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Battery pack BMS mod with fuse


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There many discussions about adding BMS shunts to prevents battery shutdown.

These shunts also leave the battery unprecedented and may cause fire when short. In stead of shunts directly, I put a fuse used for automobiles. The fuse is large enough for normal operation, but will blow immediately if the battery terminals touch each other or a failure main control board shorts the power inputs.

Here is the picture of my mod in my generic EU ( MoHoo from banggood) battery pack. A 20A fuse is used to bypass the shutdown MOSFETs. It can output 1200W sustained power, should be sufficient for the peak current of the 350W motor. The fuse and the fuse case can be found in most auto parts store.

I recommend another smaller type. I use it because I have this fuse case on hand.  

Before the mod, I need to be very scrupulous when battery is low, a severe action may trigger the power shutdown and thaw me away from EU. Fortunately, both my skill and the EU are not good, I can only ride up to 10km/h, no bad consequence so far.  After the mod, I feel much more relax and comfortable, I can ride until the control board beeps and tilts the pedal.



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