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Found 16 results

  1. Back story.. I work as a bus driver doing long hours in a day, the company I work for has expanded yet the parking lot hasnt.. I live 4 KM away from work so I foolishly thought it would be a super awesome idea to get a hoverboard to go to work and quickly found out it was too slow and too bumpy so ill give that one to the kids... I needed something to transport me to work that is not my car and also take on a bus while im driving that for up to 10 hours in a day... I fell in love with the EUC since gyroscopic physics as well as electrical energy consumption instead of fuel and the awe inspiring range of an EUC suites a nerd like myself lol I have never been on an EUC but I have the natural ability to learn new vehicles fast (I can fly, ride, drive big rigs, boat etc) so learning it is not a problem. I have already purchased the Ninebot Z-10 after weeks of research (pick it up in 9 hours time from the Brisbane store) and know that will be the best efficient fit into my life and work as a mode of transportation, I dont mind the looks either because I drive a green smart car so im used to all that lol... I would like some advice though, What is the best thing to do when I get it out of the box and from anyone with experience so here are my questions: 1/ do I need to charge it fully before turning it on and starting the learning process 2/Will the tyre be at riding pressure when it comes out of the box 3/ Is offroad better to learn on or a smooth surface 4/(general question) For an EUC do the police require you to wear a bicycle helmet or will I need to buy a motorcycle helmet (QLD Australia law) I have both anyway, just wanting to be on the safe side Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if anybody have any tips for storing the Ninebot Z10 for a long time, regarding the battery drain, and how long you can store it without charging? Should I charge it to 100% before I store it or is this also bad for the battery? I have heard somewhere that there is about 1% battery drain per day, anyway to mitigate it? The reason I'm asking is that because of the corona virus I might have to leave Spain to go back to my home country, and I have no idea how many months it would be before I'm able to come back. Cheers!
  3. Anyone looking to sell their Ninebot Z10? Looking to pick one up around Thanksgiving holiday, in good or decent condition, low miles preferably. Wanting to upgrade from my Inmotion v8.
  4. Hey everyone! Join me for a relaxing day of cruising Brooklyn and Manhattan on my V10F. Plus, I get to demo the new Inmotion V8, and ride Hsaing’s Z10! This is my first EUC vlog, so I welcome any feedback you have.
  5. For those who are interested... and I am sure there will be a few people interested - please go ahead and print yourself the accidental switch-off protector for Z10 which I have designed.... (tested in real life, I use it myself) It has 3 purposes: prevents accidental switch off - You have to press in specific point to switch the wheel ON and OFF It decreases the problem with front lamp of Z10 being switch off by any incoming car lights It works as the protector of the display against scratches. Print on any 3d printer from PLA or ABS, with thin layer like 0,05 mm. It takes just 5-7 minutes to print, then take double sided tape, stick it to the printout, cut holes with sharp knife and stick to Z10! DONE! Please press "Like" button in return... ;-) Z10 switch protector.stl
  6. Please find below details of the power supply mod for Ninebot 10 to allow to use Charge Doctor - great tool to keep Your battery healthy.. I have over 5500 km on my Kingsong KS16S, charging it every day to 92%, and once a week to 100% - I see no decrease in range, batteries are still OK. (percentage can vary on different wheels, what is important to stop the charging when current starts to drop to save the cells from slow final phase of charging) Charge doctor also allow to charge with 2 chargers at once - so this solves the "fast charging" issue in very universal way as wheel can be charged with original chargers - one for regular charging and two pieces if fast charging is required. Just purchase additional charger (The charging plug to to Z is the same for the mini plus, it’s proprietary to Segway-Ninebot) I haven't tested the real charging time of 995Wh Z10 yet, but it seems to be painfully slow - comments welcomed... I had seen some news that Ninebot may release fast 4A charger, so probably Z10 can be charged with two chargers with no issues, but this is unconfirmed information. Please do not blame me in case of any issues, lost warranty, fire, earthquake and similar events. Mod is "as is" no warranty in any way. Most likely cutting the cable in the power supply will also be treated as the loss of warranty, so please do not attempt such mods if You are not aware of consequences, also - in case of the mod - + is RED !
