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  1. Mine had a defective motherboard. Had it replaced. Haven't had to calibrate it since .
  2. Would be (tragically) funny if nothing actually changes for Kingsong. If most of Ali sellers were/are already selling international versions. Bad press and a lot of hate for no benefit.
  3. This; if they are just making us pay more for the same product.... If this is the case I don't expect them to tell us though lol. Someone with a P unit should open it up and check the part numbers so we can compare.
  4. It is when you are buying a suspension wheel? This thread is about suspension wheels? You can't change the suspension... I'm talking facts, not opinion. KS's design is simply more advanced. Like I said; whether or not this makes a noticeable real life difference, is up in the air until you try them. He did that on the pre-production model. That video is basically a rant where every point you make is easily refuted. I understand you were angry and needed to vent but you can't expect much positivity there.
  5. Yeah but you can simply change the tire... I mean superior as in the entire chassis has suspension. The S18 is comparable to a car; the wheel moves, but everything else stays level. The V11 would have a spring under your seat, the entire car is unsprung and moves, only your seat remains level. The real world benefits might not matter as much but at least the control board and batteries also get the benefit of a smoother ride on the S18, unlike on the V11. You can change the height of the pedals on the S18. Chances are you can find a good fit. Also the retail version has bigger, softer pads all around.
  6. I agree that manufacturers could make servicing their wheels easier. The fact the motor is in the rim should not make a difference. I'm sure they could simplify the design so it is strong and easy to access. I will never understand why some models have screws behind the padding, at least drill holes in the padding then. The main issue is that EUC's are a niche market. Not that much r&d going on. Even half the scooters on the market (a huge market by comparison) have similar weird or plain bad design choices
  7. Aesthetics aside; I think the S18 will be a better out of the box off-road experience. Lets face it, the most important thing is the suspension right? The S18's suspension design is superior. It has more travel (10cm vs the V11's 7cm) and it has a single shock that is "easily" accessible. The V11 has to be partially disassembled to get to the negative chamber, won't be easy to change or experiment with setups once on a trail. The S18 also comes with built in "Kuji pads" (could be a detriment if the placement hurts your ankles).
  8. The only thing wrong with the situation is that we did not know about it yet (officially). Kingsong should put out an official notice. Have people's locked wheels, bought PRIOR to this notice, unlocked and enforce the policy from now on, problem solved. You can still buy from Aliexpress, simply ask for the serial number before you buy. It will be interesting to see if this is going to have an effect on KS prices on Ali. I second the motion for transparency. It would be great to know why Kingsong decided to do this, the reasoning behind it. Are the Chinese models inferior? Are international models simply marked up? (although, if the latter, we will probably never know ) Side note; if you actually talk to "official" EU sellers they will usually give you a way better deal then what they advertise.
  9. Actually you are not far off the mark there . Using the calculator a 1650 euro wheel in China would amount to a price of 2095 euro after import taxes and duties in Belgium... And this is the lowest estimate according to the site .
  10. If I were to buy from a Chinese reseller and import the wheel I would have to pay 21% import tax on top of service fees. FYI I recently had a 112 euro package come from the US and that cost me a whopping 51 euro extra to import. On a 2k euro wheel you would have to pay like 500 euro import tax and duties in Belgium...
  11. This would be possible on Inmotion as well, any wheel with a software update ability. Also since it is just software it should be possible to rewrite/circumvent a lockout
  12. If you would be moving to or from China certain things won't work/be allowed. You can't use Facebook in China for example. If KS stated they do NOT want people selling their wheels from China (Aliexpress etc.) then they can do whatever they want to it. Not saying I stand behind this. Keep in mind that most people, especially in Europe are "supposed" to pay import tax on these wheels. Hence why they are so expensive by comparison. @mrelwood Humor me; how would you, if you were Kingsong, stop Aliexpress sellers from selling your product? They can't control who buys their stock. They can however make "us" stop buying from those sellers. I don't know how else to explain this whole ordeal. You saying they are just picking on this one guy somewhere cause they can? That would be really petty.
  13. I bought my KS16x from a EU dealer and was very happy I did, since it had issues. My dealer did everything they could to rectify the defects, in the end I sent it back to them and they repaired it free of charge (new motherboard and tire). Now it has been flawless for a year so far. I wanted to pre-order a KS S18 and found my way to Chicway shop. Pricing is about 1500 euro there compared to about 2200 euro at official EU dealers. I asked my dealer why the huge difference in price and they said the ones Chicway sell are meant for the Chinese market, built using inferior parts and locked ad 20km/h (they are not allowed to go faster in China). Chicway does state a top speed of 31mph (50km/h) though. My dealer then made me a better offer for the s18 since I am a returning customer. Still nowhere near Chicway price but I did take that offer knowing I will get full support, since I needed it in the past. Now to get to the point; I understand what Kingsong is doing. They don't want their products sold by 3rd parties without warranty or support. If you buy a wheel flagged for the Chinese market and it shows them you are trying to use it in Europe... And they can't make an exception because that would be the same as allowing the sales (since everybody buying from the guy you bought it from will want an exception ofc). You say there is no way for you to know? Well if it is like 500 euro cheaper then on EU sellers, that should be an obvious red flag. Not saying all wheels from Chicway or Aliexpress are "tampered with/locked", but it is a gamble.
  14. They advertise 31mph top speed though, so stands to reason you could get your money back easily.
  15. I'm in the market for a KS S18. On Chicway they sell them (preorder) at around 1500 euro's or 1699 dollars. Most other shops in Europe are way north of 2000 euro's. Why this insane price difference? I decided to ask one of the dealers in question and they told me that Chicway sells inferior versions made to Chinese spec, using inferior, cheaper parts. They also claimed the top speed would be limited to 20km/h, again, Chinese market restrictions. And there would be no waranty. That last point I can believe but most of us have to make repairs ourselves anyway. Anybody know anything about this? I know Chicway is a hot topic here lately but it can't be THIS bad right? It is Paypal after all.
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