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  1. Ok...but why not just use a backpack with a bubble instead of having an unstable side cart that would make turning impossible/dangerous?
  2. Wouldn't a backpack with a bubble view be better and safer?
  3. I ended up just attaching them to the brake light cable instead. I ordered mine off ebay they are different but rubber and work well.
  4. Why do manufacturers do this? Why not allow beep settings all the way?
  5. Calibrate it against a wall with a bubble level on the pedal/pedal hanger. Perfect calibration every time.
  6. @Epic53 I do food deliveries full time on my Sherman. I do lunches from 11-2 then come back charge take a break and do dinners from 5-8. The hours in between are slow so no reason to stay out during these times. I do it in downtown Chicago (downtown is best with a wheel since all buildings have elevators but you can usually just leave orders at the front desk) and the surrounding areas. Don't know what services are in Canada but I multi app with Grubhub and doordash and am very picky about what orders I accept. I try to keep them under 2-3 miles and will take multiples if they are going the sa
  7. Super comfortable but still firm enough to get leverage when leaning into them. Barely used maybe 2-3 times. They are the faux leather so they are waterproof. I paid $160 with shipping from Russia but would be willing to sell them for $100 plus shipping (shipping from Chicago). Includes extra material for repairs and velcro stick tape pre-installed. Selling because they just don't work well on my Sherman. I have an ebay seller account with 100% positive feedback if it makes you feel better I can list them there but I'd prefer to avoid the fees.
  8. Ha. Be prepared to pay a premium. They're from Russia. Gotta buy them off a guy on telegram via PayPal. Here's his contact info
  9. I'm 200 pounds and 6 foot. I got real pads and it definitely helps so maybe it's not as bad as I thought. Still not on par with the msuper series but it's acceptable with proper pads they make a big difference. Cobra jump pads rock!
  10. Well this confirms my fears :/ and to think I've ridden in the rain already. Pretty scary... Gonna need a solution to this
  11. I actually think it is worse than tar it's the stuff they spread across the whole new road to seal it. Super liquid and rubbery. And of course I have a knobby tire so it got in every little groove. I used wd40 to break down some of it and a brush but it killed the two brushes I was using. Probably got maybe half of it. Any better suggestions? Edit: I wanted to use this stuff but I was afraid it might damage the rubber on the tire... Think it'd be OK?
  12. Well whatever you're comfortable with I suppose. I just don't know how that'd be enjoyable personally. I'm 200 pounds and run a little under 30 psi. Once I go much past that potholes and large cracks in the road become very rough on the knees and it feels twitchy. But I guess if you were used to an mcm that makes sense. But if I hit a pothole without really having time to prepare for it it could easily send me on my ass at higher psi. Having a little give in the tire for shock absorption is safer imo especially when riding at 30+ mph. If you don't push higher speeds I guess it might be OK.
  13. 40?!? Jesus! You're going to bounce off every little bump like a trampoline. Be careful! 😬
  14. Yes that's about what I settled on too but I haven't played with it too much out of fear of putting too much wear and tear on the valve on this shitty tube. Going to attempt to swap it out today and then I'll mess with different pressures more.
  15. Yeah I ordered these off ebay. I'm scared of the metal housing though. Really gotta make sure it's insulated super well or else couldn't it short circuit the entire wheel and turn it into a giant bomb?
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