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Tips for my new ride that I haven't used yet.

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Back story.. I work as a bus driver doing long hours in a day, the company I work for has expanded yet the parking lot hasnt.. I live 4 KM away from work so I foolishly thought it would be a super awesome idea to get a hoverboard to go to work and quickly found out it was too slow and too bumpy so ill give that one to the kids... I needed something to transport me to work that is not my car and also take on a bus while im driving that for up to 10 hours in a day...

I fell in love with the EUC since gyroscopic physics as well as electrical energy consumption instead of fuel and the awe inspiring range of an EUC suites a nerd like myself lol

I have never been on an EUC but I have the natural ability to learn new vehicles fast (I can fly, ride, drive big rigs, boat etc) so learning it is not a problem.

I have already purchased the Ninebot Z-10 after weeks of research (pick it up in 9 hours time from the Brisbane store) and know that will be the best efficient fit into my life and work as a mode of transportation, I dont mind the looks either because I drive a green smart car so im used to all that lol...

I would like some advice though, What is the best thing to do when I get it out of the box and from anyone with experience so here are my questions:
1/ do I need to charge it fully before turning it on and starting the learning process
2/Will the tyre be at riding pressure when it comes out of the box
3/ Is offroad better to learn on or a smooth surface
4/(general question) For an EUC do the police require you to wear a bicycle helmet or will I need to buy a motorcycle helmet (QLD Australia law) I have both anyway, just wanting to be on the safe side

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum! I hope someone with experience on the Z10 will join but until then I can try to help you to the best of my knowledge. 

1. I think the days when you had to fully charge a device before using it are behind us, but it doesn't cost much to do it for peace of mind if you want. For battery maintenance, what I do is I keep the charge approximately between 80 and 30% and let it charge a little bit past 100% every 3 to 5 full cycles. Also, never forget your EUC on the charge. If your commute to work is 8 km a day you should be able to go a few days without charging. Of course this is only to maximise the life of your battery and many of us think that life is too short to baby our batteries. Don't obsess over this. Charge your wheel, ride and enjoy. :thumbup:

2. You will have to experiment with tire pressure. Too low will put your rim at risk. Too high will compromise comfort and the wheel will try to follow the curves in the road, but it will give you greater range. I don't know your weight but I did a quick check and Z10 owners seem to like it between 25-30 psi so maybe start with that.

3. On a small EUC I would not recommend this because it would be way too difficult IMO but I'm pretty sure on the Z10 you won't feel much of a difference between asphalt and grass so you can be on grass while you learn to stand on the wheel if it makes you feel safer. Once you know how to ride, off-road riding will teach you a lot if you want to do more than just your daily commute (you probably will :ph34r:). But you will definitely gain experience even if you are on smooth surfaces most of the time. 

4. I don't know about the laws in Australia but in terms of safety, I strongly recommend wearing a fullface helmet all the time (with at least wrist guards). Whether it's user error or an unexpected glitch, you may fall and have no time to realise what is happening, but when wearing the right protection, a fall really isn't so bad. There is a thread about helmets on this forum but I believe downhill mountain bike helmets are the best choice. A good one can be really lightweight and protect us really well for the type of riding that we do. From what you have I would definitely pick the motorcycle helmet but mine was too heavy and I never wanted to wear it. The one I have now I literally wear all day with no problem when I go on long rides. The best kind of protection is always the one that you will actually wear.

You have chosen an extraordinary beast as your first wheel. See it as a challenge to overcome and the beast might become your best friend. 

Best of luck and I hope you will keep us updated!

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thanks for the reply, I have used it for a few hours and quickly found out that asphalt is way easier than flat grass, I won't be riding it to work any time soon due to inexperience but after a few hours of self teaching I am able to use it at moderate speeds, I used a non full face helmet on the grass and full face when i got on a very quiet road, it came with full tyre pressure and about 70% battery which was way more than enough to learn with, sadly I'll be in a bus all day for the next 3 days so practice will be minimum but the goal is that next week I'll just ride it to work and back

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