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  1. OK I'll do more testing. Thanks for all the technical feedback @Rywokast and @alcatraz!
  2. I'll do another more in depth test with each pack individually in the coming days and see what happens. Supposed to warm up to 70 degrees so that would be a good time to see if it's still weather related. I weigh 205 pounds and average around 25mph when riding.
  3. Yeah just the range being about half of what it used to be. This was just a theory that some cells went bad or were disconnected somehow. Previously I thought it was just the cold weather affecting the range but it's warming up now and not improving. 50-60f for recent tests. If I ride until 25% or so it's around 72-74v on the ewheels charger. I didn't ride that long today so I can't give you an exact number.
  4. What about the fact that the one pack only is warm in the very middle after charging for 6 hours? I'm pretty sure the other pack was warm all around but I need to verify this. I also could ride with only the suspected damaged pack plugged in to verify it is indeed much weaker. Both packs are indeed hooked up. Tested charging with both the stock charger and ewheels quick charger. Both packs show ability to charge up to 84.5v (testing voltage with ewheels charger charging each pack individually)
  5. Gotway Msx 84v 1600wh and it's almost exactly a year old. Looks shrink wrapped
  6. This is what the seller said. No warranty, bought it from twheels on Ali express. How do I check the BMS for burnout like he suggested?
  7. Good to know. Are 100v batteries the same as 84v?
  8. For msx or monster I think they're the same?
  9. How difficult would it be to repair a damaged battery pack? I had a pretty bad crash a couple months ago and haven't been getting very good range since (~20 miles with moderate riding). Took it apart and let it fully charge and found one of the packs is only getting warm in a very small part of the pack. I'm pretty sure the connections to most of the cells was damaged during the crash. Has anyone here attempted such a thing? Any videos or how tos? I know it's very difficult and would require soldering... 😢 Not sure what else to do though. I've already checked connections and tested voltages of each pack individually and they're both giving a good reading I just think only a few cells are actually working in one...or both. 😞
  10. @Topkek Added kuji/ankle pads are the best defense against speed wobbles from braking. They allow you to grip the wheel in a way which prevents oscillation
  11. Edited. I did a small range test with each pack by holding the wheel up and letting it spin the same amount of time and speed but the differences were too small to be conclusive. Will do a real range test tomorrow and see what happens
  12. Ok Unfortunately not. Can make a trip to the hardware store tomorrow possibly.
  13. OK I'll charge each one 100% with gotway charger individually before reconnecting them. So that either means it was imbalanced... Or that y connection was loose... Or the y connector isn't working properly. Will do another range test tomorrow and see what kind of numbers I get. Really hope it was just loose! Edit: just saw your edit @mrelwood about testing each individually with a range test. That's a good idea, that will be my next step if it still doesn't seem right.
  14. I tested both packs like this... Voltage was identical on both sides by testing with charger plugged in and wheellog. Also tested self balancing and a max speed cut out with both sides by picking the wheel up
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