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  1. Been riding for about 4 months now (800km) and never had any serious injury apart from busted (blue) ankles from pedal strikes during learning. I use my Euc's on my daily commutes and recreational. When riding to work I only wear wrist protection. When riding in my free time I always wear full body protection; motorcycle shoes, vest, kneepads, wristprotection and sometimes my full face helmet (Only when I'm not interacting with people like going to a store). The thing is you are on one wheel, inherently unstable. If the motor cuts out at any speed you WILL faceplant. And this is something you can't control. Imo, when not wearing full protection, do not ride faster then you are able to sprint.
  2. Basically whenever you update something crucial, both hardware and software. After a firmware update or when swapping motherboard for example. Apart from that, whenever your wheel does strange things, like random dips or tiltbacks. I have learned from this thread and my V10 that you should not have to calibrate often under normal circumstances. It doesn't hurt doing it though, if you follow the instructions that is
  3. My 16X has a bad motherboard according to my dealer. Just thought I'd share that bit of info here as well. The amount I "had" to calibrate my wheel was unusual. I'm having it replaced soon.
  4. The problem returned for me, less frequent but it was still there. I contacted my dealer and they are going to swap the motherboard. Hopefully I will have a fully functional 16X in a couple of weeks... Maybe you also better contact your dealer, just to be safe. Finding out I might have a faulty main board scared me lol.
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have made another video after reading your comment. It's a bit of a wonky setup but the best I can do at the moment . Seems to me the hub/rim is stable, it's only the tire that is really misshapen.
  6. Hi guys; I have been having some issues with my KS 16x as of late. Seems mine was built on Monday.. . Been having a calibration issue and after contacting my dealer they said they will replace the motherboard. They gave me the choice of sending the wheel back or just sending me the board. Since my wheel has a couple of other, less significant issues, I was getting evidence so they could possibly fix everything in one go if I do send it back (shipping costs me about 90 euros). I knew my tire had a slight wobble but I rode it for well over 200km since I got it, without much perceivable trouble. Now that I filmed it, it looks worse then I thought and might explain the wobbles I get on heavy braking. What do you guys think, is this "within spec" or not? The rep suggested it might be the valve sticking out too much but I think the entire unit should wobble if that was the case, not just the tire.
  7. Probably so the wheels don't careen off the stage into the audience when something goes wrong?
  8. Well, I guess my 16X is a dud then
  9. Hey guys; How often do you calibrate your EUC? I have an Inmotion V10 and recently upgraded to a KS16x. I rarely, if ever, had to calibrate the V10 after the initial time, I mainly did it now and then for peace of mind. The KS16x on the other hand seems to need a calibration every time I ride it, is this normal? The bluetooth patch seemed to have helped to an extend but I still find myself calibrating it alot. If I don't I get dips and tiltbacks on sharp turns (second batch 1.4board on 1.07 firmware). The behaviour returns after like a day sometimes less which is why I have to re-calibrate. I have no experience other then these two EUC's so hence I was wondering.
  10. Hey Raiden; I got a V10 as my first wheel. Figured it would survive my learning process and the range it has was enough to get to work and back. I thought it would be everything I would ever need. Needless to say; I was wrong. The V10 is a solid machine. It is well built (better then my Kingsong 16x). But it has a design flaw (in my opinion). The bracket that attaches the pedals to the axle dictates the angle of the foot pedals. When the unit hits the ground, that bracket is the part that scrapes after the pedal flips up. Once a certain amount of material gets scraped off, the pedal on that side will start drooping. Since this was my learning wheel it hit the ground a lot and even though the rest of the unit survived amazingly well (I used the official protective cover) I do have a drooping pedal on one side I need to repair now. The main problem I did not foresee is how damn fun riding a EUC is. So I found myself riding a lot more often then just to work and back. The range on the V10 quickly became a drawback for me. FYI the normal V10 will only do about 25km on a full charge doing 30-35km/h most of the time. The V8F will do less. Speed also became an issue. When riding in full protective gear (motorcycle helmet/jacket/shoes and knee/wrist pads) I hit 40 all the time on the Inmotion without even trying or feeling as if I'm in any sort of danger. It does it effortlessly but you might still want that magical 50km/h after a while, simply to be able to keep up with car traffic when you don't have access to a nice cycle lane. To sum things up; in my humble opinion and like many others here stated, you should get a cheap used or low end EUC to trash and learn on. Then get a nice high end machine to keep and enjoy (KS16X, Nicola, MsX). I think you will outgrow the V8 and even a V10 very quickly and will be left wanting.
  11. If that doesn't work, install the Bluetooth patch. You can read the instructions in the top post in the Issues thread. This fixed a similar issue for me ;-)
  12. I have since done the Bluetooth update and this has eliminated all the dip/tilt issues I had. Haven't had to recalibrate since. The problem with the leds doesn't seem to manifest when using them on auto mode. So I'm keeping it there for now. So if anyone is having similar problems even though you're not playing any music through your wheel (I never did and still had dip/tilt issues), run the update! Might fix your issue(s) too.
  13. Been stalking the forums for a couple of months now, since I got my V10 and started riding. Haven't had any issues with the Inmotion. Upgraded to a 16x recently. Love the wheel in general, very stable and nimble. But I do have a couple of issues that nobody seems to have/talk about. I have to calibrate the wheel a lot, is this normal? Whenever I let it sit for a couple of days (tilted on its nose) and then take it out, it dips a lot when turning to one side and tilts back to the other (on sharp turns). I have tried calibrating meticulously using bubble ruler as well as quick ones using a stair. Same result. A calibration does fix the issue temporarily though. Also the running leds seem to turn off at high speed and come back on when slowing down? Will need to run more tests. From the information I gathered in this thread I'm on a 1.4 board second batch unit (I don't ride with music for now). Any help or clues would be welcome! Still enjoying the wheel as is 😀
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