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  1. Update! You know how most guys on this forum say they need to convince/leave/hypnotise their wife/gf in order to buy new wheels? Mine isn't like that. Less than 4 days after I got my 16X, she acquired a taste for range and power. A fellow rider who I trust sold us his two month old V10F with upgraded pedals and lots of spare parts. After taking some time to get to know it, even I absolutely love how comfy and nimble it is. At her weight, she will probably get the same range I get on my 16X. I knew everything they said here was true. I did not know HOW true it was. It's an insidious addiction. We bought the V10F and sold the V8 on the same trip today and we won't look back. Maybe we just reached the minimum requirements to make our own canadian isthereanyfood show
  2. Thanks to everyone who helped! There was an unexpected turn of events. A fellow rider who I trust decided to sell his TWO MONTH OLD IM V10F, which came with lots of spare parts that he had bought just in case. This is even better. Plus she will probably get pretty much the same range I get with my 16X so we won't need to limit ourselves anymore. We are now the home of two awesome 2000w+ wheels!
  3. I just saw in a video that the green battery LEDs can turn on while charging the 16X but mine stay off. Where can I activate this?
  4. To avoid confusion, the price is 700 in us dollars. But then no one would ever buy a used EUC? We try to rationalise by saying that the V8 can still mean 2 hours of riding a day for her but I don't know how she'll feel about this when we start exploring around. How much risk can there be that can't be fixed? A cut-off can happen for multiple reasons on both old and new wheels and at least, we can say that a used wheel has been seriously tested. The only thing that worries me a bit more is the battery but it is the same problem for every used EUC. The only protection against this is if I ask the seller if he ever did something that absolutely must not be done to a battery, and hope he's honest?
  5. Here's to never walking again! Thanks to everyone who answered my questions. What allowed me to make up my mind is that a group ride was organised in June and my amazing local shop let me use their demo V10F, 16X and 18XL for the whole day! After about 6 hours of riding (which I know isn't much in the grand scheme of things) I just felt so at home on the 16X! I placed my order and the waiting game started. I already watched a lot of EUC content before this day but now I think I could recognize any EUC youtuber by the length of their selfie stick. @UniVehje's prediction came true... For now. I am keeping the V8 because this is the cheapest way my girlfriend and I can share the fun. We'll see what happens next It is almost midnight and I have been up since 4 in the morning but I was eager to tell you how happy I am about my first big wheel!
  6. What we want is to go explore the long bike trails around our province and for her weight the 16S would have probably allowed us 50km rides while staying over 25% battery.
  7. I was difficult to convince to buy a bigger wheel because I had a hard time justifying it, but it's just too much fun. She really can't go for the wheel of her dreams right now because she just doesn't have the means. This is why we are trying to get the best price/range ratio. I agree that a Tesla V2 would have been awesome for her. 500usd translates to 680cad, which is about a third of the price of a brand new 16S (2130 cad tax in). Is that what you meant? If we were to buy a brand new wheel, it sure would not be a 16S, but every model that is more interesting is also more expensive... Maybe it would be a good idea to negotiate a bit more based on the probable wear on the tire and the battery.
  8. I am waiting for the delivery of my new wheel (16X) and I planned on keeping the V8 for my girlfriend. Someone who lives close to me is selling his 16S (3500km) to buy an S18. Since my V8 is still relatively new and in great condition, I could reasonably be able to sell it for 7 or 800 cad$ and the 16S is 1000$. I know there is a risk in buying a used wheel, but for almost no additional money, this would almost double the range of my GF's wheel. If I put aside the unpredictable risks, I see no real downside to this but I read everywhere that no one would buy a 16S in 2020 unless it is for budget reasons. I can't really imagine an interesting deal that she could afford more than this one, and the wheel we want is a V2, which was released in 2019 if I'm not mistaken, so what would make it an "old" model more than a V8F, for example? And why should we care? She is a 54kg rider so the range should be pretty good and I don't think safety would be an issue with the 1200w motor. She could not afford more for now so at least we would be able to go on longer rides until she is able to upgrade. Am I missing something?
  9. @alcatraz were you used to riding at 30kph most of the time? Asking because this will be my girlfriend's wheel. I had left the V8 locked at 25kph for me since I am 77kg and I wonder if 30kph will be safe for her at 54kg.
  10. I know I must wait 15 minutes before and after charging to use the wheel. While I charge it, if for example the app says 90%, I unplug it and wait 15 minutes it will then display around 82%. The opposite goes for after riding. Say I stop at 42%, wait 15 minutes and check again, I will then see maybe 51%. I know battery % are never completely accurate but are these numbers within what should be expected? If it's normal I don't mind the problem because I am aware of how it behaves and I can deal with it but I would like some reassurance.
  11. The original CX tire made the ride similar to being on a Z10 : gyro effect when turning at higher speed. It wasn't defective but it took some getting used to. Some people liked it and they miss it now that they have the new tire but the new one is less challenging.
  12. Welcome to the forum! I hope someone with experience on the Z10 will join but until then I can try to help you to the best of my knowledge. 1. I think the days when you had to fully charge a device before using it are behind us, but it doesn't cost much to do it for peace of mind if you want. For battery maintenance, what I do is I keep the charge approximately between 80 and 30% and let it charge a little bit past 100% every 3 to 5 full cycles. Also, never forget your EUC on the charge. If your commute to work is 8 km a day you should be able to go a few days without charging. Of course this is only to maximise the life of your battery and many of us think that life is too short to baby our batteries. Don't obsess over this. Charge your wheel, ride and enjoy. 2. You will have to experiment with tire pressure. Too low will put your rim at risk. Too high will compromise comfort and the wheel will try to follow the curves in the road, but it will give you greater range. I don't know your weight but I did a quick check and Z10 owners seem to like it between 25-30 psi so maybe start with that. 3. On a small EUC I would not recommend this because it would be way too difficult IMO but I'm pretty sure on the Z10 you won't feel much of a difference between asphalt and grass so you can be on grass while you learn to stand on the wheel if it makes you feel safer. Once you know how to ride, off-road riding will teach you a lot if you want to do more than just your daily commute (you probably will ). But you will definitely gain experience even if you are on smooth surfaces most of the time. 4. I don't know about the laws in Australia but in terms of safety, I strongly recommend wearing a fullface helmet all the time (with at least wrist guards). Whether it's user error or an unexpected glitch, you may fall and have no time to realise what is happening, but when wearing the right protection, a fall really isn't so bad. There is a thread about helmets on this forum but I believe downhill mountain bike helmets are the best choice. A good one can be really lightweight and protect us really well for the type of riding that we do. From what you have I would definitely pick the motorcycle helmet but mine was too heavy and I never wanted to wear it. The one I have now I literally wear all day with no problem when I go on long rides. The best kind of protection is always the one that you will actually wear. You have chosen an extraordinary beast as your first wheel. See it as a challenge to overcome and the beast might become your best friend. Best of luck and I hope you will keep us updated!
  13. Did you ever try a Z10? Do you think your tire has an advantage over a 4" tire on soft terrain? Snow or soft sand might be a determining factor to show a clear advantage? I wonder what would be the best balance between traction and manoeuvrability on these types of terrains with an EUC (considering you have the best thread possible for the job).
  14. According to my calculations, @Marty Backe has about 276 times more risks then.
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