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  1. I believe what @Lex Smith says to be true, suspension equals a safer ride. The thing is, in my experience, suspension wheels need a lot more maintenance. The shock on my S18 needs regular topping off which takes quite a lot of effort with the supplied pump. To me a EUC is something u grab and go, I don't want to have to service it every two weeks for it to perform. I have since fallen back onto my 16X and haven't looked back, I will probably sell my S18 soon. I don't miss the suspension with regular city riding.
  2. Looks like my ankle when I was learning Trick is not to step in front of the pedals when bailing, step off to the side or rear. Also, wear shoes that go above the ankle at first. Classic EUC "growing pains" .
  3. Depending on how trashed your S18 is, you should be able to sell it for at least 3/4th of the retail price. You could then just buy a faster wheel? I don't see an upgrade path on the S18, not much room inside (and you should not mess with the electronics imo). side note; you seem to be a safe rider so far. Usually someone's first serious face plant puts things into perspective for them .
  4. They probably COULD make EUC's safer and more reliable... But they won't cause...profits
  5. I think as long as you have proper insurance, a drivers licence (if you go in traffic) and don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself (riding carelessly, fast, etc.), you (we) will be fine for the foreseeable future. Fingers crossed .
  6. Just enjoy riding and don't worry so much . Unless there is something inherently wrong with your battery pack, you will have other critical problems (mechanical, motherboard, etc.) loooooong before you would notice loss of range due to battery life. Even if you recharge to 100% every night. I'm not saying people are wrong when they say what to do and what not to, but don't sweat it.
  7. Unless you are after high speed I don't think anything will give you a more "comfortable" experience then the S18 except for the V11 in certain situations. The suspension on these wheels is unmatched right now.
  8. Sucks to hear, hoping for a quick recovery
  9. https://myewheel.com/ Bulgaria? Bought 3 wheels from them so far, great support.
  10. Regular cyclists wouldn't manage half of those
  11. Just use slime, easy to apply and works fine. You don't want solid anything, the ride is harsh as is
  12. Even though the Mten3 is an Euc, I don't think many skills translate between it and other wheels, apart from basic balance. It is just to zippy compared to bigger wheels. Unless you are teaching a child how to ride you should not see the Mten3 as an entry into the Euc world IMO (if you plan on upgrading in the future). Much better off buying a cheap second hand V8 or something similar. Of course you will adapt and get used to your new 16S !
  13. There is no real answer to your question. Chicway and Aliexpress are a gamble. You save a lot on the price but if you get a dud you will have a hard time getting warranty or service, and if you do, it will cost you the difference in shipping. They will not scam you, but quality control on Euc's is relatively bad from the factories (applies to all manufacturers). If you are handy and like to repair/tinker with stuff yourself then you should be fine. If you pay full price from a reputable seller you "should" get full service in case something is/goes wrong within the warranty period. Choice
  14. I find it funny people are buying wheels on Ali and expecting after sale service. You pay hundreds of dollars/euros less then buying from a reputable dealer, what do you expect? Buying from Green Fashion is a gamble, mostly because quality control on EUC's is horrible. They are not actively trying to scam you. Basically you have a 3 month money back warranty (they will "try" to help/seem helpful during that period) and that's it, after that you are on your own.
  15. A license plate eh? Congrats on getting the wheel back. Hope the owner gets well and on his wheel again soon.
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