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KS-16x Lift Sensor Malfunction

The Moo

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My brand spanking new 16x just arrived earlier today. With it being my first wheel and all, I eagerly jumped on and have already logged 15km over the course of 2hrs.

After a brief charging session, I was ready for a second go but to my dismay it turned on and didn't start balancing. After pulling a few hairs out, I figured out that the lift sensor is to blame (when disabled, the wheel behaves as normal and freaks out when picked up).

Obviously the lift sensor is thinking that I'm permanently lifting the unicycle. The problem is that I don't know where the **Dual Mechanical Switches** are located. Can anyone please provide some help on where the sensor actually is so I can diagnose it and if anyone has had previous issues with the sensor!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. FW is up to date + EUC World

UPDATE 1: Thanks for the speedy replies! I spent another two hours tinkering with it last night to no avail. However, when I turned it on this morning to resume the inspection, IT WORKED!

Will continue to take a look at potential issues, but my only thought right now is that perhaps some water got in.

UPDATE 2: It is now cutting in and out intermittently. More inspection required!

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Is the handle firmly pushed down onto the unit? I find that sometimes after I carry my 16X, the handle does not automatically go down far enough to "toggle off" the lift sensor.

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