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  1. I had my 16X for a year now and I have no real reason to open it yet but I ride in the forest from time to time so I would like to see if mud accumulated inside. I have been putting it off because I heard that it was difficult to peel the side pads and I am afraid to ruin them if I can't stick them back neatly (kind of an OCD thing). I might even prefer to drill holes through the pads if I could add some sort of hole reinforcement rings (like the stickers used on paper holes) so the screws would always be exposed and maybe it wouldn't look too DIY. Am I making a big deal out of nothing o
  2. I put my phone under the handle and it worked instantly! A huge thank you for this Strange thing is that everything seems to be fixed now. I can detect the wheel from any distance, as if nothing ever happened...
  3. The V11 seems to tick all your boxes for sure. The only thing that kept me from waiting for it is that the saddle part doesn't seem great at surviving crashes. The 16X has simplicity on its side, and for the rare occasions when I ride under rain, I just put a backpack cover over the wheel, held by velcro so that it stays in place. I never had any issues. For everything else, both wheels really seem to be neck to neck. Both choices are truly great, it's always a question of compromise.
  4. Hi! I have a 16X since July of this year. Last week, both apps (EUC World and the KS app) stopped detecting my wheel, but the speaker is still detected by my phone (Kingsong Music). I have read that there were two separate bluetooth modules, one for music and one for the app, so one of them might have gone loose. Is there any other possible explanation? If not, I don't know what part I would have to look for if I opened the wheel to fix it. I would really appreciate if someone could help / show me I'm lucky my rgb lights were activated so I can at least know my approximate battery level
  5. This is awesome! We see them at 0:22 but there is no time to blink. We can't even see what wheel they are using. I assume there is a bit more to see in the full episodes?
  6. @Crooznfbroozn IMO the V10F's weight is a non issue due to how thin it is. And at this point I don't believe the "toy look" makes much of a difference, no matter which wheel you choose. EUCs aren't explicitly allowed in my country either but one day I just decided to go for it anyways and I'm pretty sure every police officer in my city has seen me 20 times on my wheel without batting an eye. Yesterday I went offroad (bumps, roots, mud, steep inclines) with an S18 and a V10F. The S18 did an awesome job but what amazed me the most was how the V10F could definitely hold a candle to the S18.
  7. It depends on where you draw the line. Could this be the first prototype or is there something even older? (Only counting self-balancing vehicles with just one wheel, I assume) This one was still very close to what comes to mind the first time your hear the term EUC since it still looks like a regular unicycle. Notice that he says he never rode 16km because it is a long distance on an EUC. We have come a long way since.
  8. With the new wider tire and small 16" diameter, the V8F might be surprisingly good for what you need. Low range and max speed but probably excellent torque. Good pedal height too. You might want to watch MadPack's recent videos about the V8F. I believe he does talk about off road / grass riding. How about MCM5 V2? Never tried it myself. It's a 14" diameter but I find that 2,5" wide tires handle great off road. Plus you get an 800wh battery and much more headroom for max speed.
  9. It is difficult to choose an EUC without knowing how you will feel about it a month later. Right now, you aren't sure about how it will fit in your life, but if you had access to a large battery wheel, would you start doing long distances? I took a look at the vaneuc website. Personnally I like to buy from a dealer near me, just for some peace of mind. If you think the MSP/V11/16X are overkill, I think the Tesla V2 1020 or the V10F are the best bang for your buck. Many people love the Tesla, that is for sure. Personnally, I can only vouch for the V10F as it is the only one I have tri
  10. I have read many times that the roll.nz cover was a good solution against rain but I don't understand why. The cover has openings for the light, power button, sensor, handle and speaker so how does it prevent water from entering? I would never go ride in the rain on purpose but in case I got caught, as an alternative I found a backpack rain cover that fits perfectly on the top half of the wheel and stops at the tire. It is kept in place by velcro that I put at the front and back, it doesn't move at all while riding and it covers all potential water entry points. I feel like this shou
  11. Update! You know how most guys on this forum say they need to convince/leave/hypnotise their wife/gf in order to buy new wheels? Mine isn't like that. Less than 4 days after I got my 16X, she acquired a taste for range and power. A fellow rider who I trust sold us his two month old V10F with upgraded pedals and lots of spare parts. After taking some time to get to know it, even I absolutely love how comfy and nimble it is. At her weight, she will probably get the same range I get on my 16X. I knew everything they said here was true. I did not know HOW true it was. It's an insidious a
  12. Thanks to everyone who helped! There was an unexpected turn of events. A fellow rider who I trust decided to sell his TWO MONTH OLD IM V10F, which came with lots of spare parts that he had bought just in case. This is even better. Plus she will probably get pretty much the same range I get with my 16X so we won't need to limit ourselves anymore. We are now the home of two awesome 2000w+ wheels!
  13. I just saw in a video that the green battery LEDs can turn on while charging the 16X but mine stay off. Where can I activate this?
  14. To avoid confusion, the price is 700 in us dollars. But then no one would ever buy a used EUC? We try to rationalise by saying that the V8 can still mean 2 hours of riding a day for her but I don't know how she'll feel about this when we start exploring around. How much risk can there be that can't be fixed? A cut-off can happen for multiple reasons on both old and new wheels and at least, we can say that a used wheel has been seriously tested. The only thing that worries me a bit more is the battery but it is the same problem for every used EUC. The only protection a
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