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  1. Edited. I did a small range test with each pack by holding the wheel up and letting it spin the same amount of time and speed but the differences were too small to be conclusive. Will do a real range test tomorrow and see what happens
  2. Ok Unfortunately not. Can make a trip to the hardware store tomorrow possibly.
  3. OK I'll charge each one 100% with gotway charger individually before reconnecting them. So that either means it was imbalanced... Or that y connection was loose... Or the y connector isn't working properly. Will do another range test tomorrow and see what kind of numbers I get. Really hope it was just loose! Edit: just saw your edit @mrelwood about testing each individually with a range test. That's a good idea, that will be my next step if it still doesn't seem right.
  4. I tested both packs like this... Voltage was identical on both sides by testing with charger plugged in and wheellog. Also tested self balancing and a max speed cut out with both sides by picking the wheel up
  5. So if I understand it right this is how I'm testing one side and how I'm testing the other. Would this be the way to test each? Below is the image on me testing the pack on the opposite side of the motherboard
  6. Alright so I managed to pry it open and tested both packs bypassing the y connector like you suggested @meepmeepmayer but they both power the wheel on and have the same voltage (and I let them sit for a minute to make sure it wasn't just from the capacitors) in wheellog and with the charger plugged in... Both are warm to the touch after letting the wheel fully charge. Checked (and unplugged and plugged back in) all other connectors and all seem good... I forgot to mention the wheel was involved in a crash a couple months back before I let it sit for winter (2 months at about 50%). Wheel went tumbling and bouncing and cracked both the side panels and dislodged the battery off the sticky backing on the motherboard side. Thought it was fine but there is a spot on the pack that looks slightly torn by where the wires come out... Maybe it knocked some cell connections loose inside the pack(s)?? 😭 Was hoping this was going to be an easy plug back in fix. How do I even go about troubleshooting this. None of this seems to make sense or point to an obvious point of failure...
  7. Anyone know where the safest part of the msx shell cover would be to pry from with the least risk of cracking it? I silicone sealed (waterproofed) the whole thing so it's gonna be a bitch to get off 😅
  8. Yeah I think something is wrong. Fully charged the wheel with the stock gotway charger overnight and I went for a full range test today. Stats: 200lb, 50f outside 10-15mph headwinds. Averaged 20-24mph for 1:46 never even heard a 80% alarm so I was go easy on it. 20 miles before euc world said I had 20% left when idle. Wheel log reported 36% remaining. Charger said 75 volts when I plugged it in. The "zippiness" definitely didn't seem to last as long either. Seems about half of what I used to get, 35-40 miles and it used to last around 2.5-3 hours... Guess I need to pry apart the silicone and open it up 😢
  9. Thanks for the advice. When I said it's all siliconed shut I meant I added silicone all around the inside and outside of the panels edges so it would be a bit of a pain in the ass to take it all off and do over again but I can if needed 😒 Will post a full range test tomorrow. It's supposed to be even warmer so I should be getting close to full range...
  10. Was working on changing my wheel's tire and the battery on the opposite side of the board fell out of the shell at one point. Can't easily open it up now though because it's all siliconed shut and would prefer to avoid that...For all I know it might be fine though and just the usual lithium drain from the colder weather and I'm just being paranoid I'll record a more detailed trip tomorrow to verify mileage. Would the wheel charge twice as fast with only one pack plugged in? If everything was working normally I want to say with the eWheel's quick charger it should charge about 4volts an hour at 5amp speed, do those numbers sound right? Is there any way to know both packs are working normally for sure like from an app?
  11. I want to use a magnetic mount with strong magnets to hold my quick charger. Anyone know if this is safe or could damage the charger?
  12. Yes exactly something like this is needed when we are pushing 40mph in the wind...so we're not wondering...was that my wheel beeping or someone unlocking their car...oh well guess I'll die
  13. I guess I seem to be alone in this but we really need a better alarm notification system than beeps. Darknessbot and wheellog are what everyone suggests when I bring this up but they don't take battery levels into consideration so I consider them useless for this. Need an official notification method to a phone or smartwatch or something so you can actually feel the 80% alarm notification instead of praying you hear some beeps in 30-40mph winds. This is coming from an msx rider though. Do the new wheels with Bluetooth speakers pump the beep alarms through the Bluetooth speakers?
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