  7. The power of the city, that's right. all music and video is designed by myself https://youtu.be/1FrVW3p-Rko 🤳🎼
  8. Hi All - My brand new Z10 came with a self-balance issue. When I turn it on, it gets balanced, but then it starts to shift down slowly. Questions: Does anyone has a suggestion to solve it? Is that a possible to do a hard reset in the Z10? Is that possible to know when the a new firmware will be released? Obs.: I already tried to calibrate the balance using the app. The firmware is the last version available. I'm already in contact with the re-seller, but also trying to solve it by myself. Thanks and Have a Safe Ride :) ezgif.com-video-cutter.mp4
  9. Heya guys. Sooo... Long story short - Segway will be launching the Ninebot Z10 model for Europe distribution. As we're on the verge of launching an EUC project, and we will be distributing them, they gave us an pre-order offer for the EUDM model (will ship in June, AFAIK). If I preorder samples for the EU distribution Z10 model, they're giving me the following offer: SRP for end clients when it hits the shelves should be 2000€ / 2236$ (retail price) We can preorder sample units (I'm sharing this only with you guys as I love that forum, and with a Z10 facebook group I'm a member of) as follows: Singe (demo) unit for 1900€ / 2100$ 2-5 units: 1800€ / 2010$ 8-10 units: 1650€ / 1850$ >10 units: TBD Also, all of those will be carrying 2 full years European Warranty, serviced here, and will be for EUDM. AFAIK warranty won't cover only physical damage. If anyone's interested, I'll find an online tool for crowdfunding, so we can place the order. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. Hey everyone! I joined the forum recently and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading their Ninebot Z10 for a Gotway Tesla 84V (With cash on top on my part). I feel it's time for me to experience a different ride and continue onward! I've been looking into only trading locally, I live between LA and SD in California (I live in Temecula). I would ship but I'm not really confident in myself doing so. Now for me to lay out the details on the wheel, overall the Wheel is in decent shape! I am the 2nd owner of the wheel, haven't crashed it once (Though I cant say for the original owner, though I'm sure he did crash). The exterior of the shell is pretty much fine, no damage but the interior is a bit messed up due to the previous owner gluing some stuff together rather than using the original screws (Not sure why, though I went in and fixed some of it by replacing the stuff myself). None of this affects the ride! Just thought it would be important info to know. The Rim also has a dent in it (Previous owner I assume crashed and dented it) Its noticeable but not bad and does not affect the ride at all. The ride itself is perfect, I never had any problems with it and I ride it daily. It has about 2,000 Miles on it! Overall I'm much only interested in trading it for a Ninebot Z10 (With cash on my side) though if that doesn't happen I would be happy to discuss with some one who wants to buy it. Just let me know - Alex
  11. Hello all, my name is Dion, I have a Ninebot that was tested by me to be functional to the highest standard. This thing is perfect! I have been involved with this wonderful euc industry since 2015, please feel free to text me at 1-925-493-0920, for detailed pictures. I've sold hundreds of wheels to happy customers, I am a legit seller through. Asking $1650 and I'll ship it anywhere in the lower 48 right away. Of course I'll honor the factory warranty and stand behind you for great after sales service.
  12. NEW VIDEO about the 2 gloves from Flatland3D. Witch one is the best? Check the video and DISCOUNT CODE LINK: https://youtu.be/uOo9nWhs644
  13. Hi everyone.. This chrismas my girlfriend decided to buy me the ninebot z10.. But the problem is that the board dont start.. He never turn on one time and if you put in charge thr charger continue green. After that i decided to open and check it by my self if it could be a connection with the battery but in the end no.. Is even flashing 2 small red light. Can someone help me please? I dont know what to do
  14. Winter coming.. ;-) Li-Ion batteries like warm weather - and perform much worse if used in cold weather, also deteriorate much faster in low temperatures. Thanks to riders from colder countries additional functionality of the Ninebot Z smart BMS had been found... Ninebot Z smart BMS is closely monitoring batteries temperature (please note that this is different sensor than controller temperature - see the difference on the pics below - controller temp is 16 deg.C while battery is 18 deg.C not only in terms of overheating, but also for too low limits... this may be disappointment to a few users who got stuck after longer break in the trip in cold weather, but in fact it is SAFETY feature protecting rider from over current / switch off during the ride, and also protecting batteries against destruction (use of Li-Ion cells in low temperatures destroy cells quickly) So - If the battery temperature falls below certain limit (not yet found - but probably 0 - 5 deg Celsius or similar - please post your comments) Z10 will not turn ON ... So - this is general info for ALL unicycles - in winter conditions - never leave it in the car trunk or any other place with temperatures below room temperature - keep it warm before the ride - during ride battery will heat itself, and after the ride - put it back to the warm room. Do not make longer stops outside if weather is cold, for sure if it is below 0 Celsius.
  15. Olá colegas, comprei 02 Ninebot Z10 e recebi aqui no Brasil ontem! Acontece que os dois não estão ligando de maneira nenhuma . Achei que poderia ser falta total de carga da bateria, pois são novos , embora , deveria ter um pouco de carga , pelo menos para ligar , mas não ligou. Coloquei o carregador nele o liguei na tomada para carregar, mas ele continua verde e acredito que deveria ficar vermelho para carregar. Já deixei por 12 horas carregando e nada , ou seja, continua com o carregador no verde e nada de ligar o Z10 . Alguèm pode me ajudar ??? Será que tem alguma espécie de sistema de bloqueio que tenho de liberar ??
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