that could be the cause of the headache because they did say I have a cervical strain. Just a guess.
  6. @shellac very unfortunate, I remember reading this a while back. Sounded like he was on pavement when it happened. People like chooch or Marty make riding backwards look easy. I think it might take me a few more hours of practice to get it down. I won't try it again until I'm all healed up, and then I'll be wearing gear!
  7. @ccoluni Thanks man, doc told me to do some physical therapy, they don't think anything is broken and think the headache is from a head injury. I didnt think I hit my when I fell, but I still have the headaches. Not sure what it is, I think maybe just whiplash? Either way I'm still wheeling. With the addition of some bodyprox hip/tailbone pads and an oneil chest/back protector.
  8. Are there any risks to the battery by using a fast charger? Is it bad to switch between using the fast charger and regular 2.5amp charger? I'm thinking about buying one.
  9. Based on range reviews w. Speedyfeet the range looks about the same as the Z10. A little more would be nice, but that works for me. Esp. If you're trail riding on it, you'll get plenty of distance there.
  10. @Blicky Te⚡️la went with the ox blood, picked it up at Thuro today. Thanks man!
  11. Thanks @DjPanJan the doc said my blood pressure was 118 over something. I can't remember what the lower number was but she said it was great. I appreciate the advice! I am eagerly waiting on my new S18 in the mail too...but I will try to take it easy for a few weeks until it gets here.
  12. Really, that's very interesting! Thank you @Ghukek I wish I could just work remote all the time and drive around the country using my car as a landing pad for my EUC. That would be awesome.
  13. Ahh. Ok. Well thanks for the insight! I will definitely be taking this into consideration when I buy my next car haha.
  14. @Patton250 go into settings and uninstall it, then go into the app store and install it again. Don't just delete it. Just a hunch. It worked with the segway app when it was screwing with me.
  15. @Patton250 Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the kingsong app?
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