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The upside down reset trick - what does it really do?

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I see the following trick being suggested for all sorts of issues:

1.Turn the Segway minipro/mini upside down

2.Hold the power button in.

3.The wheels perform alternating 1/4 turns and the lights flash

4.Power off.

What does this actually do?  On my minipro it does nothing.  It does not re-calibrate the balance sensor.  It does not perform a factory reset.  So what is really going on when this procedure is performed? 

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This technique is old
This technique is four years old now
This technique is supposed to reset the parameters of the Mini but also to clear the data cache of the processor
The processor that records your riving attitude, etc.
Maybe for four years, Ninebot has no longer granted privileges to this technique
For security reasons, maybe
The utility is proven, when an error problem with an unknown code occurs

What is the problem you are currently facing?

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