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Water damage


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My MSX's board got wet and experienced a cut off (thankfully at low speed but still not fun but I'm OK).  While I was struggling to get it disassembled to unplug everything it was still turning on and self balancing like normal.  I let it sit for a week but now it's not powering on at all.  I checked the batteries and they seem to have normal readings.


Is it almost guaranteed the main board needs to be replaced from any water damage?  My only thought is it might be the power switch as I've had issues with it in the past.  However I kind of did an epoxy fix to get the front to stay together and now it's not in a state where the power switch can easily be removed or checked (d'oh should have re-checked this before the epoxy job)...Could I jump the connection for the switch on the board just to see if it comes on (don't know if that's even what it would do) or would that be bad?


Just trying to figure out how to eliminate the switch as the problem without having to buy a new switch and tear apart my epoxy job which wouldn't be easy.

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AFAIK, all gotway wheels uses momentary switch for on/ off, they are waterproof & quite reliable. You'll need a multimeter to confirmed whether it is faulty.

Another simple way is trace that on/ off switch wiring back to the motherboard, pull out that connector, use a test pen or any metal to short circuit that two pin terminal for a few seconds & it should switch on or off. Learn this trick 20 years ago from my ex-boss but be careful not to short circuit the wrong terminal or else sparks & smokes may follow after that :P

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