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(SOLD) (EU Shipping) 1895€ - 100V 3108wh Gotway Monster V3 - 2300km

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➡️Gotway Monster v3 100V 3108wh⬅️ Price Reduced: 1895€ +shipping (~85€, depending on country). Extras included (see below). (before was asking 1980 + shipping cost) 

🔹Motor 2.500W

🔹Battery 100v 3108wh 21700 24s7p.

🔹Km done 2300km. 

🔹Top speed +65km/h

🔹+100 Km range at high cruising speeds, +150km at relaxed cruising speeds. 

🔹Original 100v3A charger.


🔸Received 29th November 2019 (warranty for controller board and motor until November 2020).

🔸Small plastic burn near charging port. I burned the charing port before measuring voltage, it has been replaced with original part from Gotway (connector with 4 cables, can handle 10A charging). 

🔸Cut-off button disconnected as it didn't work properly all the time, after some months using it. 

🔸I put brand new pedals recently, but these seem to have less strong magnets than the ones I had before (so they open too easy), which are now on my Mten3, I can swap them at buyers request, but those are more scratched: Pictures https://i.imgur.com/tAsCx2x.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/9s4wQ2v.jpg

🔸Note: it doesn't need axle tightening yet, but like with any Gotway Monster, sooner or later it will need it. I never needed to do it yet. 



🔅Gotway Monster original seat (value 65€)

🔅Power Pads by EUC Guy (value 100€? One cracked, but still works) 

🔅Large Nikola Pedals + spare brand new original grip tape

🔅247ml Slime installed (value €12). 

🔅Flexible mudguard (value €15). 

🔅Original Gotway packaging


I may have to remove the top foam from packaging for the seat to fit, we will see whenever I pack it, and I'll update here. 

Reason for sale: buying too many EUCs and I don't have as much storage space as @Marty Backe:lol:

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Some asked me why the seat isn't on the pictures. 

Well, because I was thinking about keeping it, just in case I got the Monster Pro. 

But anyways, it will need a different seat apparently, so that's it, I'll include it. 

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