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  1. Skecys

    Mten3 Light issue?

    Just received my Mten 3 (67V) today. My front light randomly changes mode while riding after a while. When it is off it will turn itself on sometimes and when it is on, it goes into intermittent mode. I obviously don't have much experience with the unit yet but still figured I could ask if anyone has had this happen? No clue what could cause this and I can't recreate the "bug" on command. Other then this it performs perfectly though.
  2. Like @ShanesPlanet says, just give it time. I think the fact you went for a Z10 will add to this. It is probably one of the most "tanky" wheels out there. It is also a harsher ride since it has no inner tube, so you don't get the immediate benefit of a larger tire (comfortable and cushy). Keep riding that beast, I'm sure you will come around to it .
  3. Hmm, the problem with the V3 is that you don't really learn to balance side to side. It might be good as a beginner step, like the first hour or so. But after that I would still recommend something like the Mten3 for teaching. You seem to own the perfect progression set of wheels already (Mten3, MCM5 and a Tesla).
  4. @EUC Endurist Hope you have a quick recovery! In general you should always expect to come off the unit at some point. Wear enough protection for the speed you are going. No protection means running speed. We are riding cheap Chinese electronics (even though we pay big bucks for them) on a single wheel. I would take apart the 16X and check for loose connections or burn marks on the motherboard. Also you can check the status in the EUC World app. I take it you did not get any beeps? Was the unit solid, no rattling or anything that felt loose? I'm sure a totally random cut off would shatter my confidence too, hope you get back on a wheel soon.
  5. Is the handle firmly pushed down onto the unit? I find that sometimes after I carry my 16X, the handle does not automatically go down far enough to "toggle off" the lift sensor.
  6. There is way to much "care" being done to batteries around here imo . Even if you recharge daily to 100%, by the time your battery would get noticeably worse range, MANY other components would have gone bad/unsafe on a EUC. I charge my phone daily. My last phone still works perfectly, holds it's charge all day and I do not "notice" any degradation after 5 years of doing this (I only upgraded cause of a lack of features). Unless your commute uses up 95% of a charge I don't think most of us would ever notice degradation. I charge my 16x about once a week which runs it down to about 30-50% doing my commute and chores. The main reason I'm not charging daily is cause I have to carry it up a flight of stairs to charge it
  7. Not sure how he did that. It is not hard to fix if you can buy a new led-strip from somewhere. Either way if you do buy it I suggest you open it up and check all the connectors.
  8. If the leds are just not connected or something I wouldn't worry too much. If however he did something that rendered them "dead" I would be suspicious. Either way at that price you should not expect a pristine wheel
  9. I see, this is not available to the general user base? I am happy with 1.07 but I still have that "famed" cutout on my mind. I figure newer means better/more refined and worth a try.
  10. Where are you guys getting these FW from? My KS app says I'm up to date (1.07).
  11. The red light while/after charging is normal as far as I know. I am on my second motherboard and both had/have the issue. Simply turn the unit on and off again after charging. 5% drop for 5-8 miles seems totally fine too, low even. You are saying you could go a ±100 miles on a charge .
  12. I'm glad you had a good experience. Sadly there are those of us who had to deal with poor QC, "we" should not exist .
  13. Not sure what you mean? You can find reviews like this for pretty much any EUC. In my opinion quality control at KS is very bad yes. But they do help out if something is wrong (my motherboard was bad and they replaced it free of charge). Even though we pay a lot of money for these things they are still cheaply made. Yes the 16x will get dust and sand inside the shell if you off-road a lot. What i meant was that for most of us there will not be enough going inside for it to become a problem.
  14. I wish that was it . The problem was clearly visible after like 200km (probably even earlier if I had checked). My pedals are fine sadly.
  15. The V10 (and probably the V8 as well) has a "design flaw" in that the metal they use for the pedal hangers is somewhat weak, it chips easily. This was my first wheel, I learned on it, so it hit the ground a lot. I did use a cover for it so the shell did not get damaged but the pedal hangers took the brunt of the impacts. Some material chipped off of them. the part that chips when the unit falls on it's side is also the part that makes the pedal angle. So if too much material gets removed, the pedal on that side starts to droop. There is not enough material left to support the pedal angle. I hope this makes sense hehe. I bought replacements a while ago but kept putting off the repair because of the possible soldering required. I would like to sell the unit but in order to do so with a clear conscience I want to repair it first, though I do not think my soldering skills are good enough to safely fix such an important connector.
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