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  1. To be fair, I have less than 300 hrs on my wheel and am getting close to 2800 miles on it. Unless the LEDs are faulty that's not going to be an issue, even if they only last 10,000 hours.
  2. Up for sale again, I am not going to ship this wheel, I keep getting a different response from the shipping companies every time I go. Tried to ship it to Jackolo, they said I could day before yesterday, and then I went there with it all boxed up and they said they would not ship because of the batteries.
  3. Sold to @Jackolo went to a different UPS location and they said they can ship. They were surprised the other location said they wouldn't ship ground because of the virus!
  4. @Jackolo I'll try a different location tomorrow, see if I can make this work.
  5. That is strange, maybe it is something they just recently restricted
  6. How were they shipped? I went to UPS and they told me they were not doing ground shipments, just air shipments and they cant take the EUC by air because of the batteries.
  7. This is still for sale. Tried to work something out with Jackolo but can't ship to Canada right now because of the virus.
  8. @B08AH I saw that test! Because the V11 is heavier, the S18 can compete with its range. Although I do remember hearing the S18 would be heavier than it was first announced, so I don't know if Duf's original test with the S18 had been performed with the lighter version.
  9. Thanks @mrelwood ! I will have to take a look into this...as well as how to swap a tire on the S18 haha. I'll plan on riding out that first tire as long as it seems fit though. I am used to the Z10 tire which seems to have more grip than the CY 5102
  10. @mrelwood Do you have any recommendations similar to the 666 that would be better for off road? I was hoping for a tire on this that wasn't geared entirely to street riding.
  11. @shellac Turning the Z10 at speed, sometimes I like to go on the ball of my inside foot. You don't need to press hard against the shell to get it to turn, just lean. Z10 is every bit a sports car of an EUC!
  12. Thank you Chriull! I was planning on using this. Really nice of Jason to offer his customers that. They are a great company. Actually sent them my resume not too long ago because they are hiring. Fingers crossed I hear back!
  13. @ShanesPlanet I'm not looking to break the bank, just find a happy medium that will protect the wheel. Not sure what I would do for thickness. @Chriull neoprene with kevlar sounds sweet! I'm going to look that up. I'm not too sure about the vinyl either, I'm wondering if it would slide easily when the wheel hits the ground, or if it would catch.
  14. @Afeez Kay were the white panels easy to remove? How about those black panels that are visible now with the black fins on them, do you think they can be easily replaced if they get broken? Thanks Afeez.
  15. Not as expensive as I thought @Chriull I'm thinking start with a layer of this and then cover it with a layer of adhesive carbon fiber vinyl.
  16. Haha yeah it's hard to tell without seeing it in person @ShanesPlanet It does seem flimsy for something that is meant to take larger bumps in the road
  17. Will definitely check it out and keep you posted @Chriull Sucks to have to spend the extra dough when I'm already $2k deep on this thing, but I think it will be necessary to prevent internal damage to those plastic fins.
  18. Thanks! @Chriull I will take a look into the neoprene. Now I'm thinking maybe I could double layer something on there. Start with a thin layer of foam and then stick some carbon fiber vinyl on top of it.
  19. For now at least, I plan on keeping my pre-order for this wheel. Against my better judgement maybe. I am concerned with how fragile the body is. Ian with Speedyfeet cracked a piece of the shell off accidentally just when he was unplugging the charger. What I am looking for is some kind of adhesive sheet, that will absorb shock if the wheel falls. I'd like something I can cut down to size so it will cover the wheel just where I think it is needed. Also, for this material, I wouldn't want it to be too gummy/foamy on the outside so it gets all chewed up if the wheel hits the pavement--it would have to be kind of smooth. Does anyone know where I could find something like this?
  20. @onizukagto I mean if they are easy to replace no big deal haha. It's hard to tell from a couple seconds of video how they are attached though. It looks to me like there are some cheap plastic fins on the main frame of the EUC that are bent.
  21. Anyone know what KS plans on doing about this? This was a brief clip in @Alien Rides video. I can't tell how the panels are attached so I wonder if they will be easily replaceable. Even for an experienced rider, going over terrain you couldn't before with an EUC like this is bound to end up with it being dropped at some point.
  22. At this point my biggest concern is the body shell. New shock seems alright. I'd like to be able to drop this thing a few times without breaking those cheap plastic clips like we saw in some of the reviews. Jason sent out an update on these this morning but it just said the paneling will be durable and flexible.
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