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  1. The sore shins will go away after you learn how to balance comfortably without death clenching it between your legs. It will come naturally with time. Just don't over-do it at first while learning or you may end up with some gnarly bruises and have to take longer breaks. My advice for what helped me learn the dynamics the most quickly was to just practice carving back and forth and learning to become comfortable with shifting your weight. Eg carve to the left and put more weight on your left foot and vice versa, start with very shallow carving and push it a little more and more each time you start to feel comfortable. Get a feel for how the wheel behaves when you lean into the carves, vs standing upright, vs leaning forward while doing it. This is the quickest way to get accustomed to being balanced without feeling the need to grip the wheel at all between your legs.
  2. Is just going downhill enough to regen or do you need to be braking too?
  3. For cold feet/toes.... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KZSP171/?coliid=I5HN51BMKTLOC&colid=2NBNF38BFSNNG&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it One of the more expensive pairs they have but this is one of the few I saw that does heating on the bottom and the top, most are just one or the other.
  4. I think today and tomorrow are our last ~70 degree days I'll be riding in the evening if someone wants to join
  5. These are the joys of Chicago cyclists I just smoke them and they can't keep up but I've had them get salty with me too. Never had them try to pour water on me, what'd you end up doing?
  6. WTF lmao well...that's not what I was expecting....
  7. @Arbolest I got the light but still not sure about the best way to attach it. Share those pics!
  8. @Arbolest What mount do you use to attach this to the EUC? Looks like it would be sideways on the MSX handle unless you have something else you're using too?
  9. Ah didn't know that, I'll check that out thanks. Official support for alternatives other than just the wheel beeping would still be nice though
  10. Should tell them there really needs to be a better way to transfer cut off information to the rider. Beeps are not really good enough anymore now that we are entering higher speeds where the wind will make it very difficult to hear. Need something like official support to send this information to a smart watch to vibrate to notify the rider. I know wheellog does this but it only does speeds, we need something that will actually send 2nd/3rd class alarm notifications so we are no longer guessing.
  11. Let me know if you do find some way to do this. I've been wondering the same. Would love to take the MSX to a bike park that has angled corners but I'm always worried about it cutting off like what happens to chooch in this video :/
  12. Hmmm I was under the impression that the KS18XL does not suffer from this at it's max speed? Or at least not nearly the same level of drain.
  13. What I've noticed is that Gotway wheels use significantly more battery when they're pushed to their upper limits in terms of speed. Would a higher voltage wheel mitigate that? e.g. When I'm riding at 28mph on my 84v MSX I can literally watch my battery dying. Would riding a 100v/126v wheel not experience this until it hit it's limit of around 40mph or would it still suffer the same battery drain at around 28 and even worse at 40? If having a higher voltage wheel would increase the speed in which the intense battery drain happened at that would be reason enough to buy one for me.
  14. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/argon-transform-make-any-motorcycle-helmet-smart#/ Tada. If you're willing to risk indiegogo/kickstarters 😋 I admit I am tempted though. But these things always over promise and under deliver in my experience of backing 5 campaigns so far. I've told myself it's better just to wait and see what happens. Basically the equivalent of a video game pre-order. Just doesn't make sense not to wait to read the reviews first.
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